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10 Important Points recruiter look in your cv


10 Important Things Recruiters Look For In Your CV

Cv making in this era has improved moderately reason being it is very important to write a proper cv and ensuring that the cv is filled with important keywords and outlines so that it gets looked at by the recruiters or prospective employers.

As most people make mistakes for not having proper keywords centric resume which is aligned for their required designated job that is the reason people are unable to get their resume shortlisted in their desired job profile.


There is a difference between a CV and a Resume, the CV is more complete and elaborate information about your education, profession, and some information related to your journey.

A resume is a short summary of your skills and capability within 1 or 2 pages.

The full form of CV is Curriculum Vitae; In Latin word, the CV means the course of life. When the recruiter has a CV for the job, the first thing is how a resume should look for a job.

There are various points that the recruiter see on the resume format that we are going to discuss in the below-mentioned points:


1 Use Impressive Format:

While preparing a CV, you should to keep in mind what do employers look for in a resume. Your resume should be in a sequence manner, with updated education and experience related to this position.

Contain the latest address, mail-id, contact number, and date of birth in your CV because these things help the recruiter to be aware of your basic information and your achievement during your education. Also, helps to find out in which area you are interested, what is your hobby which you have mentioned in your resume. 

When recruiters see your CV then they read or goes through it deeply for a few seconds, so prepare it in an effective look way.

Remember, your Curriculum Vitae read by someone sitting silently at a desk, means they are giving full care to your resume for a job or they are more interested to see in the face-to-face round.

Let us know, sometimes the wild truth of everyday life becomes the need of getting a job anyhow. Your cv format not more the 2 pages, must take attention fast of the prospective interviewer.


2 Educational & Experience information:

The recruiter keeps a keen eye on the resume about the education detail with a year of pass out and % you score in the academic year.

The recruiter sees the candidate's skills related to this job if you have the experience mentioned about your job role and responsibility which correlates with this job when you apply for.

Most of the candidates always don't try to understand the significance and consequences of not mentioning the work experience information in their resume that they worked in their last organization. It is vital, so you need to write it in a good manner.

The resume creates the first impression in front of the recruiter and you have the good opportunity to get your profile shortlisted with the help of such a section for the job.

How should a resume look for a job is always being known to the recruiter as their job is to ensure that the cv matches the required job description at par, so considering all the points the essential thing mention in the resume that will help you to build the good image in the recruiter mind.


3  Additional activities, role, and responsibility:

At this point, the recruiter needs what jobs look good on a resume according to the candidate's achievements in sports, music, case studies, quizzes, live projects during the school or college or organization if you have experienced. The additional actions you have received any prizes and roles of responsibility that you held previously during your college or school. With the help of these activities, you should make your resume powerful.

If you have any other hobbies related to a job that is your strong point then you should consider adding all those points in your resume highlighting all your additional activities, roles, and responsibilities in your previous organization.

The resume has to be customized since it is a digital representation of you to the recruiter and the prospective employer.


4 Positive abilities and skill:

The candidate has to mention their strength and weakness that will help the recruiter to detect if your profile is suitable for this job or not. A lot of recruiters are looking for a candidate that has the skill and capability require related to a job vacancy that they apply for.

The recruiter does not openly declare in the job description but they are purifying the standards among various resumes for the job. Therefore, a candidate’s resume rejected by the interviewer if his/her does not have the particular abilities and experience.


5 Gaps during education and employment: 

When you give the resume to the recruiter keep in mind that if there is any gap between your education and job, you have to mention it in your CV. The job seeker should shortlist Curriculum Vitae format according to their requirements some employers are ok with the experience gap in cv whereas some are not ok. Make sure that your resume is prepared in sequence order and is written in brief about your potential. Be ensured that there are no critical points unexplained in your work history and irregularities in your academic, working history, or achievement mentioned in your resume.

The recruiter has the habit to analyze the gaps in employment and the tendency to ask the reasons for gaps in your career like personal, family reasons or any other.


A long duration of a gap in your career may be a hindrance in getting your profile to shortlist, so the candidates have to prepare valid reasons for those gaps


6 Participative personality:

 The recruiter doesn’t know about your behavior nor do they know you personally, so in this situation he wants to know well by possibly reading your cv.

How recruiters look at your resume and about your personality traits in this regard the recruiter is free to ask the question related to your experience and participate in the academic programs during your school and college, that show how much tentative you are and how quickly you learn new thing.

You have to mention all those roles and responsibilities that are acted by you in your previous journey of work experience in the company.

These things attract your interviewer and help recruiters focus your resume, which will help you get the job 


7 Readability:

Making sure that the resume should be in a sequence way to meet the recruiter requirement. While the resume you give to the recruiter the language should be simple with no grammatical errors.

If you make these types of grammatical mistakes that show you are not careful and slight chances of neglecting your cv, so better to avoid these sorts of errors. If there would make any mistake then no matter what you have done in your academic or professional achievements.

Your resume should be basic and normal in an attractive way to grab recruiters' attention.


8 Use Appropriate language

While preparing the cv you have to keep in mind and mention all relevant and essential things which are helpful for the recruiter as well as you also. Be sure while writing the cv you have mentioned the essential point related to the job.

Ignore not to write so many unnecessary details in resume and needs to use the proper language so that it is easily understandable by the recruiter or whom so ever reading it.

As a candidate, it is important to keep the work experience details in a professional manner. This would create a connection in the mind of the reader among you and the requirements of the position role.


9 Have experience or Internship: 

If you have any experience or training during your education, mention it in bold letter and detail about what you have learned from that experience that will show the recruiter that you have an added advantage of knowledge regarding the desired job role.

When the interviewer sees the same work experience during the internships it helps to increase your perception regarding probable candidates for the job profile. The adding of internship experience in a resume always have an added advantage regarding  what do recruiters want to see on a resume.


10  Avoid things during prepare the resume: 

There are various things that reject your resume by the recruiter. It's better to avoid such mistakes while preparing the resume that is discussed below-

1 Not to use MS word resume templates: 

While preparing the resume does not give the border in the page and one through double horizontal lines above and ensure not to underline the candidate name.

2 Not to allow the resume with an unreasonable number of pages: 

If you prepare the resume for more than 3 pages, it is not impressive. Not to mention about yourself like a story just to highlight your achievements and experience as short as possible in points.

3 Not to write your objective at the top of your resume: 

Just they expect to you how you could use your skill and experience in your job and implement that knowledge during your work.

4 Responsibility and overstressing

You do not have not to mention unnecessary points in your role and responsibility which shows that your previous work experience was more of a burden on your shoulder than your job responsibility in your previous organization. 

Ensuring the entire resume prepared is according to showcase your achievement, roles, and responsibilities to showcase your skills and basically, in short, preparing a recruiter resume.




This is the summary of whatever discussed in the above-mentioned points, the recruiter keeps the above points in consideration while short listing your resume for the required job role. What hiring managers look for in a resume that seems in the recruiter's mind, what are the skills you have related to this job? Sometimes recruiter gets confused if they don’t found the correct cv in the sequence order. If you do not mention the contact information then it seems you have made silly errors which show your negative side, so be ensure you check through cv to write the correct contact details.

The overall content mention in your resume plays an important part in your short listing and those highlight content in your resume helps you in short listing your cv.




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