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What to Put on Resume If No Experience Samples

What to Put on Resume If No Experience – Samples

After graduation, every student is eligible for the job and they start searching for the job. Most of the students start preparing for the interview and start making their CV's. The thing we all see is that everyone’s way of thinking is very different from each other. Also, most of the students are going to pursue Higher education but after higher education, they start searching for the job. Also, most of the students are going to pursue higher education but after higher education also they are started searching for the job.

How to structure resume with no experience

If you are a fresher and you are going to apply for a job and you don't know how to make a CV in the right format then you should follow this pattern it is the right format for fresher. Here are the important following sections that should be there in your CV to give all the important details to the recruiter.

  • Your career objective statement should be very strong – Your career objective is the timeline of your resume it gives the first impression to you in the front of recruiter you have to you try to make your career objective very attractive because it is the first line withdrawal by a recruiter and if it is very attractive then and he will have the curiosity to read the CV further.
  • Your qualifications have a value in your CV- As we know that for applying for a job today the qualification is compulsory means a lot for you and for the company. As per compare to experience if you are qualified then you should have to show your qualification in such way, where recruiter should confident about you and you should show as you want to make start your career on very fresher enter level with and you want to achieve your career goal along with. So if you are applying as a fresher then you have to put all the qualifications which you have taken and all the details regarding it in your CV because it is the important section by which you got selected if you have a good qualification then and you can get easily selected a recruiter for the company.
  • If No Experience, then what to write - In this section, you have to mention all your internships in the vocational training you have at the time of pursuing graduation because if you did not mention is the recruiter will consider you as a fresher it means he thinks that you are not having any type of working experience for the applied experience of the completed graduation. It will create a positive impact towards recruiter and it will show that you have the capability to apply all the basic information where you are a little aware of the way of culture working of the company.
  • Achievements should be in your CV - In the achievement section you should put all achievements that you had at the time of pursuing graduation if you are prize any quiz competition then you should show in your achievements action and if you got any e position for the medal or toffee in college for sports then you should mention this in your CV because this will create a good impact in a positive manner it will show that how active you are in other curricular activities.
  • Personal Details - In this section, you should describe all the important or the personal details of yours that the recruiter should know and you have to mention your contact number that how he can reach you if they have to contact you for any information.

List of things to put on resume if no experience

Here are the important and the following points you should try to mention in your CV at the time of making it -

  • Summary statement – In your resume, the summary statement is also known as a career objective in most of the series you have to mention your vision about your goals and you can also mention here all the important creativity you want to working.
  • Your resume format should be good - It is a very important factor at the time of interview as if your resume is not much well then might have you out that interview. So, I need to take care of it always try to choose the correct format for making the CV. Also, the recruiter can easily identify you like before making CV you have not researched for it
  • Pay attention to the skills - According to the point just pay attention to your skill is the important factor which matters a lot at the time of making CV because skills only every recruiter can hire you. Having good skills so, you should focus on the skill need to keep in your resume.
  • Put your achievements and activities - Whenever the recruiter hiring any of the candidates for the job then he is also taking a look at the achievement and the activities because every company wants a candidate who to you should be fit from mentally as well as physically.  So, when you write the types of achievement whether it is related to the studies or related to sports both studies and sports create a good impact on your CV.
  • Highlight your Internship work - While applying for a job as a fresher candidate you should try to put all your internships and the vocational training and other skills you have done at the time of your graduation in the experience action or in a skill section. When you are putting all these skills and internship experience in the experience of skill section, so that time it plays a very important role.

Summary for resume with no experience examples

Here are the things which should be put on the summary when you have no experience:-

  • Professional summary
  • Keyskills
  • Education and achievements
  • Volunteer and the leadership work
  • Vocational training and certification

Sample of resume with no experience

  • I completed graduation with good academic and have achieved many national awards in a quiz and I want to make my career in engineering
  • Good in accounting seeking a job in the accounts department want to make my career in this. I have done 6 months internship at ABC Company.
  • Played two-time National level sports and got 2nd and 3rd prize at the National level in volleyball looking for my career in sports.
  • Diploma in photography with a good portfolio I have completed an internship in XYZ form and to private assignments also I have done at the time of pursuing my graduation looking for my career in photography seeking for the job.


In this article, we have come to the conclusion that what to put in CV how to make a CV if you are not having any experience. I have also covered the important factor and the important actions to be mentioned in a CV. The time you are making CV whether you are fresher or experience I have also put little experience strategy in the name of internships and I have also covered some sample resume when you have no experience or you have worked as a student. So these points will make a good impact on the front or recruiter. This is matters a lot because after college you are on a new journey. In this, you will create new things to make mistakes experience different factors that you have learned at the time of presuming the graduation. So the cv is the first step toward any of the jobs.

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