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Generally, college students don’t have formal employment experience. Moreover, most academic institutions do not educate students about the best practices for writing resumes for their first jobs or for higher education purposes. Most often, students only learn about how to write winning professional resumes once they have entered their professional careers. However it is important to have impressive entry-level resumes too to ensure that college students enter the job market to gain relevant experience that will then feature in their professional resume.

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We understand that as a high-school student you probably still work through a month by relying on your pocket-money or monthly budget allocated from home. Some of you may even be looking for your first part-time jobs or day-jobs to try and make a few extra bucks every now and then.

In such a scenario how does a 50% discount on getting a premium resume made sound to you? If you’re about to start looking for your first job ever, then start exploring our premium collection of college student resume templates and get an advantage over your competitors.

Great fresher resume templates

    Great fresher resume templates

    • The education, accomplishments, and references sections are the main components contained in a fresher resume

    • An excellent cover letter accompanying your resume can set the right context to your interview even before you are called for one.

    • College student level resumes are intended for students without any formal work experience.

    • Students looking to take advanced courses or part time jobs can benefit from a good resume.

    Get an edge over others

    • Education qualifications are the most looked at section in a resume and this your beginning.

    • A college student resume is the foundation for a professional work resume. It is how you can building up your future possibilities in your preferred field.

    • Everything counts as an experience, college projects, field work, college community work and similar

    • Our College student resume templates are short and sweet and super easy to customise. So add all your experience.

Get an edge over others
Highlight your extra-curricular activities

    Highlight your extra-curricular activities

    • Sample resume templates and cover letter samples are tailored to land you a great internship.

    • Our college student cv templates come with polished language suggestions to help you make the right impression.

    • Utilizing the right phrasings and playing up your applicable experience, you can really make a brand out of yourself.

    • Try all the free resume templates available till you have mastered one that is up to your standards.

    Showcase your personal strenghts

    • Add photographs, infographics, icons and more along with a thorough spell check.

    • Our professional resume templates are Applicant Tracking System friendly (and won’t be rejected by HR software), giving you a competitive edge.

    • Instantly download your completed resumes in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

    • Send and track your job applications within our resume builder to keep your job hunt organized.

Showcase your personal strenghts

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