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How to Write a High School Resume

In order to work in different types of industries, it is not necessary that you should have a large degree, high qualification. If we look here, we are talking about a high school degree candidate. You can also work in many industries such as customer service executive, front liner calling job, food delivery executive, catering executive, receptionist, office boy, etc. And you can also earn the best of your high school candidate profile. Just for this, you have to make your resume very fairly.

When you are preparing a high school candidate resume for yourself, then one thing you should keep in mind is that you have limited work experience, as compared with an experienced degree candidate. That is why there is very little material in your resume, you just have to write the content which is very good, which you have done well till your high school achieved.

So, much we all know that for finding any kind of job, resumes play a very important role in across. If you are a high school candidate, and even if you have zero experience, you should not always think that your resume could reject during the interview by the interviewer.

Through this article, we will tell you those who are high school passed candidate and they don't know how to write a high school resume with no experience when you go for an interview with your high school resume, then mostly the time interviewer see the format of your Resume, your presentable summary, objectives, activity, extracurricular, achievements, skills, morality, and character a lot.

What to Put in High school Resume

Let we will see in this paragraph what you should keep when creating a high school resume most of us are in confusion at that time. We have a lot of material to write in the resume but don't know what the relevant content is for it? And what is an important skill, so let's move this topic forward which will help you a lot.

  • Need to write personal details – Being in your personal details of the resume always plays a very important role for you. You should always remember that whenever you are writing your personal details in your resume, it should be very simple and honest information such as your name or it should in sequence manners like first name, middle name, and last name.

    Your name should easy to read by the interviewer without any difficulty. And your personal details should not look like a paragraph in your resume. You should remember in the stage of your high school resume only write a professional email id and always avoid jargon words kind of email ids.

    In the section of your resume, the personal details section should be correct. Therefore, you can use the sequence of the personal detail below as a sample in your resume.
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Telephone Number 
    4. Email Id

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  • Show your high school objective powerful - You can show in your high school career objective in between two to three short simple statement of how you are important for their company to achieve their goals. And when an interviewer would read your high school resume objective then they should feel positive towards your resume profile. 

    In the high school resume of up having a career objective plays a vital role for you which shows your seriousness towards work. You should not take it in a normal way; you should always use the powerful keywords in your objective and make it matching with your job profile. You should write an effective career objective for your resume which includes the qualities, project work, intelligent skills, voluntary, leadership skills during your school time. Here below, we have provided the sample example of an objective for you, which will help you to get Ideas. 
    • Seeking a customer service executive position with a growing company in the global marketplace. 

    • Well, the talented profit-oriented candidate well prepared for strategic implementing and developing, voluntary skills.

  • You should show your high school education – The education section is very important for a high school pass student in their resume. When you write your resume for the high school phase, you want to highlight your education as a student. Even if you have taken a high school qualification in any of your fields, you should always highlight it in your resume and not worry more about your education whether you are passed in low school qualification streams or high.

    Your education is in your skills, it gives you a highlight specialization about your qualifications. Your high school education shows your ability to skills, knowledge, etc.

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    When you are writing an education section in your resume, it should be quite appropriate. You should always show high school or any other stream qualification percentage with respect to them or any grades are there you make it proper details according to theirs.
  • You should show your high school achievements – If you are a high school pass candidate and have very little experience or assume that you are a completely new fresher candidate, then your education volunteer achievements in your resume play a vital role. You can use the list of your high school achievements according to the scale in which you have achieved it. 

    You should always show in your resume achievement section such as scholarships student, you won the award for an activity or in the participated expert subject, you won 100% attendance award, you worked on a special project, and you won the national merit award achievements, etc. Also, you can include any extracurricular activities you participate in aerobics instructions and community.
  • Show your leadership skills – If you want to attract the attention of any interviewer at the time of the interview, you must always show your leadership skills on your high school resume.

    Like you can show that you are a leader with very hands-on development skills and you always keep your awareness for your leadership and you can write to an example according to this, like how you have shown your leadership skills or any kind of project or during sports team leader. You should show your self-confidence being a team leader. 

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  • Write your skills in your high school resume – And while making a high school student resume always keep this section in your resume and do not try to avoid it. For new fresher level or high school students it is an important part of the resume. Skills for high school resumes will give you the opportunity to grab the job.

    You should always include things in your skills section that matches your job profile such as you can also write language speak and written known skills, computer skills, creativity skills, critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, initiatives skills. 

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  • You need to write if any certification details have – If you have done any kind of certification during your past high school, then you should not hide it, rather write it which gives the interviewer a positive response towards you.

Tips for writing high school resume

Whenever you write any of your resumes, you should always know about the tips and you should know those tips in such a way that anytime you should use it in your resume and it should give a good positive attitude to the interviewer. Using good tips increases the chance of your career job. So let's provide you with some tips in this paragraph,

  • Use powerful headlines in your resume, and through this express your personality significantly.
  • You should always write a high school resume as a strategic and use the descriptive format of your resume.
  • You should show related skills to the job profile, to increase the chance of resume shortlist.
  • You should always keep your resume short on one page and do not try to write it more content because you are a recent high school passed candidate if you make it two- or more then page or any irrelevant information then it would spoil the quality for your resume.
  • Major tips for the high school resume, you should include achievement during school, sports activity, youth events, extra-curricular activities, or leadership.
  • Whatever type of details you write in your resume, it should always be true and clear, and it should always read by the interviewer side easily.
  • Write matching details in your resume in a very detailed way where you feel perfect.
  • You should use powerful keywords and action words for the making of an impressive resume.
  • Always summarize some important things according to your job descriptions.
  • You should always highlight those things in your resume that you have achieved some good during your school time. It would help you to attract the interviewer towards your resume.

Example of Highschool Resume

Let's us give you some example samples that would help you to get Ideas for high school resume through this paragraph the sample resume for a high school as

Name -


Telephone Number -

E-mail ID –

Summary –

Dedicated and focused professionals with a great ability to complete multiple tasks simultaneously.
A result-oriented and good adopt new work culture, organization skills, and positive work attitude.


Volunteer facilitator with Leadership development skills and expertise in developing structure as well as benefits plans with good organization skills willing work style, and professional manner.

Educational details -

Class 12th from (Name of School), (Name of the Board), (Year of Passing), (Percentage or Grade)

Class 10th from (School Name), (Name of the Board), (Year of passing), (Percentage or Grade)

Skills -

  • Verbal communication skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Good Listeners skills
  • Reading and writing skills
  • Basic computer skills
  • Typing skills

Extracurricular Activities -

  • Participated in the national-level sports activity.
  • Participated in school in drama to performing
  • Worked as a volunteer for a high school project.
  • Participated in school for debate subject national community.



From this article we have concluded that to show your skills, capability, the high school resume plays a vital role in fresher students. Your high school resume is the first start of your bright future. So you should always make your resume a very attractive and powerful meaning descriptive manner.

This is an article will help you with writing a resume. Here, we have discussed how you can write a resume with no experience for high school candidates and it would help you to give a better understanding as what you can add in your resume and tips would help you with resume. For making a resume you can take help from high school student resume online builder.

Resume writing is the first step for fresher in the process of getting a job. Build your resume with Jobscruze ultimate guides for fresher.



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