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Avoid 20 mistakes on resume and make a great resume

Avoid This 20 Mistakes on Resume and Make a Great Resume

Let’s have talked about mistakes which we should avoid while making Resume so that our resume become a Great Resume, That is as follows,

  1. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes

When we write a Resume, any particular spelling mistakes or grammatical error in our resume it is very difficult among our dream job. When we find such mistakes in a resume this shows the difference between the candidate and the employer, that’s why if we are writing our resume then make sure that there is no mistake.

  1. The objective statement should be clear

To get a job in any field you should write an objective statement but the objective statement should very effective and related to in which post you are applying. Before writing an objective statement you should think about at which post you applied.

  1. Improper email address

In college days you use mail id like, but in a professional way, you should make suitable and very professional id when applying for the job. This is the modest way in which you can use your name, address or birth date to make your Gmail and that look a professional in your resume. While creating our email id we ought to first think a few minutes and try to make it very professional with the combination of words and that is the very simple method.

  1. Large fonts

While making a resume if you have good qualifications then it is also a defect if you do not choose the right font for the resume, because the right font sizes this matters a lot. Maximum fresher candidates do not choose the professional font and to increase the pages of resume or we can say that to make a resume lengthy they use a large size of the font in their CV.

  1. The resume should be on a single page

If we make our resume then always keep it in mind that the resume should be on a single page because it looks good and give more impact to the interviewer. This is a very big mistake if your resume should be on more pages

  1. Including photo and information.

As we know our resume is a very important part of the job interview. We should write personal information like name, address, birth date and Martial status in our resume but if the information is not right about your family details these are the very big mistakes.

  1. Using the same resume for multiple job applications

Due to lack of time, you should always send one resume to multiple jobs. It is not good because every industry needs its own skills. That's why one job application is not adjusted in every job. It is your responsibility that if you go for an interview then take CV according to the company profile.

  1. Basic information

You should write your basic information in the resume but most of the person do simple and silly mistakes in there resume. Before applying you need to know about the company where are you planning to join? If you know everything about the company then you present yourself easily.

  1. Writing too much text

Writing too much text is not important you should write your resume in less. In the resume, you should focus on quality and quantity. If you're not right more on your resume the recruiter might confused and if they thought you are not the valuable candidate then you will be trouble for this organization. However, the employer can judge in 5 seconds, hence we should keep our strong and correct information in our resume.

  1. Not including basic skills

Not including basic skills is a very big mistake in the resume. You should always mention the basic skills or soft skills which helped you a lot in the office. If you have done any certification course about the computer or the software then you should mention it if you have not done any courses about the soft skills and you know about it. Then you should mention that I Know soft skills like MS office Excel etc. in the CV.

  1. Leaving out resume keywords

You should avoid all the types of keywords by forwarding the resume to the recruiter. It is not an online portal where your keywords like sales, insurance, etc. get highlighted by searching. So you have to write the full-length line instead of using keywords for the offline or we can say that by forwarding CV to the recruiter.

  1. Suitable information

You should write suitable information which is necessary for your resume. If you're right informative information then the interviewer is impressed and if you write which is not suitable it gives a bad impact on the interviewer.

  1. Resume template

Resume template in the modern world processing program which is used nowadays for making a resume. Here you can able to create a resume in a quick way or in a simple way. Here you get different types of font size and the graphics to you with a different color which makes it very much attractive. Nowadays it is on-trend everyone tries to save their time instead of making a resume in word the use of resume template.

  1. Focus on responsibilities rather than results

This is the common mistake in the resume when you are focus on job description only rather than events. If you focus only on your duties and responsibilities then you get success in your life.

  1. Deleting important details because you think your resume is too long

If your resume is too long then we need to delete that information which is not related to your resume or not valid, because it is good for you when your resume is too short.

  1. Giving more information.

Do not write too much information about yourself that is the most common mistake. The resume has to be one page and it should be front side only. If you have skilled it is beneficial for the manager to know about you or you are beneficial for the company.

  1. Quantified data

In your resume you should write valid data is compulsory because if you write invalid data than it gives so much impact on your interview they will reject you after saw your CV.

  1. The wrong level of English

When you write your resume one of the common mistakes is you write the wrong level of English. Every writer knows that you must attach with your viewers by using the best language. For résumés, it is very clear, for fresher and professional.

  1. Including distracting information.

You should not mention any distracting information like fake qualification any type of fake certification in the CV. If you know any skills not having any type of certification of it then you should not mention the wrong certification in the CV. You can put it in a skills section, not in qualification and certification centers’.If you mention this it will create a big problem at the time of result verification.

  1. Incorrect job titles.

IF you have skills then this is the right time in which job title does not make so much harm in your life. In today’s duties and job headings are the basic pattern. It is just the facts to avoid interfering with your own application.

How do you write a resume

  • Take the right resume format and Layout.
  • Write your email, name and contact details.
  • Write a Career Objective.
  • Write about your professional experiences.
  • Write the details of your education.
  • Write about your skillset.
  • Project Details
  • Write about your past experience.
  • Extracurricular activities & Hobbies
  • Personal Information

Online resume builder

There are so many online resume builders portals who presented an online resume. Jobscruze is one of the good resume builder websites. Here you can create your resume within 3 minutes. Here you can get various types of options like career Pro, career Standard, Career Guru, etc types of resumes. Here you will get the idea and overview of how to build a resume.

In other words, Jobscruze is one of the online resume builder portals; in Jobscruze we make efficient and smart Resumes. Fresher candidates can make their own resume with this Portal. In this resume builder, it is the advantage of making a good resume by brings together your personal details, education and professional experience which are more appropriate for recruiters.

The benefit of Jobscruze Resume builder is,

  • Time-consuming.
  • In this, we have to create a resume.
  • It forms a resume on the basis of personal and academic qualifications.
  • This portal is good for fresher and experienced candidates and increases the chance to get a job.

How to make a great resume

A resume in which we have to write work experience, achievements, education, skills, and certification. This is the first in which the company should be contacted between the candidates. Report making a great resume we should always keep this point in your mind.

Career objectives

You should always write about the career objectives in your resume because it shows your employer and it also mentions what you want from your job.


You should always mean in a qualification in the bullet points. Your percentages are not good then you don't need to mention your percentage in your resume.


Skills all the most important which plays a very vital role in the whole resume. With the help of skills only you can get the job. You have to mention all your skills with certification in your CV.

Fresher and experience

If you are fresher then you should not mention any column in the resume. If you are experience then you should mention all your work experience on a resume in the descending order according to the year.


Achievement is also a very good and important point which helps you to get the job. You should put your all the great achievement in your resume if it is related to the job then it will help you a lot.

Personal information

We should write all the personal information in the bullet points. You should always mention the updated email id and contact number because after the interview it is only the passage between you and the interviewer.


The conclusion of this summary is that before making any resume for the job I have mention 20 biggest mistakes which made by most of the candidate by making their resume. This is very common and very silly mistakes which make a very big mistake in the resume at the time of the interview because before face to face round our CV goes to the interviewer. If he/she saw this type of silly mistake in the resume then they reject us by watching our CV only. This makes the interviewer realize that you are not very much possessive about your presentation because the CV is nothing but a short description of us. It shows our career objectives, our goals, or personal information in a short way. So try to keep in mind to avoid all the 20 points before making the CV.

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