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Communication Skills for Workplace and Resume All you need to Know

Communication Skills for Workplace and Resume  All You Need to Know

The human resource is one of the most important resources in any organization. For well-rounded progress of this resource, various tools are required to facilitate the smooth functioning of it. One of those paramount tools is effective communication. The channels through which various members convey their ideas with one another have to be most productive. Only then will there be substantial progress. Communication not only encourages the exchange of ideas, but it also gives a platform for the passage of doubts and problems. Only through transparent correspondence can any problem be fully solved. 

Basics of Communication Skills

Before we start talking about the importance of effective communication in the resume, we need to understand the basics.
What is communication?  Communication is the best way to share an idea, instruction, opinion, or emotion from one person to another, or give a response or feedback for others' ideas or opinions. It is a better way than just people talking to each other. Communication is one most important thing which gives the positive or negative look of our character to peoples. Due to miscommunication, there are various conflicts in peoples. That why communication plays an effective role in our personal or professional life. Every organization always taking candidates with effective and fluent communication skills. Job searchers who can present themselves well through writing or verbally can quickly impress hiring managers and achieve good jobs.

The need for Communication Skills

In the 21st century, there are full of competition in the market, communication is one needful skill to fight for that competition. Good communication skills can improve your personal and professional relationships with others. When you talk to peoples they get your point of view regarding some important topics which they discussed. Communication is one of thing which you can easily attract peoples. Though that you also enhancing your professional image in the eyes of the origination manager, cause of through good and politely talking much better effect on the boss. Poor communication skills, on the other hand, can sour relationships from business to personal, and make your life complicated and hard. Developing your communication skills can help all aspects of your life, from your personal life to professional life and social gatherings. Communication skills are needed to speak confidently with a wide variety of people while maintaining good eye contact. Because your confidence is loose then there is no point to interact with fluent. It allows you to speak confidently. Communication skills will help you learn how best to communicate effectively in a wide range of situations.

Top 10 Communication Skills for the Workplace

In the organization, sometimes the most important thing at work is what you are working with computers, the right phones, the internet, and even the perfect orientation decorated desks. All the time your success is fully dependent on effective and good communication skills you have. So take care of some things you should focus on in the workplace to help maximize the efficiency of each conversation.

1. Listening

Some author says listening is more important than speaking. When you're listening to ability is good there is no difficult to communicate. Listening between a conversation can be as important if not more important than the words you bring to your interactions. Every person can interact with the discussion only thinking of their contribution, about what they plan to say. In formulating those words, the other half of the conversation is depending upon what you listening.

Active listening is the involvement of paying notice to what the other person is saying; asking clarifying questions what the other people says to make sure you understood. You may search that your responses become more appropriate for having listening more carefully. That why listening is more important in every conversation. Example-when your manager say something about the project you can handle and if you're listening is not good that time there are not the effective conversation is done by your end, probably it affected on your work

2. Clarity 

The conversation is working at that time keeping your message short and to the point may help in how it is received. In every discussion you say what you want clearly and directly from your end, whether you are a conversation to someone in person, on the phone, or via email. If your conversation listeners will either tune you out or will be unsure of what exactly was the goal of the conversation. The clarity in every meeting is very useful because of your doubts are also solved through that.

3. Friendliness

In some organization manager teats, her coworkers as only robots mean not any little beat emotional attachment with them. But through a friendly behavior, a personal question, or simply a smile, your coworkers will feel more comfortable speaking to you openly, and honestly. This can be very important and valuable in both face-to-face communication and written communication. Personalizing your messages in email, even very effective it can say face to face conversation a simple "Have a great journey!" can go a long way.

4. Confidence

It is one of the best things which can help in every situation. A basic step to becoming an independent researcher requires effective communication. Being willing to take risks and go the extra mile to achieve greater things in life. When you interacting with new clients that time you admitting your mistakes if any and learning from them. Obviously, self-confidence comes along with massive advantages. Especially in your career path, communication is one of the skills that is needed every step of the way. There are certain persons and job positions that require people with absolute self-confidence in international meetings.

5. Nonverbal Communication

In every organization employee's body language, hand gestures, eye contact, and tone all have an effect on how your message is received to the manager and collogue. A clearly, relaxed, and friendly tone will make you appear more approachable and help people feel more comfortable speaking candidly with you.

6. Empathy

Normally in the workplace, there is a healthy environment if there are no conflicts. Handling a disagreement at work can sometimes be tricky but it's important to understand their point of view and respecting the person with whom you speak, good communicators enter in conversation with an open mind while displaying Empathy. If your coworkers or employees understand that you are treating them with empathize with their problems, and then they will work with more interest to find a solution for disagreement. 

7. Open-Mindedness

Good communicator's participants in conversation with flexible and open minds. Listen and try to understand the other person's point of view, you should try to understand what they want to say and then you should show your opinions. It's easier to have honest and productive conversations for a good communicator. 

8. Respect

Good communicator always has respect for others and their ideas. People will be more comfortable if you show respect for them while using their Names, making eye contact and continuously listening and makes them feel appreciated. If you're communicating with a person on phone you should avoid distractions and stay focused on the conversation. You should show respect to them and appreciate their ideas. 

9. Feedback

While communicating giving feedback it's a sign of showing them that you're actively listing them and it's an important communication skill. Giving feedback involves giving suggestions on conversation and makes feel comfortable and motivational. If you feel criticism then ask those questions and let them give feedback.

10. Picking the Right Medium

Right medium means there is various type of communication medium it includes mail, massage, letter, etc. Its important communication skill is to clearly know what form of communication is best.  Face-to-Face communication is the right medium to communicate.

How to Improve Your Communication Skills

Due to some education issues in our country face illiteracy problems. Some schools and colleges provide useful education but in other schools not provide that much quality of knowledge will give to students. Every person says what you mean. It can be very difficult to express some ideas clearly and specifically, but if you are trying to prevent miscommunication, it's important to say exactly what you mean. Be clear and to the point. When you don't clear about what a person says that is front of you then it is very important to ask questions. Sometimes it a basic step to learn. Communication is always two-way; it means you can't be the one doing all the speaking. To make sure your listener is interested in what you have to say and understanding you. 

Listen to what a person says to you. Because when you start listening to it very easy to improve communication. We mean really listen. Firstly hear what your speaking partner has to say, and try to understand what they actually mean.

A formal, yet educated dialogue between colleagues is an accessory for daily work. If the human resource has to be nurtured and honed to its optimum capacity, the significance of effective communication just cannot be ignored. It needs to be prioritized on all the corporate levels.

Workshops can be arranged for employees. Professionals in the field of communication can be hired to manage these workshops. The barrier of language needs to be addressed. Every working individual must be familiarized with one common mode of communication.                                                            

The benefits of a good communication module can be instantly apparent. Its effects on the general morale of the company are quite considerable. Not to mention its reflections on the profits of the company.

Be open to a good communicator is one who is being approachable and friendly, but also listen to others with an open mind and respectfully.

Listen to understand a good communicator is one who not only just hears the person is talking, but also react on what they say and try to understand. Choose the right format Always remember that there are a time and place for everything, including every communication medium, and especially in the workplace. The show, don't tell you to have to prove that you have such and such communication skills, and just prove them by examples and past experiences and wins. It starts with your resume if you have that communicating skills then just show it in your resume and Cover letter perfectly.

What are the main types of Communication Skills

1) Interpersonal Communication Skills- Interpersonal Communication Skills are the skills we use when we are communicating face-to-face with one or more other people.

2) Verbal communication- Verbal communication is communication that is spoken. However, it gets trickier, as effective verbal communication involves such as the tone of your voice, body language, and inflection.

3) Non-verbal communication - Non-verbal communication is communication that is transmitted and received via other mediums, such as touch and sight. It is very common of it include facial expressions, and body language, eye contact, hand gestures.

4) Written communication- Written communication is communication through the written word, including handwriting and typed text. Though it seems as if it should be included in non-verbal communication. Communication is a very effective skill that attracts employers. There are two types oral and written. No one wants to waste time understanding the mismatching and badly written emails, reports, or over-complicated messages. That's why effective writing skills are a must in every organization.

List of Communication Skills for your resume

1. Openness & Friendliness

2. Confidence & Honesty 

3. Brevity & Clarity

4. Listening

5. Reflection

6. Ability to Accept Feedback with Grace

7. Ability to Give Constructive Feedback

8. An Open Mind, Respect & Empathy

9. Ability to Choose the Right Format

10. Body Language Skills

Openness & Friendliness-

friendly nature and polite attitude play an important role in the conversation, a friendly tone can change people's approachability towards you, and sometimes some of the peoples don't feel comfortable to have a conversation with you just because they don't have an idea about your openness and friendliness.

Confidence & Honesty- this is one of the most important communicating skills, when you're confident about anything then not just people believe in what you're saying but also, they get motivated along with you. Once you feel a lack of confident then it's made many differences for you, it takes your moral down and you'll struggle for the right things.

Brevity & Clarity-

when you think of good communication, you may imagine long talks, however in a business environment, you have to be brave and clear talk, unprofessional, confusing talks can make differences and complications for yourself. The best way to bring brevity and clarity in your every talk you should think before you speak, note down some notes for you speak and talk confidently.


Being a good listener is a sign of a good communicator. Good communicators always give undivided attention and understand what the other parties really, really wants and also understand what they don't want. From this, you will get what they want to hear and receive and you also actually know what you have to say and give.


for a good communicator only listening is not the only key also refection is an important thing, because peoples don't want to talk with the wall, they want to talk with the person who is listening to them and can also responsible for their conversation. Reflection and listening are the key pair for a good communicator.

Ability to Accept Feedback with Grace-

for better and effective communication you not only have to listen and reflect but also have to accept the feedback given back to you. Always remember accepting feedback to better yourself, your project and your goal.

Ability to Give Constructive Feedback-

communicating is not only about accepting feedback it's a two-way street, if you have the ability to accept the feedback with grace then you should have the ability to give constructive feedback also. Don't just accept feedback from others has the courage to give feedback to others.

An Open Mind, Respect & Empathy-

A good communicator always has an open mind and respect for everyone. As said, "Give respect, take respect". even when you disagree you should have to understand and respecting their point of view and treat them as a person is a key to a happy and problem-free working environment. 

Ability to Choose the Right Format-

A good communicator has effective communication but also through the right medium. The ability to choose the right format is also a sign of an effective communicator. Sometimes you must be face-to-face communication with persons, but sometimes you require documentation. So, it's important to have the ability to choose the right format.

Body Language Skills-

These skills are the key part of nonverbal communication, body language plays a significant role in effective communication. Eye contact, body position, and hand gestures are the main keys for body language skills, this type of skill make feel people comfortable and long talks. 

 List of Communication Skills you can mention in your Resume

  • Excellent written communication skills (grammar, spelling, punctuation)
  • Excellent verbal communication skills
  • Cross-cultural communication skills
  • Professional public speaking skills
  • Great listening skills
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Advanced negotiation skills
  • Communicating via electronic media
  • Excellent negotiation skills
  •  Nonverbal communication skills


In every organization, human resources are one of the most important resources. For well-rounded progress of this resource; various tools are required to facilitate the smooth functioning of it. That why communication is very important to every person. We try to give overall information regarding the communication skill in that blog.

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