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One Page Resume Benefits Tips and All

One Page Resume - Benefits, Tips and All

One page resume is good for the student, college graduate, fresher entry-level and the people that have minimum experience in any profile. Whenever you go for the interview, it would good for you that you need to keep your resume only one page. If you would keep your resume only one-page size then it looks pretty good and impresses to the employer, those who like to see one-page resume only.

How to write an outstanding one-page resume?

Here are some tips we have tried to mention for preparing the outstanding one-page resume, and you should write only relevant information.

  • You need to keep only your short and simple personal information and it should not be more detailed.
  • You need to keep your professional email with proper font and size.
  • Keep your one-page resume details very clear, simple, short and understandable by the recruiter end.
  • Your resume page should not feel like a paragraph you need to use some bullet points for and keep the short gap in every section.
  • Your skills, experience, and achievements section should be highlighted with a specific symbol.

In short, you may divide your one-page resume into five sections like as below,

I – You need to show your basic information as like, and not more than it.

  • Your Name –
  • Email Id details –
  • Contact information -

II – You need to write your career objective in a very expressive way and show your complete Qualifications. Also, write about all the degrees along with the percentage that you had.

III - In the third section, you need to keep your achievements and hobbies. As per your entry or experience level basis, project work description, internship details, etc.

IV - In the fourth section, you write your personal details like some information, date of birth, Father’s Name, Mother’s Name, Address, and Pin code.

V - At last need to mention declaration about all details, place from where you located are and Signature with the date.

What are the benefits of the one-page resume?

The benefits of a one-page resume are,

  • One page resume makes a good impact on the employer.
  • It contains only specific information.
  • You provide suitable skills who match with this job.
  • With the help of this, you will be clear about your Career.
  • When the resume is a one-page, recruiter understands you write relevant information.
  • It looks so impressive.

How to structure the one-page resume?

The resume is very much important nowadays if you are making a one-page resume then it should be very much effective. Here we are trying to discuss the structure of the one-page resume.

  • Your Career objective should be in your resume - You should try to make career objectives very much effective with the help of your important skills and career goals. Because sometimes you got selected by career objectives only if it is a very good effect, you may impress the employer with the help of a career objective.
  • Need to show your Qualification -  Your qualification is very much important and must for applying for any job so you have to always mention this section in your resume because this will make your CV effective and make you eligible for the job for the required position you have applied. Every employer is more focused on candidate qualifications.
  • The skills section should very strong - Skills are an important section due to which you would get a chance of selection during the interview. It sections the compulsory section that you have to show in your one CV. In a one-page resume, you should make one section and try to mention the important skill in the CV according to the applied job.
  • Experiences section – You should try to mention all the important experience in your resume because it is very much helpful for you and for the employer to find out your specialty by the help of experience so you should mention the important experience according to the job description which will help you whom to get selected in the interview.
  • Achievements - With the help of this you will be shown a lot of activity in the circular activities also. Because this section gives an introduction to your curricular activities whether you have. You have achieved anything in physical as well as the help of your mental ability. So you should make this section very carefully and put your all achievements and this because this will affect your CV.
  • Personal information - You should write about your personal information here you can show your name your local address and the general type of personal things that recruiters want to know about you. The personal information section is very much important but it should not be too descriptive.

When to use a multipage resume and single-page resume?

Here are the two types of resumes that we use in our life. The first is the single-page resume and the second is a multiple page resume.

  • Let’s see Single page resume – By now you must have taken some idea with the help of above points we have mentioned for the one-page resume, When you are fresher or any entry-level candidate and you are going to apply for any job then you are not having any type of experience so here have to use the single-page resume and you have to write the important sections.
  • For about Multiple page resume – In simple word, when you reach a senior level entry position, that time you need to use a multiple page resume and you can tell a lot of details through your experience. Or when you looking for a high profile in which you need to show about the lots of experiences then you have to use the multiple resume because here you have to show about our all the experiences and you have to elaborate the jobs and responsibilities in the CV which will help to mention that what type of roles and responsibility. It very much beneficial for us and for the recruiter also to get knows what type of work we are doing in our last company so we have to use the multiple pages resume.


From this summary, we have concluded that a one-page resume is beneficial for both the person whether it is fresher or experienced. Most of the online resume builder helping on it how you can make your CV very attractive and provides you in a PDF form they also provide some off template which will help you a lot and makes your CV very much attractive so from the one-page resume you can explain yourself in the front of the recruiter.


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