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5 Expert Tips to Fit Resume on One Page

 5 Expert Tips to Fit Resume on One Page


It can be difficult to create a document that fits everything you need on one page. Whether you're writing a business proposal, a resume, or an assignment for school, it's important to be precise and clear. These five professional suggestions can help you reduce everything to one page without losing any important details.

You are aware that a resume should be one page at maximum. However, it could seem as though everything on the two pages that are in front of you is too significant to remove. Now let's talk clearly. Usually, people who can justify a two-page resume don't need to read articles such as this one. You're likely searching for an internship or an entry-level job. If that's the case, one page will be more than sufficient.

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Modify the resume's formatting

For best readability, your resume's design and content should always complement one another. Don't rely just on the default settings of your editing program. These easy tips will help you recover a lot of the page's space. The default size of page margins in most text editors is very large. Making things a little smaller is always a good idea. Just because the 12-point font size was required for your college essays doesn't mean you have to use it. Using a slightly smaller font is acceptable as long as you don't go far. Note that the minimum acceptable size is 11 points. For headlines, use colored and bold text rather than larger font sizes. Line spacing should be adjusted. Bullets should be single-spaced, however, sections should be spaced more widely apart. In this manner, you'll gain some room and maintain your resume's readability.

Not all information needs to have its line

Your resume may include multiple lines devoted to material that may have been combined if it is very lengthy. Combine all of your contact details. Simply put your email ID, followed by further contact information in the same fashion, in place of the email address. You may put all of your contact details on one line in this manner. Create lines with several uses. Try to identify chances to cluster related content within each part. For instance, place the name of the company, the title of each position, and the period on the same line in your subheadings. Additionally, be sure to confuse your bullet points by combining similar types of achievement.

Use a layout with columns

Using columns will help you save a lot of space in places when your bullet points don't take up a whole line. Observe that the majority of visually attractive resume templates are built on columns. The best thing about using columns is that they let you organize your resume both horizontally and vertically. They will not only help you reduce your resume to one page, but by making it easier to read, they will also raise your chances of being invited for an interview.

Remove any repetitions in the work descriptions

You've likely held a few similar positions with comparable duties over your career. You're wasting valuable space on your resume if you repeatedly show these responsibilities. The job titles alone frequently provide enough information about the tasks. Rather than listing all of these, provide an employer a summary of your most important accomplishments from prior positions; these are more likely to be specific to each employment. By doing this, you'll not only free up some space on your resume but also increase its impact.

Provide only the relevant details

You should refocus if you believe that every entry on your resume is relevant. If, after doing everything mentioned above, you still can't get your resume to fit on one page, you'll need to make some cuts. Including your high school graduation on a resume is not worth the effort. Experience gained at work a decade ago is barely useful today. If there is no obvious connection between the field of interest and a desired job, delete it. Remove the summary from your resume, if possible. Without to say, references that are available upon request need to be removed. Get rid of your soft talents; your successes should speak for themselves. A resume shouldn't include a photo of the candidate.


Above all, though, thoroughly review the desired job description and make a list of the most critical competencies it calls for. Return to your long resume now, and remove any irrelevant information. Making a resume about a target company's needs rather than about you is the goal. You may efficiently fit all of your relevant information on one page without compromising readability or clarity by following these easy guidelines.


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