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How long should a resume be? Ideal resume format

The most important thing that comes to mind of a fresher or experienced candidate while preparing a resume is - How Long Should a Resume Be? Even though, your resume is the most important document which will overall reflect your biography to date during the interview. In simple language, your resume helps you find a work job in the organization of your dreams.

Another thing that comes in priority, is if our resume is a very long page; will the employer read it or leave it? And if our resume is not more descriptive, will an employer consider it or not?

With the help of this article, you will learn about the size of the resume, and how you will make it. However, you can make your Resume within minutes! But you need to make a resume based on more specialized details.

So, let's move on to this article, and see more detail,

Is it good to use a resume of more than one page?

At this time, the answer to this statement is yes!

If you are a more experienced candidate, automatically you cannot stop a brief description of yourself on the résumé and it depends entirely on the type of experience you have in the industry, the skills you have learned from the organization's work culture, and qualifications description, etc.

When setting up your resume, keep in mind that your resume should be as simple, effective according to the circumstances, and should contain your qualifications, and you can add many elements to your pages.

If your resume is more than a page, you should take care of the details below,

  • First, overview your experience, and pick up vital details only.
  • Write appropriate achievements.
  • Write a simple short statement about your resume summary and career objectives.
  • Match the skills as per the need of the job description, to avoid unnecessary fill resume page size.
  • Write only relevant details to optimize the resume page size.

How many pages a resume should be

Ideally, if we talk about the length of the resume page then it starts from one, two, or three pages resume. And it depends entirely on the experience level of entry.

You should remember, that the length of your resume conveys the level of experience and skills, in a systematic way for the job openings.

Please note, if you have three years and up to five years of experience, it means you come in mid-level resume entry so you can go with the page size of resume two pages. It would help you make a more informative statement about your history.

Why Resume Length Matters

Yes, resume page length matters a lot, whether it is your college student resume or the ideal resume format. On the standard way, a one-page Resume is applicable for a new fresher candidate, a college student. 

As an example, for professional experience, three to eight years of experience, and adding a second page to express the key factor of relevant experience is considered a professional in the resume.

If the length of your resume is small the size of the page and you have not mentioned the skills appropriate for your job, which means the employer could not show interest in your resume. For you, a resume with related skills is better and a good opportunity for the future.

If we would emphasize our profile, then we can understand the length of our resume. For example, for a new candidate, the resume should be one to two pages, and for experienced people, it will not exceed three pages. You can use these ideal tips while preparing a resume.

One Page Resume

Your one-page Resume plays an important role in your career as well as your organization's perspective. This gives a better understanding of your profile to the employer. To show relevant information about you, a one-page resume is very special. 

An example - If you focus on how long a résumé for a college student, you will also be able to understand that fresher college students do not have more experience than professional ones.

Two Page Resume

When you come to a two-page resume, then it would help you to understand the previous experience as to what kind of personality you have. Here, major thinking comes about your quality work, skills, achievements, and responsibilities work do you have.

Here you should remember, the page does not matter, but your mentioned details play a vital role during the interview process steps. If the employer gets the more than one-page Resume then they focus on your applied profile. In simple words, the two-page resume also would help to understand what kind of major experience we have. 

Three Page Resume 

We could never assume whether a 3-page resume is too long or not. A resume completely depends on what kind of experience a person holds. A three-page continuation essentially shows the data of experts as they have a lot of understanding to share.

If you have more than ten years of experience then you could prepare your resume size up to three pages, and here you should add the collaboration, achievements, and professional skills along with many specified details for the employer.

With the precision of this resume, you may show your objective and summary statement.

Ideal Resume Tips

If you’re looking for your career to finally take off, then your resume only the way can help you a lot. However, there are various things to keep in mind while preparing the resume, the ideal resume format is the key to success for a better future career.

For professionals, the ideal resume page size is up to you. For example, if you are a Fresher College graduate student, then ideally you may go with a one-page resume, and if you have more than two years of experience, you can go for another step of the resume page size.

Whenever you make your resume, always try to use the ideal method of resume, it should not be too long, or it should not be too short. Write down the required information as much as you can fit in insufficient page setup-wise.

Let's see the tips, that would help you prepare the ideal resume format, 

  • Need to use a professional resume page format.
  • You should use the standard font size & style.
  • Proper job profile keywords should be there.
  • The page margin setup should be on the resume page.
  • Use appropriate and relevant information about you.
  • The mentioned details should be as per the job descriptions.
  • Whatever the information would there that ought, to be an honest way. 
  • Whatever the content you would write that should be the correct way, and meaningful.
  • Skills should be specified as per job description-based.
  • Use bullet points to highlight skills keywords and others.


At the end of the article, I would like to tell you, that you have to prepare the resume according to your experience and skills which you have. We covered key points in this article such as how long should a resume be for a college student, how long should a resume be for a professional, and the ideal resume format, etc. 

It is best to prepare the resume with 2 pages for freshers and 3 pages for experience with all relevant achievements and experience which is required for the job vacancy. 

Employers have little time to decide whether the resume is fit for the applied job or not. So, it is mandatory that whenever you apply for the job the information should be according to your relevant profile only.  

In the last, we would like to say that you ought to be truthful while preparing the Ideal resume because it is the key to success for your better future.

If you have any doubts about- how long should a resume be in 2020? And more details about - how long should a resume be for a college student and how long a resume should be for a college student then this article will give you a good understanding.

In this article, the above is ideal resume tips that will help you prepare a resume and you can impress the employer by showing an attractive and quality resume.



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