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Best Ways to Put Freelancing Experience on Resume

Best Ways to Put Freelancing Experience on Resume

Now let's talk about freelancing, before starting anything would like to tell you that freelancing is one of the best work with the help you can become a successful person, you can show your skills and communicate with the best people and you could start work with them on very professional way and earn very good amount of income as well. Freelancing is one of the work through which you can reach towards your dream goal or career goal if you have decided it before.

Also, If you heard about it then it is a professionalism freelancer self-employed is used this term freelancing is one of the people who only work for a project and he or she is not fit into a particular employee or business.

If you want to find a freelancer work so you can use various types of the method just like on social media various freelance platforms through your friends and families and advertisements etc, however, If you are brilliant or a professional in the skill which you want to give as a freelancer through which you can only run your own business.

If you have knowledge of anything so ensure that before going through in this career you should be basic knowledge and a primary skillset of that work. You can also learn to freelance through online various websites.

Through this article, we will see how you should express a resume for freelancing if you have experience in this.

List your freelance work on resume

Many people get involved in different types of freelance work. Every people don't get job easily so when they don't have any job at that time they can be a freelancer for some time. When you work as a freelancer then the different person has a different attitude then you get a different project so it is hard to contact with the different types of employers. If you want to list your freelancer experience on the resume so that experience must have to be relevant with which you want to apply for a job.

Here are some tips to list your freelance work on a resume,

  • You can list your freelancer work experience on resume, so you can write current work on a resume and then you can write your previous work experience.
  • The freelancer is working for only one client then it is easy to write work experience on resume.
  • By choosing the right title and showing your achievement you can also work as a freelancer.

What to avoid in freelancer resume

Here we have mentioned the details which you need to avoid in your resume for it as follows in freelancer

  • Avoid irrelevant project details from your resume – You should very clear this basic concept; if you are writing for a particular position then it should that information only. If you write the irrelevant project details for that position it makes chances you would not get hired. For example, in relevant project detail if you are a designer freelancer then you have to write only your designing project in your resume.
  • Use font-size appropriately - When you preparing your resume that times don’t use the different types of font text and font size in your resume because if you had used the various types of fonts it is not appropriate for any resume sample or any resume.


You will work with the professional people on the freelancer platform and your clients are very professional to their work, if your basic step of writing a resume is not much good then it will not a good career for you. Use all the font size appropriately the professional font size of the text, heading, and contents.

  • Don't make it brief –  Any information regarding any of the content of your resume should only your Bullet point. Your resume should not look like a paragraph. Don't make it briefly if you are writing about your project details it then makes it too small short and simple with highlighted points only. If you write it briefly then it will very congested and very inappropriate way to show your ability and your personality in the resume
  • Avoid much personal information in your resume - Your personal contact details in your resume should short and limited you just like you have to write only your contact number your email id your name and just your date of birth not more than that. You have to write only basic things which are in your contact because if your profile shortlisted then the interviewer only wants to get in touch with you that's why just write the information which is possible to get in contact with you.

Mention your project name on the resume

The resume is the things through which you can show your personality and ability to do work. So you can write in it such as different types of skills set and also different achievements in any sector. You can also mention your project name on the resume. So while you mention a project name on the resume than just follow some tips which are as follows:

  • Kindly check your layout of resume template - When you work as a freelancer then you should not follow the basic template of any resume and it should some good advanced way and you should follow the functional layout for your resume.  The useful layout resume always shows your achievement, organizing the things and also grouping your work which is based on skills and different types of themes. You need to focus on your resume and cover all the details.
  • Your project mentioned details CV should be professional - If you want to give the first impression on the employer that time your resume must have to be professional and show your project details in a very functional way.
  • Show your project achievement - When you write your project name at that time you can also show your project achievement of a person when you achieve at the time of project work.
  • Don't detailed project it - When you write a project name and title or all the information regarding the project so that times don’t make it in every detail. Because the employer has a process of interview steps in that time they will ask you the complete work details about your project in a verbally.

Sample example of freelancing resume

Here, we have tried to mention sample example for freelance graphic designer resume as below,

Career objective
I extremely qualified and organize to the graphic designer in which I have lots of professional experience skills as freelancing and working for many types of graphic design projects for different clients all over the world and Good in working knowledge.

Core details of qualification 
HND- in graphic designing - 2017 – 2019

Professional qualification
       Trained in Limited stop software which has to publish in the various sectors.
        Also, I completed a mobile technology course in design.

Academic qualification

A level coding and designing and English and Engineering and have grades up to 9.

Key skill

  • I have a basic knowledge of Photoshop also the various software in which we have to editor various types of images and videos.
  • Strong knowledge and have to submit the project on time
  • Comfortable with the manual work and also the various types of designing work skills.

Personal information

  • Name –
  • Contact number -
  • Email Id -
  • Date of birth -


When you write any references on a resume are there are different references that are available as per your requirement.

Resume summary for the freelancer

You need to show the talent and skills which you have so to write an effective resume and know the work details for the freelance you should go through below resume summary:-

You may go through it which will cover your resume summary, as below are –

  • Your experience - You should mention all the experience you have in your freelance work from your past years.

Skills - You need to show as you are aware of skills which are soft skills and hard skills. These skills you have to include in your resume. The soft skills have problem-solving, communication and hard skill is design and programming, etc.

  • Mention your achievement - When you write achievements in resume summary the-employer gets impressed at first step.
  • Keep different and new important things which makes you unique - Every people is different from each other person so every person possesses different skills which other person don’t have so if you know what you skills possess which other person doesn’t have them write it on resume and be the first impression on the employer.
  • Displays your creative skills - Creativity skills are most help you in your resume or in mentioning summarization in your resume. Creative skills are many different achievements which you get into different sectors. It will help you at the time of freelancing work if you will show it in your resume.     


From this article, we have concluded that what is freelancing elaborates all the important information about freelancing. Nowadays, most of people do not have a habit to work in the office, hence they have started working from home so they use freelancing work and earning good money as well. Freelancing makes you feel amazing and help you to express yourself in a different -different project.

Like every freelancing is also needed and we have tried to cover all the important details for the freelancing resume. Mentioned in this article that how to manage a list for freelancing work on how to add freelancing work in our CV. Also, we tried to cover all the points for the fresher’s as well as the experienced person that how to make their resume and effect also address of example of the sample answer. Most of the person median in freelancing entity or they are working in a better position nowadays. Freelancing is an art to express yourself in different-different projects and makes you consulting experience way.


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