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Resume for Internship Sample Tips and more

Resume for Internship Sample Tips and More

Let's have talked in this article about an internship, an internship is the first step to get judge yourself fit for a career path, wherein some of us takes an internship on very serious and some not. because whatever we have learned in our entire education stream that is we need to put education knowledge into our internship learning or doing work. We would like to tell as an internship is On-job training and off-job training for graduates in other an official program offered by an employer to a potential employee. An internship is a phase of work experience offered by a manager for a partial period of time. Internships are most convenient with undergraduates or divide up students who work between one to four months and have a goal to gain realistic work or study-related work. For an internship, the HR of the company hires students from high school, college and university students and also a postgraduate student.

What is an Internship?

The student can hire as per their basic knowledge and skills. The student who hires for an internship is called as interns. If the intern has that capability and at the time of internship the intern performs well then the company can also offer a full employment letter to those interns and can hire as an employee of the company. The advantage of bringing an intern into full-time service is that they are already known with the company, their place and they typically require little to no training.

There are various types of internships which are as follows.

The internship is existing in a variety of industries and settings. An internship can be salaried, not paid or partially paid.  A time period of internship is depended upon an organizational involvement.

  • Paid Internship is common in the professional field including agriculture, medicine, law science, and advertising. This type of internship helps to grow the knowledge of interns.
  • Unpaid Internship is a non- profit internship for an intern. Through an unpaid internship, the intern only gains knowledge and learn various things in a field in which they want their career.
  • A partially paid internship is a type of internship in which interns can pay in the form of a stipend. A stipend is a fixed amount of money that can pay on a regular basis.

How to make a great internship resume?

You are a fresher?? Don’t worry… Learn how to write an internship resume with writing tips and samples…. Or save time by using a quick resume builder. While writing your resume for an internship, you have to know that the company does not expect from you a serious professionals qualification details and your current qualifications are only expected to boost your academic and career goals. So, you have to mention all the skills you gained and show a willingness to gain more skills.

Useful points:-

  1. Firstly you have to write an objective statement at the beginning of a Cv as it sets the tone of the rest of the CV, but the following things should be taken care of
  • Avoid sugar-coated, vague, generic global objective statements. You know you don't mean it, the employers know even better
  • The objective should be very specific.
  1. The length of the resume is 1-2 pages, so always be prudent about the use of space and format wisely.
  1. Always follow the reverse chronological order while outlining educational qualifications, internships, work experiences, etc.
  1. Always mention the timeline and duration of the project along with a brief description.
  1. Achievements: - Was a cricket team captain in college, won a gold medal in a dance competition.
  1. Dot writes sentences which is unverifiable such as “I am hardworking, sincere, diligent, team player" let your achievements and experiences speak for you.
  1. Always avoid acronyms in CV as not everyone knows about that. Also avoid using "lakhs", "crore" etc because internationally people understand million, billion.

A resume making is important so How to make it for that different strategies are as follows.-

 Firstly ask a question to yourself why we make a resume?? Or how to make an internship resume?? Don’t think that this is a pattern or a format that when you are going for an interview you have to make a resume.

Firstly know that why a company or any industry wants a resume. The company that you are not a parent to do not have an existing company name that shows your identity or personality. Make your own resume and make sure that it is unique.

There are different ways to write resume format, one of Internship Resume Format is as follows:-

  1. Set one-inch margins on all four sides.
  2. Pick an 11 or 12pt resume font and stick to it.
  3. Create a proper resume header format for your contact details.
  4. Divide your resume into legible resume sections: Contact information, Resume summary, Work Experience, Education and Skills.
  5. Use bullet points to talk about past jobs.
  6. Be consistent with your resume formatting
  7. Use single or 1.15 line spacing.
  8. Add an extra space before and after each section heading.
  9. Make your resume up to 3 pages.
  10. Use photos on your resume

Basics of resume Internship

If you’re thinking of your job in your dream company, then you should avoid a basic mistake of your resume. When’s the last time you updated it? How will you set yourself different from other candidates? What basics of resume??

Just asking these questions can be exhausting, let the answer them alone. For that, you should know basic things which as follows:

  1. Only keep on 1-3 pages.
  2. Avoiding grammar mistakes.
  3. Watch your tenses.
  4. Need to avoid the first-person pronoun.
  5. Take care to send your resume in a PDF format.
  6. Ensure to make it is easy to read.
  7. Keep it consistent.
  8. Think about what makes you different
  9. Keep it simple
  10. Avoid spelling mistakes.

The objective for Internship resume

Your objective for the internship resume sets the tone of your entire resume. The resume objective is also set a platform for your career. Writing a resume statement is a smart way to capture the attention of the hiring manager. If you are looking to prepare a resume for an internship role in a company, then the objective statement is playing an important role in your career. The different skill has to put in a Training Internship Resume Objective. Self-motivated and diligent professional. Excellent time management abilities and always punctual.Need to know about Resume it always objective speaks about your resume. The internship can be done in various sectors, for example, accounting, Business administration, HR, finance, etc. The objective is different for every sector.

There are various sectors in which we can see different objectives which are as follows:

  1.  Accounting internship objectives -
  • Teach the student about the development of the company by using their valued skills such as teamwork, communication, and attention to detail.
  • Enhance and expand the student's knowledge of a particular area of accounting.
  • Picture the student to professional role models or mentors who will provide the student it holds in the early stages of the internship and presents an example of the behaviors expected in the intern's office.
  1. Business administration internship objectives -
  • Apply industry concepts and theories to actual-world judgment.
  • Boost ability in specific business disciplines; such as human resource management, operation management, marketing, accounting, statistics, economics, finance, and business law.
  • Developed and improve business skills in communication, technology, quantitative reasoning, and teamwork.
  • Monitor and contribute to company operations and decision -making.
  • Assemble professional role models and likely mentors who can provide leadership, advice, and support.
  • Expand the network of professional relationships and contacts.

A resume objective is your career goal. It's stating your desired job title or it can show where you have been and where you have to go in your career.

Here are some examples of resume intention –

  • Looking for a place where I can incorporate strategies to increase and expand presented customer sales, brand and product development, and media support.
  • To get a position that will allow me to use my strong managerial skills, award-winning learning background, and capability to work well with people.
  • To work in an organization that helps to explore and an environment to grow.
  • To gain a new skill and to employ my interpersonal skills to realize these goals.
  • There are different things which things an employer wants in a candidate at the time of hiring are as follows.
  • Employers want a candidate who has solid leadership, managerial, technical, and analytical skills. An internship can provide you with a tactical, hands-on operational understanding of how a business runs and a chance to show the
  • Skills that employers search for in job candidates.

After knowing how to write a resume, perusing some general internship resume samples and you should be ready to apply for a job.

Here are some samples of a resume as follows:


Name - xxxxxx

Address – xxxxxxxx

Email Id –

Career Objective

Looking for a career with a progressive association where I can develop my skills, knowledge, and understanding in

a demanding role that allows for progression and increases.

Education Details

July 2019 - completed degree name from University Name,

July 2017 – completed course name from school Name,


MS Office

C++ language

Excellent Presentation Skills

Willingness to learn

Team Work

Project Details

Name of company:  xxx

Project Title: xxxx


Duration: 180 Days

Extra-Curricular Activities

  • Played cricket at national level
  • Lead the college youth festival
  • Member of creativity team
  • Lead the college cricket team
  • Lead a case study group in college

Academic Achievement

  • Won 1st prize in xxxxxx.
  • A leader in a college event

Declaration: I hereby declare that the above mention details are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.

The purposes of an internship resume are as follows:

  • You wish for choosing an internship resume templates that will help you make a huge first thought, even previous to people create reading.
  • The major focus of the internship is on learn professional skills, abilities, and behavior trained in analysis and human services locale where the focus is on helping customers enlarge psychosocial, physical and social skills.
  • Students should be clever to display the following competencies at the end of the internship.
  1. Basic listening skills.
  2. Understand ethical and legal issues.
  3. Understanding of and ability to evaluate assessments and reports.
  4. Awareness of how interpersonal and interpersonal values and beliefs affect professional relationships.
  5. Encouragement skills that promote full client contact with social services.
  6. Understanding and ability to function in interdisciplinary teams.
  7. Assist in rehabilitation treatment planning.
  8. Locate and access community resources.
  9. Respond to supervision appropriately.

From a viewpoint, an internship provides a distinctive training practice intended to improve the professional development and functioning of the student.

Things to do before sending the Internship resume??

The resume has to be unique because it is an introduction to your personality. So you have to believe that the first impression matters a lot. You have to know that an employer has no knowledge of who you are or about your past employment so express yourself about your achievement and project in resume.

Probably the employer has to know you, they are also interested to know you as a person, so introduce yourself in that way.

Just know the things as follows -

  • Make your resume very easy to read and also avoid errors.
  • Make sure your resume highlighted your strengths.
  • Write it an appropriate structured.
  • The recruiter does not expect a lot of experience from you but it is not allowed you to write information which sends a bad message to the recruiter.


With all the above contents, you should be well on your way to get your dream internship, without any hesitation without any confusion and believe in yourself.

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