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How to Write Resume Headline for Fresher Updated 2020

If you are looking for a high dream career job, then your resume headline should be a powerful and very effective way because the employer only spends a few seconds to view on your Resume. Resume headline puts a short introduction of your profile which gives value for your job profile. They can get easy insight into your job application whether you are a perfect match candidate or not.

Writing a resume these days is the most important task in these days. For that, your resume should be with an attractive headline. This is the first and very basic step to writing the resume. This will help both the candidate who is fresher in today's era. The interviewer always does the screening of your resume and cover letter that you will attach with job applications. And they always try to understand are you specifically interested in this job profile.

We have made this article which will help fresher people to write a resume headline or resume heading for different fields or who are from different backgrounds. This will help to make an attractive resume heading.

What is Resume Heading?

A resume title means or it is a headline that always brief information about your resume profile. And the resume headlines always place at the top of the resume. A headline also tells information about your job profile or the position for that you have applied job application. Keeping headlines always gives more additional attractive ways towards your resume.

 Resume heading always helps to put a good impression of your resume on the interviewer. It includes all the information in a very short manner. It also helps to shortlist your resume among all the competitor's resumes.

Tips for writing resume heading

You should focus on keywords of job profile - In your resume headlines, the keywords play a major vital role, you people should place keywords as per your job description. Keeping the main keywords as per the job requirements always impress the interviewer during the interview. With the help of job description and as per your profile skills you can write very attractive keywords for your resume headlines.

  • You should try to make it simple and strong - Your resume headlines structure should be readable and understandable at the interviewer's side. Simple and strong headlines represent your profile need for a job. Headlines structure like skills, achievements should be very transparent towards the employer.
  • Use the professional font into your resume - To make your resume simple and attractive you need to use standard font’s styles or words in your resume headlines to make the first impression. You should add a single font in your professional resume. Don't add mismatch font style, you should not try to add many fonts in your resume headlines.
  • You should add the relevant and important information - While preparing resume headlines, you should ensure will add the only important information. Always, use necessary all information that you have to add in your resume and add the most relevant information and vital information in your resume headline or resume heading.
  • You should add all your achievements and awards - Your achievements always add more benefits towards your resume headlines, and being a fresher candidate you should add your honest achieved skills during your internship, or any project work. You should add all the awards that you have won during your university, school to your resume.
  • You should include subheadings and try to simplify - Use always highlight and bullet points for your headlines of the sub-heading point’s structure. Also, add subheadings and make it simple. Subheadings should be attractive. Add subheading which is easy to read and understand.

Resume Heading Examples

The following are the best resume headline example. You can take a reference of it to make your resume attractive.

Resume Headline for fresher in the field of IT

High-performing work optimizing skills, Strong in a programming language like Python, Java, C++, and Php or HTML. Highly command over English communication, very results-oriented; well recognize the opportunity for accelerated growth.

Resume headline for Software Testing Profile

Strong knowledge of manual and automation software testing phases, passionate about developing new skills myself in every way, Energetic, visionary & having motivating nature.

Resume headline for fresher of Chartered Accountant

Searching for a position in the company where I can get the chance to apply my skills in the field of accountant, business and finance services the help of the organization. Strong knowledge in financial analysis trend well-known in risk management.

Business Analyst Resume Headline

Dedicated focus on value budgeting and forecasting and will help in planning reports to the organization. Highly monitoring work style and have a great balance to decisions.

Resume Headline for Data Analyst Profile

Well talented Entry-level Professional passionate with proven achievement in strategic implementing and developing with excellent research and analytical skills.

Best resume headline of Digital Marketing

Easily adapting to new digital marketing needs with a high level of collaboration, well understanding to analyze online digital marketing campaigns, strong in channel expertise and very honored in work, success in the extracurricular digital marketing certification skills.

Best resume headline of Sales Profile

Rewarding and responsible entry-level management job in a profit-oriented organization that proffers various job tasks to achieve organizational targets. Always ready for coming trends and new avenues for growth and profit.

Resume Headline for Team Leader Profile

To be an excellent professional with a proven history of growth and expansion looking to turn a great group of people into an outstanding team in an organization. Contemporary team leader and instigator with strong management skills. I only believe in strategic planning and long-term vision with an eye for up.

Resume Headline Sample - 1

Below there are many resuming headline samples are given which would help you to build your resume. There is the reference of resume headline sample for fresher of different backgrounds. There are many ways to write your resume headline.

Resume Headline for Networking Engineer for fresher

Good ability to integrate networking hardware and in software with strong knowledge about system troubleshoot skills which are able to improve efficiency, high ability to understand in a new changes networking protocol, Strong networking analytical mind strategies.

Resume headline for fresher of Graphic Designer

Have the ability to exceptional creativity and innovation Ideas on any projects. Strong in time management and organizational skills, the creative design concept and strong in web designer's understanding.

Resume headline sample of User Interface Designer for fresher

Energetic, visionary & having motivating work nature, strong skill in proficiency tool in visual. High in hand interpersonal skills, specializing in strategic planning to design any interface, work finishing timeline.


This article will help you to get an overview of writing a headline for your resume. It is also will help to know what is mean by resume title or resume headline. This will help you to build your resume attractive. This helps you to shortlist the resume among all with the help of an attractive headline. Resume heading helps to make your resume attractive. It will help to build a resume that is fresher people. It also includes resume headlines with examples.


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