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Decision Making skills

                                                           Decision Making Skills

The heading of this article clearly indicates that here we are going to talk about Decision Making skills.

Before starting this topic, could you please tell me what Decision Making is?

This is not a big concern. I will tell you! In very simple words, as Decision making is somewhere correlated with problem-solving. There is a rough correlation between Decision making and problem-solving skills and the most significant element of the problem-solving method is you may practice with various modes of alternatives and possible choices.

Let’s begin!

 Why is decision making skills important?

In simple words, Decision making is the process of deciding about something important factors at the workplace or anywhere in life. Decision making is the process of making decisions by finding a decision, collecting appropriate information, come to the final conclusion, and assessing alternative solutions. 

In order to make any kind of work successful, decision making is important. It is important to accomplish the organizational goals, objectives, and aims within a given period, and more. 

 What are some healthy decision-making skills?

I know you all have ideas about decision-making skills. But you know, it is very important to make use of those decision-making skills in our professional life to become a successful person.

So here I have mentioned the list of some healthy decision-making skills. Below are decisions making skills in management that you can refer it for your resume.

        Time Management

Organizational skills

Management skills

         Problem- Solving


Target Oriented   

        Creativity skills

Leadership skills

Final work Decision


Reasoning skills


        Task Initiator

Effective Communication

Conflict -Handling


Project Skills

Planning skills


What are the 7 steps of decision making?

Everyone knows that to complete any work successfully, we follow some steps. I have an idea that if you are looking for how to improve decision-making skills in the workplace. You, just go through the following below points, so you will get an idea of the seven significant steps of decision making:

Step 1: First and important step is identify the Decision to be taken. If feasible, it is always better for you to identify the problem along with the decision that you need to make in order to move forward to the next step. And it will help to give you the origin of the problem occurs.

Step 2: In step two, you need to define the nature of the problem and collect all the relevant information on decision work activity.

Step 3: At the workplace please bring out possible solutions:  here you need to hold up to judge the substitutes at first. And after it involves all included factors in the creation of options. Keep thought clear and set up short- and long-term options. We need to keep our mindset stable during decision-making.

Step 4: Always, check out and decide the alternatives solutions. Here, the categorization probably gives alternatives proportional to a plan specification to well-established goals and all alternatives without incompletely. In short, explain the chosen option especially.

Step 5: The next step is to find an alternative path. I will suggest to you, here you should make a list of the possible alternatives. This will help you to select the alternative that is best convenient for your necessities.

Step 6: Applying means implementing it. It is very important to take some affirmative action without any delay to implement the alternative you chose. And you should remember it.

Step 7: Last and final step is doing an analysis of your decision & its results. So follow up on the results. Bring together observations and explore and look for acknowledgment or general agreement by every those distressed organized continuous institutive action and observe.

What factors influence decision making?

And finally, here we are going to discuss the factors that influence decision making. I know you are thinking about how to develop decision-making skills, but there are some factors that influence decision making. Below are those factors

  • Usually, the first thing at the time of making a decision, what happens in your mind? We are all aware that at the time of taking any decision lots of thoughts come into our mind which influences the decision-making process.
  • Choosing or accepting the defaulting alternative influences decision making. We know that we all get confused when we get offered too many options or you can say choices, we become speechless; we unable to make a decision. At that time we simply select something to get the process complete or to do with.
  • The important thing, do you know the time of day affects our decision-making process? According to some studies, we always make more decisions in the morning. So simply what I want to say is day time also plays a vital role in the process of decision making.
  • We know that we make all our decisions in daily life or in professional life also with the help of our brains. Therefore our brain has an influence on the decision-making process.
  • Taking poorer quality decisions more than one time also influences our decision-making process. We all know that The more decisions we make, it leads us to think what's more given to our decisions or decide lower-risk, secure alternatives only to stay away from the making efforts of choosing a difficult decision.
  • Next is making better decisions in a language. According to the search, our professional language decision-making found that planning effects do not work the same way when we make use of a dissimilar language to plan a situation.


At the end of this article, I would like to say: Everyone should have some specific skills in order to make your career successful. Having Decision-Making skills are beneficial for your Resume and future as well. So it is important for you to improve your skills. To know more you can take references for types of decision-making skills


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