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Functional or Skills Based Resume Writing Tips

Functional or Skills Based Resume Writing Tips

If you people looking for a change in your career, and if you are in the fresher level and don't know what relevant details you should keep in your resume, and how you need to write Resume. And if you are writing Resume for the senior-level position then always you should use a very much skill-based resume instead of writing a simple resume format to show your all achievements in a very descriptive format.

As we know the Resume is the one which plays a very important role in between you and the job. You may say that it is the written resume that is the mirror of our self. The resume is very much important nowadays because if your resume is good then you will get selected for the first interview process steps which are face to face round. So before applying for a job you should very much aware of the resume. We have written this article to give you tips, details on how you could prepare your Resume and what are those ways you could show your own past complete work history with good representation.

For making a resume some types help you to get shortlisted and it is very compulsory to know about the resume. First of all, let's see the types of resumes we are using for the job search.

Types of Resumes for Your Job Search

For the types of resume are following as,

  • First Type is Chronological Resume - The most student, fresher candidates, and people widely use such a format resume to highlight their previous work history, internship details and it helps to highlight their all recent work activity with the new snap of job title. This type of format type resume attracts to the interviewer and helps to make your good impression at the time of the interview. So it is the commonly used resume format.
  • The second Type is Functional or skill-based Resume – This resume format is very much important for those people who are having lots of skills or they learned from their previous work can show their self fully skilled-based as for an example, if you have good communication skill and in your function and the skill-based Resume format you should mention all your focus points in the skills you have and need to show the interviewer what type of work you have done with the help of this skill in your previous work history.
  • The third type is the Combination Resume - In this type of important Resume, you should keep details in combination way like qualification summary details, achievements, strengths and need to highlight important your skills along with your work experience learned during job or school time. Additionally, you should not keep describing the details of your job roles and responsibilities in more ways, because in this type of resume, we make it the combination of skills and work history. The combination resume format is the best format to utter you in front of the recruiter.

What is the functional resume?

It is also a very important type of Resume it helps those people who are having a gap in their career CV. If you have a gap during work history then you could go for it and make a functional Resume. With the help of such type, you could easy to express yourself during the interview time. In this format only you should highlight the important skills you have done in your past work history which will help you to maintain the gap in your CV. This is because interviews somewhere think on you, as due to some issues you have not continued your work but you are good at skills and you have created a gap in between the work history. Show the functional resume is the best resume format to get the job.

What should you prefer a chronological or functional resume?

It is very difficult, which resume format we should prefer because of both the resume format chronological and the functional having different-different roles in it.

In chronological Resume format, you should mention or need more focus on the previous work history as well as the current work history so it is a good and beneficial format for those who are having well experience and there is no work gap during career. So it is good if you have a good experience so need to follow the chronological resume format.

If anyone of us has to get in between work history but you are in best in your skills like management, communication skills, etc. so you could use the functional resume format because this is very beneficial for them because they are having to getting in their work history. This is because here interviewer would think in your resume based on your skills only.

Resume writing tips for functional resumes

Here are some of the important factors which should be kept in mind at the time of making the functional resume. So the factors of the following as,

  • You should mention your skills - if you are using the format of the functional resume then you should mention your skills in this because your skills will help you to get a job and in a functional resume, the skills are the highlighted points which should be mention in your resume. This section is very important for you.
  • Need to Use bullet points - While making this resume in the format of a functional resume it is very much important to use bullet points in the resume because the bullet points make very attractive our resume and it will highlight all the important skills, achievements, and strengths you have inside you. So using a bullet point in the resume is a very good deal. But you should not use bullet points everywhere. Only use bullet points where it is required in your resume.
  • Always, write your work history in a short way - First thing you should keep, as the function is used not to show our gap in the resume so it is very much important. In the functional resume that you need to show about your work history in a simple and very short way and you should focus on your skills and work history should be very much short because if you elaborate your work history in a functional resume. If you feel it is good for you and you are under these categories then you could use to show a good impression towards the interviewer.
  • Try to keep extra activities - Having extra activities will show that you have left your previous job or gapes is there in between your work and you are busy with some other extra activities and it would create a very positive role in front of the recruiter and help you to pursue a job. And the hiring manager would think and due to a lot of skills in your resume they will feel positive towards your profiles.

Resume Template for Functional Resume

Here are some of the examples of a functional resume template that will help you to understand how to make the functional resume. So the example is following as,

Sample 1 - Sales Officer Functional Resume Template

Name -

Contact Details –

Email Id -


I m have good experience in the sales industries and I am looking for a good opportunity in the sales industries. I have good experience in sales and marketing understand customer needs and good at convincing skills power.

Skills and Abilities -

  • Strong communication skills both verbal and written.
  • Always Sales driven attitude.
  • Use to provide Result driven attitude.
  • Have a positive attitude towards work.
  • Good and strong in Market Analysis research.
  • Keeps target driven attitude.


  • 2 years experience in (Company Name) from (2011 to 2013)
  • 3 years experience in (Company Name) from (2015 to 2018)


  • Higher secondary from (School Name ) in (Year Details)
  • Senior secondary school from (School Name ) in (Year Details)
  • BBA from (College Name) in (Year Details)


Sample 2:- Civil Engineer Functional Resume Template



I have worked in the different types of projects as well as in different types of sections as a design engineer as well as the structural work engineer. I have good experience in handling the projects as well as the client.

Skills and abilities

  • Strong in Software knowledge
  • Excellent Project management Systems
  • Have Site knowledge
  • Have Design knowledge
  • Strong Understand the concrete concept


  • 2 years experience in the design field as the cad designer in the (company Name) from (2011 to 2012)
  • 3 years experience as a site engineer in the (company Name) from (2013 to 2015)


  • Higher secondary from (School Name ) in (Year Details)
  • Senior secondary school from (School Name ) in (Year Details)
  • B. Tech Civil from (College Name ) in (Year Details)


The above example shows that if we have a gap in between the work then also we can get the job by expressing the skills in the and this format is known as the functional resume format.



From this article, we come to the conclusion that how to get a job after having a gap in between work history. Here we have covered the types of resume format. I have especially focused on the functional resume and express the functional resume format because it is the skill for a resume in which we put all the efforts on the key skills on our resume. We have also covered here the important functional resume format example in the article which will help you a lot to understand how to make s and in what are the important points in which you have to focus on the cv and let your resume express in front of the recruiter. We hope this article will help you a lot in making the cv.


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