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Job Roles and responsibilities in resume

Job Roles and Responsibilities in Resume

In India, Today lots of people are getting graduate every year from different types of streams like engineering, medical, commerce, arts, etc.  So in this way, many of the graduates are coming per year and this data is getting an increase per year. But most of the people are unemployed and not get passed in the interview. The first preference of the person after getting a graduate is the job. After that, there are two options for the students

  • Government sector
  • Private sector

Government sector

most of the person are interested In this sector they want to work and want to develop our country so the person has to crack the examination held by the government and after this, we get selected. One drawback is that there is less number of post compare to the number of people who needs a job so there are fewer chances to get in it.

Private sector

Here we have a number of companies where we have to apply for the job this gives to the instant results. In the private sector, there is the company's recruiter we do recruitment and provide you a good job according to your knowledge and skills.
Let's discuss the private sector in the details.

Why recruiter asks - describe your job responsibilities

Job responsibilities are what an organization or company uses to express the work that needs to be achieved in a role and the functions that a worker is responsible for. Job responsibilities also include the information most dynamic to your other talent management processes. It defines the conditions that should be used for employee valuation and development.

How would you describe your current job responsibilities in the interview?

Nowadays, we give advice to you on a very common interview question that seems to be deceptively simple: How Can you describe your current job or most recent position you have? Most people feel very much comfortable with describing their current job and their job responsibilities.

In fact, when I conduct interviews on in place or on behalf of my clients which I have or if I conduct interviews for my own company then I generally ask this question first surely because it is so straightforward and gives the description of the candidates. The candidate is to be very much comfortable while giving an answer to this question, by this answer he will feel relax and he will open up a bit.

While it may be very much easy to answer this question effectively because I know that candidate has higher standards than that. If You want to deliver a great answer then you should clearly demonstrate why you are a good fit for the job and why should he hire you? [ Why Should We Hire You ]

What is job responsibilities?

Job responsibilities are nothing but an association uses to define the work that they need to be performed in a different role and what the functions that an employee is answerable for it. Job responsibilities also include the information to your other talent that can be management processes or anything since it defines the limitation that you should be used for employee valuation and overall development.

What is current work responsibilities?

Most of the candidates think this is a very silly question to ask. After all, you work hard didn’t skill those bullet points you mention in a resume? You don’t think is interviewer is getting you or your skills after reading your resume?

Well, when someone reads your resume and determined that you were qualified to call in for an interview. Though, the person who took your interview you may not have time for a full review — or he/she may be reviewed it and forgotten the details you mention in your resume this happens because when they schedule your interview they are very much busy. They have seen many candidates with the same background.

You may get this type of question even if your interviewer is closely familiar with your resume. So It’s a good question for a pair of details:

  1. It can put the candidate at straightforwardness. This question is much easier to answer and the most common question can ask you as everyone ask, “Tell me about yourself.” It is a very specific question that is asked by every interviewer to you to see your confidence and see the speaking skills.
    As an interviewer, I will make candidates feel comfortable while talking with me because I know that they will be more open up and show me what they’re really like.  most of the other interviewers follow this and ask similar questions.
  1. It will help the hiring manager to clarify and expand upon the resume you made. as everyone, even candidate knows that there are so much a resume can communicate. Your resume clearly got someone’s attention. 
    Though, your upcoming boss will want more details to determine if you’re the best person for the job.
  1. It will help the hiring manager validate your resume. Sometimes People have been written wrong in the resume.

You got Shocking, I know. Every interviewer will want to make sure that all of those impressive bullet points you have been mention in the resume are true or not. In general, your most recent location is always going to be the most pertinent for your interviewer.  What have you been doing lately?

Your description in the resume of your current responsibilities will provide a good idea of the work that you’re completely capable of doing at this point which you have mentioned in your resume in your career.

Sample answers to describe your current job responsibilities.

Let us see the example that how to describe your current job and responsibilities in your resume

Rahul Singh Khanda 
Chandan Nagar Pune, India

Personal summary

I am very much ambitious and very much confident about my sector because I love to work here. For the last 3 years, I am working for this recruitment company. With the help of this sector, I have learned many new skills have experienced a lot and get well in communication skills.

  • Providing accounting and administrative support to the staff of the Human Resources department.
  • Collecting, sorting and distributing any incoming job applications.
  • Maintaining employee personnel files.
  • Monitoring the work of recruitment agencies.
  • Writing up job descriptions.
  • Coordinating activities between the company and outside parties.
  • Developing employment-related records.
  • Coordinating holiday and sick pay.
  • Making decisions in the absence of senior HR executives.
  • Updating the HR calendar with important dates.
  • Following up on all human resource calendar activities.
  • Directing and implementing training programs.
  • Writing up human resources guidelines.
  • Dealing with employee complaints and grievances.
  • Negotiating advertising rates with online job boards and newspapers.
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of sensitive information.
  • Organizing inductions and training for new employees.
  • Updating employee records with holiday requests, payroll changes and any leave due to illness.
  • Keeping bulletin boards up to date with current information.
  • Handling new hire paperwork.
  • Responding to letters, emails and general correspondence.

Why should we put job roles and responsibilities on the resume?

We should put all the responsibility in the resume because it is only the medium that presents ourselves in a piece of paper. Most of the people don't understand that if you are not representing yourself in front of the interviewer the resume is that piece of paper which present you and your qualification in front of the interviewer

You should put all the rules which you can do it. Because none of the companies want the earth experienced or in the mature candidate. None of the companies want to invest their money and time in an immature and experienced candidate. If you are fresher then also you have to make a resume that you are able to who adopted the environment of the job and you can learn easily in the training periods. If you are experienced then you have to put all the jobs you have done earlier you have to write their specialty and you have to also mention what is the responsibility you have in your previous job.

The following are the points in which you can make your resume best.

  1. First of all, you have to put your recent photograph.
  2.  You have to give your complete information I like your name your permanent address about your interest and about your complete qualification.
  3.  You have to make the resume according to the job profile.
  4. You have to put up all the achievements you have done in your earlier job. If you are fresher then you have to write it about the achievement you did in college for an internship. If you are an experience holder then you have to write all the achievements you have did in your previous job profile.
  5.  You have to also mention the duration you have in your previous company because it shows your stability that how much time you have spent in a single company.
  6. You should avoid making silly mistakes like grammatical or spelling mistakes in the resume
  7. You should make a strong headline on a resume.
  8. You should always used the simple font like bold letters for or the headline and simple for example New times Roman font for writing your resume. [ Top Ways to Put Education On Resume ]


By following all these points which we have mentioned in our description it is quite simple and it is very important. Many people know about this all points but also while making a resume they do these types of silly mistakes and they don't get shortlisted for the interview. You should always put up all the responsibilities and try to make a good resume because where you can't reach that place your resume shows about you it tells how are you and what you are. So try to make your resume simple attractive and genuine because if you put up all the fake things in it like fake achievement or any type of fake certificates then it can be a very big drawback for your career and as well as life.

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