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Best Ways of Writing Contact Information in Resume

Your Resume is a life-changing career document, which would help you a strengthen level among all interview crowed. Many of us never try to make their own Resume in a unique type, because they don't know standard resume format or they are not keeping many signs in their career.

To make an extraordinary Resume we display many sections in a piece of resume documents such as Personal details, Career Objective, Profile Summary, Work Experience, Education details, Achievements, Professional skills, Certification, etc.  And in this section most powerful contact Information on your Resume plays a vital role for you.

To get kudos, in your life you should prepare a professional resume that would help you to get prospective employers. Like we should tell you, every section has great importance in your resume. So when you write your resume, add your contact details to the top of your resume.           

So, through this article, we will discuss very graceful how contact details should be in your resume and how important it is for you, as well as. We would also provide you fantastic excited tips format, and samples or examples for your resume or simply excellent writing tips, etc.

When you write contact information in the resume, then you should never take this section on easy or do not keep just like formalities. Write contact information in the resume in the best ways.

What to include in contact info in a resume?

It is a very simple section of our resume documents; we need to write our basic personal details such as Full names, Contact Number, Present Address, Professional Email Id.

Your contact details should be correct and specific because when you pass an interview or you would overcome the few rounds of interview, then you might have interviewer would try to connect you with the help of the mentioned contact details or through email Id.

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So here you have to understand one thing, if your contact detail is correct then the employer could reach you.

Let's discuss in this paragraph the important elements of contact information sections are as follows,

Your Complete Name –

You should write your Name element with correct spelling and in the readable statement, use proper space between your first, middle and last name. Do not try to mix your all sentences in a single line. Please follow the sequence of your name, first name/middle name/ last name.

For Example, First Name -> Middle Name -> Last Name.

Contact details –

You should write the phone number format in the contact section on a resume. It’s an important part of your resume. You only need to write correct active contact details on which you will available. It is not necessary to write multiple contact details in this section. If you have you may write an alternate contact number and one main number. You should write the phone number format in the contact section on a resume. Use your personal cell phone number resume.

  • Main Number -
  • Alternate Number -

Present Address –

In your resume, you should place your present address details only. It is not necessary you have to place both addresses in your resume. Your permanent address is not needed until you are selected in a complete way for the organization. When you write address details in your resume, then it would help the employer to guesses whether you will be able to come to the office without any difficulty, or they judge the distance from your home to office location. So, you should write complete correct address details along with PIN and apartment details, landmark details, etc.

Email address - 

Professional email addresses in your resume indicate your proficient profile personality. You should write correctly without spelling mistakes so that the employer can reach you without getting any failure delivery message. If you do not have a professional email address then you may create a professional email address with the help of various domain names. Ensure to avoid writing an unprofessional email address.

In today's technology, most employers feel very professional to communicate over email only because due to limitation of the time during their work they refer only to email communications rather not to a telephonic.

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How to structure contact information on a resume?

In the Above paragraph, we have discussed how to write contact information in the email. We all know that your resume is the first step of documents for our careers. And if you want to grab the attention of the employer on your Resume then you should create your powerful, attractive section of contact details, like you prepare a structure for other sections in your resume.

You should place your contact information on your resume at the top of the resume. According to your resume page size, you can place your contact section on the right, left side, in the center basis. Use the proper font size, style structure; for this section and ensure it should not be dissimilar among all your resume sections.

Sample structure of contact information -


  • [Full Name -> First name, Middle Name, Last Name]
  • [Email Address -> _________]
  • [Contact Number -> _____________ ]
  • [Present Address -> ________ -> Landmark -> Area PIN -> State]
  • [If Any Social Address -> LinkedIn -> Your Portfolio Website details]

Best examples of contact section on resume

Recently, we have seen the structure format for a contact details section and we can't avoid it in our resume due to the importance of vital this resume. In this paragraph, we will discuss the Resume address example which is useful for writing the contact section on a resume.

Sample Example 1
Shree. Ravi Sha.
2133 E. West Lane, MH,
PE 111 (123) 000-12345
Sample Example 2
Ram Ajay Sha
1234N, KP tank, Mehra, EA - 12345
(101) 0987-0789
Sample Example 3
Jay Shree Apaa
101/ 001 KP Road
JPYI Society 123
Phone – 013 -987654321


Tips for formatting contact section on resume

Let us discuss tips to make a good format section contact details on a resume. With the help of this paragraph, we would provide you the key factor to keep the best way of your contact details.


  • For the contact information section, you should use the simple attractive font size, style standard match combination.
  • Essentially you should use the times roman, or Arial, or Calabria font style and normal font size 10-12 or it depends on your size of the resume summary.
  • At the time of bifurcation, the element on your resume the full name, email Id, Address, phone number you should use the bullet point for a highlighter with appropriate font size. 

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  • You should try to cover write all elements of your contact details and don't try to skip any one of the elements and don't break it into several pieces and display it.
  • Do not display elements of your contact details with large and small font size. Use common style, size font on your resume.
  • Use the sequence for your contact details section to grab the attention of the employer towards your resume.
  • You should decide the contact details section on your resume as per your resume size or page format. You may show it on the left or center of the resume page.
  • Do not use the dotted or any special line on your contact details section. It would give you a bad sign during the interview.
  • You should not use the mismatch, or funny, junk font size, style.



From this summary, we have concluded that you should write the best ways professional sequence contact details in your resume while making your resume. We have covered all the points which you should be kept in the mind at the time of making a CV the structure.

Having a perfect font size, the context of your resume increases the chance to overcome the resume screening round step process. From your side, you should try to show effective your personal information details.

Also, we have covered the resume example contact information for your reference, mentioned the detailed concept that how do you put your address, resume examples and the phone number in your resume.

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