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Quality Assurance Resume - Best Skills and Examples

Do you know? Your resume plays a big role for you to get a good job and succeed in that profession.

When a product-based company makes its product, it also ensures that the quality of its product remains intact and a quality assurance person gives their final touch when they hand the product over to a customer and keep their special focus on quality.

If we talk about the software technology sector, a quality assurance person plays an important role in it, and the software testing profile is also called the quality assurance profile.

Quality assurance is a very important job in the current market. There are several things that you should know and before making QA Resume documents. This article will help you with QA (Quality Assurance) profile job resume and provide career advice for you.

If you are really looking for a job in this field, then you should have sufficient knowledge work of quality assurance; you should write skill quality tools or testing phases, etc. on your resume. Here, we will help you improve your job profile, and provide you with insights into career development.

With the help of this article, you will know the details, how to write a quality assurance skills resume, and the quality assurance skills we need to write on a resume.

Also, you'll learn here how you people can work as quality assurance and quality control professionally or qa skills.

So let's move on to more exciting information.

Why to List quality assurance skills on your resume 

With the help of a quality skills list on your resume, your chance of CV getting shortlist increases. You can assure the employer that you are a suitable candidate for a quality assurance profile.

The skill list of quality assurance can vary by sector and it depends on which field you are interested in, such as if you are from the engineering field then you need to write qa engineer skills.

For any type of employment profile, you have to be smart in a personal way, and also for your resume skills section. On our resume, this is a fundamental work for everyone; we need to list all approaches regarding quality assurance according to the job description profile.

Let's look at different skills list for quality assurance.

Quality Assurance Skills to Put on Resume

There are many approaches to make your resume for quality assurance and many skills that you can put into a quality assurance resume. The following are the additional most important skills you can use on your resume,

Technical skills for quality assurance –

Your technical skills help with many important tasks, and when you show it on your resume it boosts your confidence, and it gives you a valuable, complex personal look for employers.

Most of the time, job seekers start doing things without understanding the technical skills for the quality assurance manager resume so, and all job seekers face difficulties for shortlisting of resumes.

For example, you should remember if you are software quality assurance, then your technical skill ought to show your ability to know the various technical tools skills on a quality assurance resume. In simple form, you should be familiar with all the specialized abilities which are required for quality assurance.

Before writing technical skills you should know some important things to list technical skills, you can refer below for your resume,

  • Situational skills,

  • Programming language skills,

  • Machine language skills,

  • Data Analytics skills,

  • Testing phases skills,

  • Product management skills,

Communication skills for quality assurance – 

If your communication method is good enough, then you have positive points for your resume. These skills play a very important role in the QA profile so you need to be keeping yourself in presentation skills.

As in our routine, communication is essential. In the same way, verbal and written communication in your workplace is most important for the QA job profile role. So, you should always try to make your communication skills strong and very efficient.

Quality assurance always attends the presentation and writes the test cases. Also, sends various reports to the client and a manager also. Hence the written language plays a vital role in perfect match quality assurance candidates.

You may write the communication skills for your resume for an example,

  • Written and Verbal skills,

  • Presenting skills,

  • Negotiable skills,

  • Active listening skills,

  • Listening skills

Time management skills for quality assurance –

Always show your management skills, in a qa resume that tells about your proficient workplace culture. Quality assurance involves a lot of modules as well as work on reporting, and if your time management skills are not good, you may fail in your management skills.

A QA has to finish all the work within a deadline, for this they have to become the organizer and you have to execute a plan to finish the work. Here, you should manage your time according to the development team.

For example, the time management skills lists are as follows –

  • Goal meeting skills,

  • Scheduling work skills,

  • Multitasking work skills,

  • Organization work skills,

  • Priority work skills,

Programming skills for quality assurance –

A Programming skills help indicate your hard skills. Also, it shows the facts of your skills, how you are in good at solving a problem-solving, as well as indicating your perseverance.

If you are applying for a QA profile in core software files then you should strong in the below skills,

  • Programming skills,

  • Testing tool skills,

  • Manual testing skills,

  • Automation testing skills,

  • Selenium tool skills,

  • Database skills,

If you are applying for a web technology QA profile then the skills areas,

  • Designing skills,

  • Automation skills,

  • UI testing skills,

  • Core language skills,

Automation testing skills –

We know that now technology is moving forward, and previous phases the most of company were using the manual testing concept now the employer focus on automation quality assurance candidate profile.

Automation testing is used to test the cases and control the flow of product activity and it ensures that the final outcome should come correct. 

It is an exceptionally effective and significant thing that makes it simple to test the module. Nowadays, In Quality Assurance who is familiar with automation tools first, they get priority for jobs. You should have the knowledge, and awareness of the functions of how automation software tester tools work skills and other things.

Automation tools names are - Selenium, Cucumber, Appium, UFT and HPE, etc.

Software testing skills –

For the quality assurance profile, there are many testing stages available; the software development life cycle is the most important phase of quality assurance. In the software for a quality assurance profile, you should know the software development tester phrases skills such as,

  • Test planning skills,

  • Test execution skills, 

  • Sequence process skills,

  • Design skills,

  • Development skills, 

Show your Analytical skills –

For quality assurance, analytical skills give the ability to reconstruct the information in various ways. QA needs to be good effective in such skills. Analytical skills always give the right or successful meeting test case for tester or quality assurance. These skills help you to become a successful tester.

For example the analytical skills are as follows,

  • Critical thinking skills,

  • Problem-solving skills,

  • Root cause skills,

 How to List Quality Assurance Skills on Resume

Please find below Example to list of skills of Quality Assurance Resume. 


Rohan Siha

345, LAN No – 01, Opp. Park, IN0123

Phone Nu- 012345


Profile Summary – 

Quality Assurance (QA) with two years of work experience, an expert in analyzing, planning work skills, and more good quality work in testing tools in software projects.

Career Objectives –

Searching for a position in the Quality Assurance (QA) of a company where I can get a chance to apply my knowledge in the field of software technologies, which provides me with an opportunity for growth in my career and also contribute to the growth of the organization

Specialization Qualification -

  • High School  – Science(2010-2011)

  • Software Engineering  (2011-2014)

Work Experience –

Quality Assurance Analyst  

North City Phase II


Roles & Responsibilities –

  • Analysis of Stability samples.

  • Analysis of raw materials.

  • Achieve Quality targets, Supplier development.

  • Calibrate all the above instruments & prepare solutions and reagents for laboratory analysis.

  • Cleaning Validation, Process Validation, and Water Validation.

  • Daily water analysis.

  • Developing and driving continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Having responsibilities of implementation of Quality assurance systems, day to day interaction for QA, QC functions, customer complaint handling system, Customer audit, QA Audits, ISO Audits.

  • Maintaining the company s SOP system.

Quality Assurance skills

  • Hard Skills

  • Problem-Solving skills

  • Decision Making skills

  • Analytic skills

  • Leadership skills

  • Programming skills

  •  Written skills

  • Communication skills


Here, there are some suggestions for making and listing the skills for a quality assurance resume and the major points we need to focus on –

  • Before listing the quality assurance skills on the resume, we need to read the job description twice to get a better understanding of the job application.

  • List the skills as per the requirement of the employer and use the related resume keywords.

  • For quality assurance profile, write the testing covering meeting, and service level agreement quality work skills.

  • List the skills, which you have practical work on the quality assurance profile. Write it on very precisely so that employer has a look at your resume.

  • Show the list how you were used your strong written and technical skills on the project.

  • On your resume, you need to show the quality objectives and the quality management system skills.

  • Show skills, as you are highly organized about testing information and comprehension testing application Ideas, etc.

  • List skills as how you were proficient towards software execution,

  • Show your quality assurance skills, how you specialize in quality control, and risk management compliances.

  • List the usability and accessibility test case skills details on your resume

Additionally, in the digital era, employers primarily use online job portal applications, and they use technical keywords to find job seekers' CVs in their job portals. Therefore, on your resume, use the appropriate technical keywords related to your quality assurance profile based on the job description.


From this article, we have concluded that this article will help you to build your resume for quality assurance skills and help with an attractive resume of quality assurance. 

Whether you are a fresher or an experienced candidate, this article will guide you through quality assurance resume tips skills, sample resume examples. This article will help make your QA resume an attractive way for a job interview. From this, it can be estimated what are the important skills that you can add to your resume. This will help in shortlisting your resume easily among all resumes.


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