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Best Ways to Use Bullet Points on Resume

Best Ways to Use Bullet Points on Resume

When any fresher or experienced candidate goes to the interview then the most important thing about their own career will only start from resume.  Because only a resume represents yourself, So that whatever we write on the resume that should be true and very effective, here we are going to understand the use of bullet points because bullet points directly point out the things that you really want to show the employer.

Bullet points are divided into your best skills, roles, and responsibility about your duty, your strong achievements, experience, etc; also, it puts a good impact on your profile. In simple words, it shows your important activity work thing firstly when an employer takes your resume. We will discuss different ways to use bullet points in your resume. Also, we will discuss some resume bullet points.

Why should we use bullet points on the resume?

We would like to tell you as the bullet points are responsible for managing points in the resume that can be skilled, projects, previous work experience, and current job work details as well or it can be your educational project.

It always helpful in understanding your strength and it provides a border to your description. So, you should take care of its points and use them in your resume. There would a bad impression of your resume in between the interview; if you are not using bullet points then the resume will look like a details story.  Might have employer will not go through your entire resume profile.

The employer always likes a clean and specific updated resume only, and they can easily think about you on the basis of resume work how much you are a skilled person.

When to use the bullet on resume samples?

You can use bullet points in your big paragraph of information about your resume, as well as you can use bullet points for resume highlighted contents.

You need to use bullet points for your work experience, at the time of listing your job responsibilities, projects details and job that time you have to use bullets in your resume.

Let's see the example if your customer service profile then your roles and responsibility should with bullet points in the resume as below,

  • Strong communication with customer service.
  • Very good problem-solving in customer service.
  • Ready with the proper solution to their problem.

Below is one more example for the roles and responsibility for cashier profile that how they need to represent in their resume with the help of bullet points,

  • Carefully checking cash and keeping all the records with the application.
  • Taking care and deposits and withdrawal details.
  • Solving customer issues.

Where to use bullet points on CV?

There are some common places in a resume where you can put bullet points. So that we have put so many things with CV bullet points examples.

  • In your Educational section - Here you can put 4-5 relevant education in bullets point, you can put your details in a very attentive way.
  • Your Work Experience detail - If you have experience then that time you need to put your experience of every stage that time if he writes it down without bullets then it will tough to understand the employer, he might not take interest in your profile, because your resume represents you. So it should very effective.
  • Skills Section - You can mention all languages that you know in bullets, and technical, advanced computer skills and leadership, soft skills, hard skills or your communication skills.
  • Your Achievements - You can keep your list of achievements which you have achieved in college, professional work in your career, or else. All things will come under bullet points in your resume with the help of bullet points.
  • Personal details - Also, you can add your personal details in bullets like your name, education, date of birth, marital status, hobbies, professional details, etc. 

Tips for adding bullet in resume

Here, some tips to write bullet points on a resume, so that you can put a bullet with proper arrangements of your important point in your resume. It will help you to shortlist your resume and also for selection in any organization.

  • In your description - you need to make it very simple, so it will easy to understand the employer. Whatever you describe in your resume it should be generic. Use the dot symbol after using bullet points on the resume, so that you can start with the next point which is another content of your resume, and it should not difficult to understand from the employer's end.
  • Please avoid repetition - Select particular things like duties and achievements that match for the job. Only 3-5 bullet points must be there in the points where you can put your details.
  • It should be very simple - if the things are in bullets those are easy to understand to the employer. If you have to attract your attention to bullet points it should be very simple.

Use only impressive language so it can attract the employer towards your resume.

Use simple symbols in your resume for highlighting words in any section but don’t use symbols that will make you confuse your resume and recruiters as well.

Examples of bullet points for resume

Here we can see some examples where we can see the bullet points in different places. The following are the examples of bullet points on resumes.

Example: - Bullet points for training highlights points,

  • 2 months of Automation training with a training center.
  • 90 days, automation system & Field Instrumentation training at the desired industry.

Example:  Bullet points for resume skills,

  • Very much passionate about finalizing the given task.
  • Strong skills in working.
  • Ready to take Initiative and problem-solving abilities.
  • Good confident approach for goal achievements


Here are these types of bullet points you can see as above by using this you can get a job very easily because through these bullets points you can manage the first impression on the employer. So, for an interview purpose, you need to use a good resume, if you will use bullet points then it’s a good way to show your skills and knowledge.

If you want to leave the first impression towards the recruiter and get the attention to job application so bullet points show the skills you possess and the knowledge which you have.

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