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Top 10 Receptionist Skills to Put on Resume

Top 10 Receptionist Skills to Put on Resume

In this article, we will discuss the receptionist skills and qualities that employers are looking for nowadays. If you are looking for a job as a receptionist you ought to mention following receptionist skills on your resume. The receptionists have a lot of responsibility, and they responsible for the reputation of the organization. Due to this reason, employers are so keen to find receptionists. Every receptionist ought to think about skills.

Most employers nowadays conduct many types of rounds for receptionists, like skills tests, aptitude, logical reasoning rounds, etc to screening various skills of candidates before hiring.

Our Resume should be very well-written because it highlights own skills, the knowledge that has in yourself in front of the employer. Always need to put soft skills and hard skills because it shows your skills in which interviewers are looking into candidate profiles. It will help the interviewer to know that you will perform very well in a receptionist role.

  1.  Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills

In every filed, communication skills play a very important role, however in this also, the receptionist is the first person who does the welcome of visitors/guest and they are responsible to build the first impression for the company.   For any kind of service, communication is the key to responsibility, like if you are taking phone calls doing conversation over the email as a receptionist in this we should have advanced communication skills. So it will show our confidence level and will add the additional value in our resume. We should very sharp while in listening abilities.

We ought to make our resume clean and free from grammar mistakes with well written so it will help the interviewer to know that you are perfect in your role as a receptionist, greeting visitors and connecting callers.

  1. Able to do multitasking

If we talk, multitasking work will show your capability, because handling various tasks at a time is the responsibility of the receptionist. If we want to become great receptionist then ought to able handle a various task like as need to take care reception area, to handle daily visitor and contact face to face client’s discussion, employees and in some critical situation as well as need scheduling employer projects, etc. You can add something new in your resume multitasking work if we have experience according to your previous job.

  1.  You should be very professionalism

 In every field the professionalism plays a very major role, in the receptionist role, the interviewer has some expectations from candidates such they judge your attitude and style work as per the type of the industry within which the organization is working. Professionalism helps the ability to connect with clients and delivering your message with confidence. We could keep qualities like responsibility, reliability punctuality in resume. It will indicate your professionalism.

  1.  Problem-solving ability is must-have

As a receptionist, we must have the ability to solve problems during special projects. Also, we can tell experience as per our previous job where we have done some problem-solving skills or done any analysis on the problem. We can highlight the points in the resume related to work problem-solving.

  1. Technical abilities should very strong

The interviewer could judge you on the basis of your technical skills that you have, because the position you are applying wherein might need of technical receptionist so you should familiar with systems, printers, and application and some back database file, etc. As a receptionist, you should strong in operating systems friendly, word, word press, PowerPoint, etc. somewhere some technical devices not work properly so that time you need to use your technical skills and new thing that helps at the time of some troubleshoot steps.

  1. Must be able to prioritize various duties

In this, receptionists are often given various tasks at a time, so we ought to have skills to operate various tasks. We should always ready to take decisions which is work first priorities. In resume, we can mention the details about how you prioritize multiple tasks and projects. You can highlight skills such as strong project management skills, time management skills, and ability to work independently which can attract the interviewer in a very positive way.

  1. Memory skills should very strong

If we are looking receptionist profile, then our ought good and sharp in memory because it shows the quality of a good receptionist. Receptionists always keep records for all the in-progress projects working, their completion timeline and organization keep every work should complete as per deadline only. Hence we need to clever with our memory. If you not much good at memory skills you can keep reminder notes for fresh notebook pen and paper or note pad etc.  Writing key details will also help you to stick to the information in your mind and relatively you can perform various tasks.

  1. Adaptability and collaboration

An adaptability and collaboration skills which a receptionist should possess. If we are looking for a receptionist’s job, then we ought adaptability skills because the changes are going to occur at every level and receptionists should be able to easily manage in different environments in order to work in new situations. If you want to develop adaptability skills try to observe changes in the work environment, try to learn and adopt these changes.

However, collaboration is also an important skill because while performing the role of a receptionist you are going to cooperate with the employees as well as clients of the company.

In our resume, we can mention the ability to collaborate with a coworker by giving an example that how you get along with others and work with them.

  1. Must have dependability

Let’s have a talk on dependability skills. Dependability refers to the reliability of a person. If we are looking for a job as a receptionist we should adopt dependability skills. A dependable receptionist not only comes to work on time but posses the ability to do consistent work and is able to manage each task and assignment. Dependability also performs an important role if you are working with outside clients. However, we can keep and highlight the ability to perform tasks on time in the resume, which will help the employer.

  1. Must possess organizational skills

In this, we will discuss the organizational skills that we need to adopt. The receptionist is expected to maintain filing databases and keeping records as the reception department is considered as an important area of work for any organization. In your resume, you can highlight the work doing for the previous organization that will assess you have implemented in your previous job.


Let’s come to the conclusion, as we have discussed the top 10 receptionist skills which are important to adopt if you are looking for a job as a receptionist. We have given the examples of skills and qualities that receptionist must possess and how we can showcase these skills in the resume. If we failed to mention skills and qualities that we have, we may fail to impress an interviewer so we need to keep in mind that there should not be any hollow description in the resume and make sure you will highlight the skills and qualities that you have. In this article, discussion skills will help so that your resume becomes more meaningful and effective in front of the employer.

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