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Contact Information on a Resume - What and How to List

Looking for an Effective Resume? If you don’t have a clue about how to place the personal information in the resume, then don't worry!

In this article, we have included a whole load of resume address examples and personal information from a wide variety of resume formats.

From the beginning of the personal details in the resume, many employers are much interested to know brief details about your profile. You should include your contact data at the head of the resume. It should very easy for the employer for reaching with you regarding the job.  Another well though, you should give the contact information truthful, so that the employer easy to connect with you.

In the resume format, when you include the correct contact and personal details in the resume, at that point you show the employer how you are suitable in skills.

What type of personal information you should include in your resume to make a perfect CV, learn more with the help of this article.

What contact information should you include in your resume?

For more details, you may read - 'Best Ways of Writing Contact Information in Resume' article.

We’ll also try to give you a specific contact information resume that’s best for you so that you can easily attract the employer towards your resume.

Here’s what you should know, let see the personal information in the resume sample,

A] Your full name -> including the middle name -

B] Mailing Address -> it should be current address,

  • State:
  • City:
  • Landmark:
  • Zipcode:

C] Phone Number ->

 D] Email Address -> It should be very professional and jargon’s words should not there.

E] Social Media URL Link – Like professional LinkedIn profile details.

F] Online website details -> (It’s optional,) If you have please keep details for the same.) 

How to write an address on a resume?

Considering this, we recommend you start with your address details that are very specific. When you write your resume you have some reason for considering the list of your address on your resume for present and current address, etc.

While you may not be able to provide complete address details on your resume, then it is somewhere drawback for you or the employer would think as you are hiding something from them.

With the help of the address on a resume, the employer exactly wants to know from where you are located, and even though you are from a locality address or from other states.

You can add multiple elements to your resume page in sequentially, 

You need to write a complete address –

You should write your full address at the top page of the resume and if it is possible write your address on 1-3 line only.

Write a correct address –

Simply put reliable contact information so the interviewer easily can contact you and notify you about the interviews or any feedback reason as well.

It's mandatory to write a local city and state –

You can mention the city and the state where you live presently. In this situation, the employers exactly want to know the basic information whether you are a local candidate or not and you can also mention your pin code.

Should you write or not your personal information on resume?

This type of question comes to most of us every mind, so here is the answer – Yes, we write personal information in our resume. In the resume, you should write only your personal information.

One thing, you should keep in mind that you shouldn’t write your close personal information, which is of no use to the employer. It means, your personal information should be very professional, as the employer is not interested in your irreverent personal information.


From this article, we have concluded that personal information is a very important part of our resume because the employer can contact you for any job with the help of your personal information which you have mentioned in your Resume.

We have included the information here, how to put two addresses on a resume, and how to write contact information in the email.

Also, mentioned the details, why the phone number on resume plays a vital role for you. Personal information in the CV is helpful for the employer because the personal information is helpful to choose the right applicant for the work and through the contact information employer can contact the applicant at any time.

You need to include the address on your resume and the personal information in the CV which is helpful to the job seekers, might have employer may send any joining or papers on the applicant address. Having personal information in CV, like address, city, state, zip code, basic contact information, the phone number is very useful for the employer to send any type of important documents related to your work.

With your personal details in CV, you have to write your email address which is helpful to receive the appointment letter, basic details form, and any other significant purpose which could be related to your job. So here you need to write down the correct professional active email Id on your resume.



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