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Your Greatest Failure in Life Your Best Answer

Your Greatest Failure in Life - Your Best Answer

It's very general; every individual has some failures in their life. That failure teaches us some good and bad lessons in our life. And learning from mistakes gives good experience to realize the condition. For everyone to discuss their failures is not quite simple for them. The biggest failure in the life interview question is mostly asked by the employer to know an honest answer from you during the interview, whoever in the interview process. While giving what is your biggest failure answer, be careful regarding the thing that you determined to give a justification. In this article, we are going to talk about what is your greatest failure and what did you learn from its sample. 

It is one of the most common behavioral interview questions of the interview process round. The reason behind asks such questions they want to know your situational skills, how you take the decision, how you are straight, how you handle the situation if any happen during your professional work.

But most of us feel fear when the interviewer asks - Tell me what is your greatest failure in life.

Whenever the employer would ask you question that time first you should think about it and do some self-drilling and always try to prepare yourself interview that would keep differing from among your competitors. At the time of answering the biggest failure in life examples question, first, think about what the interviewer is exactly expecting from you. Don't try to away from such a question and don't keep quiet yourself during the time of the interview process.

To realize your greatest failure in life first you should select your mistakes guardedly, take one from those as an example and then you should review and think about it and try to explain your greatest failure fact.

As we know that an interviewer always plays an important role in their company, and they never select the wrong person for the company. And they always find the right person for the right profile, it's their honest duty. With asking such a question, they want to know from you whether you are ready to take charge of your roles and responsibility and how much you are positive to take any challenge, problem and which problem-solving skill you would use to overcome situations.

Below are somewhat is your greatest failure sample answer, 

  • When I was working with previous organizations the manager of the company gave a task that was unable to do by other team leaders. They gave me to handle a team of a group of members and asked to complete a target within a day. It was our most important client for our company. We started working on that but after half a day I realized that this method of doing work is not working and if I will continue of doing work like this then I will lose that important project, and I realized it is the failure of the situation in my life. Then I planned a strategy and started working according to that. I divide the task between a group of two and started working and at the same time, I was observing the whole task. And at the end of the day, we achieve a target a make backup ready for that. I have acknowledged the teamwork and its attempt and improvement at the end. Even if it was not perfectly a big failure it refined up being a lesson for me in the unforgiving situation of interaction.
  • What is your greatest failure example It Is like, at the starting stage of my career I find in my previous experience I had to meet the deadline for delivering the packaged food to the customer. So I had the severe pressure of meeting the deadline. The food to be packed was handled by the workers and in a hurry; there was no proper packaging of the product due to which there were losses while the transportation of goods. So the client rejected the whole batch. So I had to deliver a new batch of goods to the client in a proper manner and delivered the same within the next 12 hours. So it was a failure of mine for not checking the packaging of the goods. I learned a lesson from that incident on how to stay calm under pressure situation and deliver it effectively. And it is very it is a significant lesson for me.
  • In my profession. I was hand over the responsibility to prepare the presentation for a client meeting. I had prepared a related presentation before that. I was given considerable time to prepare the slides of the presentation. I divide the work as given by the manager to my closing date. When only a single day was left, I close down the system without saving my presentation slides. I immediately realized the mistake and prepared the slides again just to complete it in time. And I have used my strategies to cover missing information and I handled to complete the presentation effectively with a few errors. After that, I have been sharp-eyed on saving the work before closing down my system. Even though I am not conceited of this thoughtlessness, it has improved my proficiency as well as personally.
  • Success and failure are part of life. Here I would like to tell you to answer which I faced the situation of failure at that time. I was working on one project in my previous organization. My post is the branch manager and I have to handle a ten manager under me. That time I hassled them to get work done. Most of the time the work gets done but when I realize that times the work is not in a proper way. The day was come to submit the project to the client but my team didn’t complete it on time. And some of my managers are in the depression on that day because of my rude behavior. So that time I realized that was my biggest failure. So, that time I decide to change my behavior towards my manager and then the work gets done easily.
  • In my previous work - I worked there as a customer executive profile and there was my target to selling products. And I have used my convincing skills, and based on negotiating, I sold that product to the customer without any kind of trouble but somewhere I forgot to tell entire terms and conditions of product services. However, we all know every industry work on their customer service. But after sold product, there was fear in myself or it was the failure of the situation in my life in customer support profile and it could be raised to escalation from the customer side. On an instant basis, 

I understood the seriousness of my mistake and I again approached the customer and inform all the details with the proper basis but that time customer was not ready to take the product and it was not truth behavior, relation from the side, I apologized and also cleared each point with proper, correctness. I again convinced the customer and sold products. After that day, I have been followed rules exactly to the principles of work in product sell to overcome any failure in my life.


The above article will help you to prepare yourself to answer the behavioral questions like -what is your greatest failure. Answering this question in point of detail can put you separately as someone who will not only do a good job in the role but also will carry on gaining knowledge.


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