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Reasons why your Perfect Resume was rejected

Reasons Why Your Perfect Resume Was Rejected

When Resume word comes into our mind then that time most of us people and students think start like a Resume is two-three number pages that include your personal particulars like date of birth, gender, religion, race, nationality, residence, marital status, experience... But we are not aware of what our resume speaks and tell to others- In short, a resume provides/information short think of your skills, abilities, achievement, accomplishments, and tells who you are. This means it gives a "snapshot" of your career objective to the employer towards the interviewer. Let's, we all of heard the word such, CV it is similar to Resume; here the abbreviation of CV is as Curriculum Vitae. Why Resume? A resume is used to make a favorable impression in front of a prospective employer. Also, I would tell you the most powerful use of meaning statements and we all know very well that word about "The First Impression is the last impression", it is completely depends on human psychology and might of us people are agree or disagree mentioned statement as well. Resumes are the first step impression a potential employer has with them, and the reason, it is referred to us most crucial steps taken during a job search from and asked the interviewer. However, your resume contains a lot of your personal details, present, past and the same are very secure and between you & the employer. 

Typically human being worries about their career, in the future, they want to become a successful person or they want to set a good example among us of them as something achievement. For career purposes, they look for a good chance for a job at a certain age because they have most of the responsibilities in their shoulders for their family and always shortage for the job is missing anywhere for a particular position. If your resume is not perfect and not much informative then your chance of opportunity gets down grad somewhere. Due to this, we reason we responsible yourself only for any kind of rejection or any other else reason, hence the disadvantages can occur and as human psychology their might low confidence for ready the next day to grab the opportunity of a career. We never give up anywhere any situation and start new things also refresh our-self. A major important factor in this, as many employers only spend few seconds to look your resume before deciding to perfect whether they keep it you or they might ditch it for move on next round/position. Many employers look for a good applicant where they likely ditch someone because there are many applicants is in the interview hall and they look for a good perfection candidate for hiring position. For the employer, it is a too simple way to find something mistake in your resume to ditch in an interview. But we don't give any chance to them at least on our Resume. In this blog, we will talk in detailed about good way strategies what kind of your resume should be there. Which you need to keep in your resume, which thing you have to avoid in a resume, how your resume impress to interviewer among of crowd. 

Career objectives and snapshot are not much clear in your Resume

While preparing resume please don't think a single way - here is the need to think the way of the recruiter as well, because our resume will be read through your employer and we will not give any chance them for any kind of fall down for a very small mistake with resume. In many resumes, we have seen objectives in front or top of the page even we are also having our own, objectives clear and that we put in your resume as well. Objective- introduces to the employer your resume and this objective statement highlights your skills and career goals. However, they always carefully researched and found to fit the job you're applying for. If your career snapshot & objectives are not clear then there might be your low chance for further, it means whatever objective you are keeping with your Resume it should be very professionally, little bit small, selfish, to be clear, detailed about the job you want, you need to explain what you can do for them. 

Present your personal information in a very proper manner in your Resume.

Let's talk here, which personal details we need to put into our resumes and which are professional words.  As we are aware of everyone has their own personal email Id or email address and that is used for communication purposes means, it can be private for them with the different-different domain name. However, we see there are many of us using an email address in a real way shocking, with some fancy name email address, but this kind of email address should not appear into resume because it changes the intention or perception of the interviewer when an employer finds such email address into your resume. Please note your email address should be very professional, mostly it should start with your name, so when an employer can smoothly screening your resume without stuck anywhere or you could not fail into the first round of interview. Your email address should not be very ridiculously amazing. Usually, we mention your contact number with a resume, but now due to some typo error might have your contact number issue get there for you lose the opportunity for an interview call, which means you should twice go through your resume once it gets prepared from your side. In your resume there should no need to much keep personal information because the employer will not focus on your height, weight, religious or any sexual orientation or there is no require thing. It unnecessarily occupies the space of your resume where you can keep some important relevant content to your profile.

Resume should be Spelling & Grammar free

Why here we need to talk this statement and which impact would in your Resume, let's talk... from our childhood we have learned words, spelling, grammar, etc and after that, we have started communicating each other or in our daily routine life, also we are doing our thought migration or expressing in writing as well.  At the one stage of level we identify the power of wording for communication, it means to say any single mistake of the word could be the effect on your image in any place might be in professional, in your resume or any formal communication. In your resume spelling & grammar should not be there, because the resume you have made that is having a chunk of words and from the help of that wording you are making resume speaks towards employer; however, any mistakes found in there then might have less chance Interview will interest in your profile. In your resume, any kind of spelling & grammar excuse should not there. It shows unskilled or written poor skills, to avoid such thing you need to twice check your resume which you have been prepared.  You should try to understand as the document you represent someone that indicates mistakes and it will reflect incredibly badly. Additionally, we suggest you avoid such a thing, you may loudly read your resume two-three times and try to understand the wording that you put in your resume. [ How to handle a job rejection

Now, in the market there are many tools are available where you can check the grammar & mistakes online or any other help of search engine and make it error-free.

Your resume photo should be very professional  

It's a basic step and most of the candidates keep their photo on the resume. Yes, it plays an important role, factor in your resume; it means your simple kind of photo can give some short overview of your profile. On in entry or fresher level, candidates are don't aware which kind of their photo they have to keep and they miss. However, some of the organization while entry-level of interview photo is compulsory, even they are providing their personal information from where it needs to stick your photo over there.

Even we need to keep small space at the top of our resume for photo stick, It means, your photo should be professional, a little bit smile and in a proper way and headshot similar. However, you can refer to the LinkedIn profile where you will get the Ideas for the same even majorly people are using their professional social account and uploading their resume as well. I would tell you always judge on their ability work and the job based on their skill, work history, and education basis not any kind of nice smile in your photo. Now a day’s technology is too fast as if any company hiring you for any particular position then they can easily found out your photo if you are active on professional social account or if you have uploaded your personal photo their then or if you have additionally mentioned the detail of social account like LinkedIn or Google etc in your resume then.

Avoid mismatch between the positions in your resume 

If we talk on this, its somewhere real many candidates are unable to find out their skills and they make the mistake of being open-ended and confused about what they want or career prospects. However, due to any reason or hurry desperation to get a job, most of to do the first option comes in front close to their skills or qualification they grab that opportunity. It means if your Resume education, skills, professionalism is telling something and you are trying for a different position then there is a too chance mismatch of profile.  So before you start looking job, be clear about the type of company you are seeking for but more important is off about your profile and the role in that company. Recruiters mostly hired people with specific expertise, experience and skill set. However, we would tell you if your resume clearly tells what your specialization is and what you are interested in, then there is a high chance of your being picked out for the role and desired position. Focusing on a close perfect match between your qualification, specialization and job requirement will not only quick your job search but also lead to greater feel better later on a long career. If we conclude the totally like skills is a mismatch that imbalances create between skills offered and skills in the world of work. Somewhere you also feel and compromise with your specialization due to any of reason, or end of some year we realize for wrong decision mismatch profile. Here, you people have to take it in serious mode, because everything depends on your right decision.

Avoid the long paragraphs in your Resume 

Most recruiters and HR experts nowadays focusing on Resume content and emphasizing key accomplishments, they are only interested in a short paragraph, clean and important skills which you mentioned in your resume. Most of us think as longer Resume page, there are more benefits for them and the recruiter will be impressed hence the reason they keep the 3-4 number in their resume. Almost, 3-pages long resume never okay, because a 3-page resume will annoy a hiring person and probably the resume will have your resume sent to the rejection pile. Also, I would tell you long page number resume somewhere too danger. Yes, we agree if you are having too many years of experience then might have your resume size will get increase according to your portfolio but for that purpose, you have to use a cover letter in your resume. Like, the cover letter is the way to represent your complete information very sophisticated way on your resume. As cover letter describes your introduction along with your complete previous education details and gives information about your current working employer details and experience achievements. Also, explain why you are uniquely qualified for the role. because somewhere recruiter is to hurry and they don't have time to go through your entire resume, so that time cover letter is the way, we can provide them short summarization of our resume in very few paragraphs. While preparing our resume first we should have to tighten work history and we have to remove unnecessary content into your email only your focus on accomplishments. We always try to add maximize our previous work experience with too much information but in between, we forget the thing avoid irreverent information from our resume.  Somewhere at the only time, your longer 3 pages resume acceptable when your field having requirement researches and other additional work with the projects. 

Misleading Information in resume will keep you trouble

Let's have talked on this, first of all, why should we have to keep such misleading information in a resume. Like, if you people will keep some mislead details in the resume then you could not concentrate on your interview. Suppose, if an interviewer asked about that details that you do not have experience or you have not done in your past, probably you will be in trouble and you would not give the answer to that person on that much of confidence. The recruiter can easily identify your confidence and judging you on a very smoother mode. Might be you people are doing false information in your resume, due to you want to prove your skills showing information or might be increment you look for more. But, we should to aware you will be completely judged on the basis of the performance interview process, confidence level how much you are having. you people always be honest towards your resume and confidence in yourself because misleading information will not keep you ahead but due to that thing, you will in completely troublesome situations or you people will lose the perfect position and dream career yourself.


Now, we come to the conclusion, every job seeker always makes their resume very heart of level or they make a perfect resume as good but some of the how-to reject in basic screening profile of a piece of resume. So, we always need to take care for resume and what information we putting along with basic etiquette for resume information, what are relevant or irrelevant details even take care of your correct personal information, avoid wrong date error, your perfect profile details should be in your resume.

Hope all with this information helps you to avoid the rejection of your resume that makes you the close level of your career or Resume is your first stage of grab job opportunity   If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below!

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