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Data Entry Resume - Best Skills and Examples

Want to learn - How to create a resume for the data entry profile? Do you know, an Ideal resume is one of the easiest ways to engage employers, and it help to shine among all your competitors.

Doing reading, writing is much trending in every field, and every organization need data entry candidates, who are exceedingly skilled, and provides the most excellent potential work services.

In the 21st century, technology is evolving in a rapid pace, here people does digitally communicate everywhere without any glitch. In the computer file, the data are very close words and with the help of this, we can share information in various places of the community via doing the writing, and typing data.

We have generally seen that most of the candidates look for data entry-level job, when they all are fresher, and when they don't get any work, as per their qualification degree.  You may guess here - When you go for an interview there would be many competitors with you during the interview of data enter job profile.

In this article, I am going to tell you everything you need to know about how to write a resume (together with an enormous data entry skill, data entry resume sample with no experience, and data entry specialist resume), etc.

 What is Data Entry

Before to learn how to write a resume for data entry, let's see first what it is.

It's a simple term that is related to typing, data processors, coordinators, with databases. The data entry consists of coordinating the data, or you can say the exchange details that you have entered in software or any database.

In other words, you can say it is a process of entering the data and updating information into a digital service basis.

For example, the data entry job profile consists of filtering reports, entering the data of the clients/customer, altering the data, updating, or refreshing the records, getting the records, into the database file.

Such job profile prerequisites are dependent on organization standards whether they have data entry work or any other work profile.

These are the job positions which perform data entry operations side by side by performing their other task in their career.

Below are the some data enter job profile, the candidate can apply for position, and accordance they can writes data entry skills resume,

  • Data entry executive
  • Account data entry executive
  • Receptionist data entry executive
  • Shipping data entry executive

 Data Entry Skills – List

Let see first, what is a Resume - It is a piece of vital document that is accompanied by a piece of paper that tells the story to the employer about you in a sort of information or short summarization.

As, we know a data entry operator not need high-level qualifications and need not have much information on office systems and activities moreover.

The data entry skills list for the resume is mutually beneficial for you. So let see some data entry skills description details for your reference. On your resume, the information section data entry must be acceptable abilities and characteristics.

For data entry specialist resume, you should to place a good way for required some skills refer following skill list will help you in the data entry for comprehension,

Accuracy in a typing speed –

Have you know - the typing this word matching with data entry, so if you are well versed in typing with good accuracy skills then you can entice the employer during the interview. Having a typing speed is very essential skills and which make your resume weighty. For that, you should more comfortable with an electronic device, which is a computer keyword.

Software database entry skills –

If you worked previously in data entry profile, then you must have analyzed the data on any software. There are much software available, and they developed for a better data programs in purpose of storing of data, and to interact with the customer, CMS, Siebel, Genesis, etc. For the data entry job profile, you need experience with a word processor and spreadsheet as well as MS office.

Every employer used their licensed data to enter software as per their need of business, but you should aware of basic software as well.

For example, you need to keep some advanced skills in your resume for data entry as follows,

  • System operating Skills,
  • Excel spreadsheet skills,
  • Office Suites skills,
  • Accounting toll skills,

Verbal and Written skills –

Take attention, even if you belong to any sector but your written and verbal skills are very important for you, and you should be very proficient in this skill.

Such skills you can develop from yourself. As honesty, you should push your skills in a resume. However, your written skills contain your spelling and grammar which should be very good. Data entry specialists mostly work with this information so you not to try expect spelling mistakes and grammar mistakes. Your data entry specialist resume should great way.

For example, the skills are as follows –

  • Outstanding written skills
  • Strong verbal communication skills
  • Compared written skills

Organizational skills –

It is a vital skill for your data entry resume, so you should write it in a very good manner. Every organization always focuses on your vital skills, and with the help of they want to know your abilities on different tasks,

For example,

  • Dedicated work completion skills,
  • Decision-making skills,
  • Team Management skills,

Show your time management skill –

Being a data entry executive profile you should strong in management skills, and should aware of the technique to manage your work according to time, and completion should within TAT. Explore your interpersonal skills here on a resume.

Teamwork skills –

You should know the significance of cooperation, teamwork style, and must-have role skills of leadership, team player. You should keep it on a resume.

 Data Entry Resume Sample

If you can incorporate data entry job profile keywords efficiently on your resume, then your resume can reach to perfect match job Profile Company. For preparing the resume you need to add the keywords as per job description basis.

The next step here, we see the sample example for data entry profile format,

  • Name – (Your name)
  • Address – (Keep address)
  • Email Id – (Write profession email Id)
  • Contact Details  -(Keep correct contact details)

 Resume Summary –

Two years of experience in data entry executive profile, dedicated and focused professionals with a great ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously, with good accuracy in typing speed, result-oriented.

 Career Objective -

Elaborate leadership authorities, enhance organizational ability to exceed collaborative goals, having knowledge of database, and help honor all long-term liability made to customers, shareholders, and employees.

Work Experience –

  • Duration of work – (2002- 2003)
  • Employer name –(Write company name)
  • Profile name – (Data Entry Executive)

Roles and Responsibilities –

  • Ensuring customer details and account management in proper documents correctly.
  • Sorting, and maintaining the tracking for all customers.
  • Keeping records, error-free.
  • Meeting service level agreement parameter along with quality work.
  • Keeping the MS Excel file for all customer details, budget-wise.
  • Preparing the invoices, with accountability tool.
  • Worked on Account data enter management tool.
  • Exporting report from CRM, platform tool, and arranging details as per client needs.
  • Preparing the PPT for client review.
  • Inserting data manually, with the database file.

 Skills -

  • Knowledge of system skills,
  • High written and Verbal skills,
  • Excellent accuracy in data,
  • Organizational skills,
  • Typing Speed skills,
  • Data editing skills,
  • Communication skills,
  • Interpersonal skills,
  • Software tool skills,
  • Computer database,
  • Data Entry
  • Soft skills,
  • Hard skills,


From this article, we have concluded that the data entry operator job is not easy, and most of us people think about it. Here, this article will help you to understand about the resume, and what are the skills which you have required in the data entry operator or data executive. It will help you to write a summary and key contribution and experience in the resume. If you are a fresher then entry-level data resume tips details we have covered here.


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