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Top 25 Business Analyst Interview Questions and Answers

Are you thinking about starting your career in the Business Analyst profile in 2020? So you are thinking right. If I talk about it, Business analysts are required inside a business and they assist the organization in decreasing task costs. A Business Analyst (BA) works in different types of departments and their work is associated with that department.

If you are working in the Information Technology department then your BA's profile responsibilities work would differ from other sections of the corporate department, where your work will be client co-ordination, determine project requirements, data analytics, and keeping reports, etc.

A business analyst is a very effective way to deal smartly with current business challenges and easy to come out from the competition. In this article, you would get the details about business analyst interview questions and answers for the banking domain as well as business analyst behavioral interview questions. If you are a fresher then you must know entry-level business analyst interview questions. You should also know to answer business analyst questions to ask during an interview             

  1. Please introduce yourself?

This is the essential basic question that will be asked by every employer, will ask you to give a short presentation about yourself. So here, you have to tell brief about yourself according to the job profile and also mention the relevant skills significant with the job.

Important point while giving an introduction about your personal profile you should follow the pre-define requests as a professional interview. Please tell brief about your achievements, hobbies, interest area, and extracurricular, etc.

Please note the answer to this question is dependent on you.

  1.  According to you, who do you consider a Business Analyst?

Sample Answer - You can say that a Business Analyst (BA's) is a person who is midway between the various tasks of an association, which is helpful for analyzing data reports, developing solutions, handling various individuals in a corporate office.

  1.  Please enroll a portion of the key skills required for the business analyst profile?

Sample Answer - You can say that as there are many skills are for business analysts, but the technical and soft skills, for business analysts able to solve any kind of problem during the task with a client or any project.  Being a business analyst we should possess analytical and decision-making skills as per the need for requirements.

As a business analyst, you require a portion of the key abilities to continue in that position which you should have.

  1.  Please confirm, if you get selected for this position which technical tool would you use for BA?

Sample Answer - If I am selected for this position I would use the technical tools which is I am familiar with the MS Office and SQL i.e. structured query language. And in more advanced technology languages I have knowledge about the python and object-oriented languages.

  1.  Kindly confirm, have you ever drawn a flowchart? Why it is important for the BA's profiles?

Sample Answer - Yes, I have used the flowcharts which help me to define the workflow in business profile, it also helps in the drawn flowchart on various occasions that represent the system through symbols and diagrams. I designed the flowchart with my project which is easy to understand with non-technical department people as well.

  1.  According to you please tell me what is the use of an activity diagram?

Sample Answer - The activity diagram concept is basically a flowchart to represent the streamflow from one activity to another activity. With the activity diagram, you can see all the exercises being directed across a different section of an association

  1.  As a business analyst which types of diagrams would you use in a work project?

 Sample Answer - At my project business analyst work, I have used the Use Case Diagram and Collaboration Diagram. It helps me in contextual investigations that are frequently utilized in exploratory examination during the project work assignments.

The above answer as just a sample answer, we have answered it according to our knowledge, but your answer may here change.

  1.  According to you how would you analyze the business environment?

Sample Answer - I would like to inform you as there are certain factors that we must aware of to analyze the business environment such as economic, and technological sound analysis, and the environment business toll is an examination of the catch-all term given to the orderly cycle by which ecological components in business style.

  1.  Please confirm, for what purpose is Gap Analysis used?

Sample Answer - With the help of such a tool and program you people easy to evaluate the difference in actual performance. It will help the organization to evaluate the performance and take necessary preventive action to measures the list for their respective organization.

In simple wording, this cause is to distinguish the holes between these two states and concoct an activity intended to close them.

  1.  Please tell me what do you mean by Project Life Cycle (PLC), in project work?

Sample Answer - According to my knowledge, the Project Life Cycle consists of significant process steps which are majorly used in project lifestyle work, and to tell about the project enhancement report from initial, planning, execution flow, and finish task work. It has a few stages remembered for it, for example, the need to think, screening the issue-based, and then situational scenario.

Here the research and development teams need to do research on the product. Finally, there will trial the item and in conclusion, there will be an investigation of the item. This above-mentioned total is known as Project Life Cycle (PLC).

  1.  How would you gather data in Business Analytics, please tell?

Sample Answer - As there is various way to gather the data are following - First, I would do the analysis and hold a meeting of the various individuals to get Ideas for the respective project work requirements.

Also, will do more analysis documents work for gathering data, and the focuses team management team would help users to collect data about various departments of business strategies platforms. Another most important way to survey is the most effective, and efficient tool to gather data in business analytics which will help us in an extensive run.

  1.  Are you aware of the term Pareto Analysis, what it is?

Sample Answer – Yes, I am familiar with the term Pareto analysis which is also known as the 80/20 pattern rule. In management BA's profile, this proficiency tool is used to know the dynamic method that measurably isolates a set number of information factors as having the best effect on a result.

If I talk in another word specialty then in Pareto analysis, eighty %of the problems can be solved by focusing on twenty% of the problem, which automatically comes around the case of eighty % of the problem.

  1.  Can you tell me critical path analysis?

Sample Answer - In project work, it helps to evaluate a critical path i.e. the shortest and it is a very cost-effective way in order to complete a project. Suppose if our project is taking a too-long duration for completion.

In simple words, we can say that it helps to determine the shortest time possible to complete the project task along with client requirements.

  1.  Being a business analyst profile work, can you mention some of the software engineering processes?

Sample Answer - Here, you may describe some of the software engineering processes being a business analyst are as follows. The first major process of software engineering is to the collection of requirements about their project. The second step is analyzing the given data regarding the process. The third step is to design the life cycle process for software engineering.

  Later, the implementation is the next significant step for the success and failure of the product depends upon how properly the process has been implemented. At most, after implementing the process there will be testing of the process and if there is any deviation from the standard set then it is corrected. The final step is the deploying process which is implemented in the business environment.

  1.  Please elaborate types of an actor can be illustrated in a use-case, what are they?

Sample Answer - As if I talk about the answer on it there are types of an actor which would help to illustrate the use-case the first on being a primary goal and another second actor is who will assist the first goal actor. Here, an example term of its operating systems, hardware, and processor clock details.

  1.  What according to you are project deliverables, please tell?

Sample Answer - According to my, for example, it has its own task to define the statement of our project work, the scope of work statement, and the breakdown structure for the project. In short, we can define as it is the way service will make the client which is quantifiable completion of the project is known as project deliverables.

  1.  Please tell, have you ever occurred with scope creep?

Sample Answer - In our project, it happened and it's the answer is Yes; actually it happens due to unexpected changes in the project requirements without changing the input resources of the project work. However, we can say that scope creep can be caused due to improper communication and not take care of by the group of people project.

  1.  How will you differentiate between the pool and swim lane in the project plan?

Sample Answer - Here, we can differentiate the details as utilizing the illustration of paths in a pool; a swim lane chart gives clearness and responsibility towards the project plan work, easy to understand to users. On the other hand, the swim lane is related to a group of actors on an activity diagram.

  1.  How will you avoid scope creep, please tell?

           Sample Answer - As per knowledge, we can avoid scope creep by if there is an unexpected requirement change in the project then at that point, you can acknowledge the change required for the client and actualizing it.

           We can also take paperwork for the new requirements of an in-progress developed work to the client and take confirmation of them regarding activity work. With the help of such support, you can avoid scope creep by proper communication with the client product developed work.

  1.  Will you specify the difference between Business Analyst and Business Analysis?

Sample Answer - According to my knowledge, a business analyst is a profile in an organization whose task is to do the business analysis. Or in other simple words whoever performs the task of Business analysis is known as a Business analyst.

  1.  Can you tell me more about FMEA?

Sample Answer - First, I would like to say as FMEA stands for (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis). Actually, it is used to develop a new product we have to know where the system or product can fail. So failure mode and effects analysis detect at what point the failure of a system or product can occur. Due to FMEA, we can make a preventive move against the equivalent.

  1.  Please share your opinions, if the customer is frequently changing his requirements what will be your best plans?

Sample Answer - According to my wording first I would clear all requirements about the project from the initial step to end deliverable project work, or as per work management will do signed paperwork, and also clear requesting for the product service as well. After that, we would develop a project accordingly, and there could not be any sudden changes made to the project.

  1.  According to you, if you are performing a gap analysis what are the various gaps that can occur?

 Sample Answer - You may answer it - With the help of analysis of performing gape work, we need to distinguish the region to be broken down and recognize the objectives to be accomplished. In the management strategy, the hole investigation includes the correlation of real execution with potential or wanted execution.

  1.  What are your views on the agile model in the project?

Sample Answer - To answer this question you may say as the agile model is flexible in nature with comparison to other models. The primary aim of the agile model is to full-fill the customer project requirements. In the agile model, testing can be done in each and every project work phase and which is advantageous compared to other models' work as well.

  1.  Why according to you are benchmarking necessary, please tell?

 Sample Answer - According to my, I would like to answer it, the benchmarking gives us an idea about your company’s performance to contrast and the contender's details which are leading in a similar area that has set their norms into the market.


 From this article, we have concluded that it would help you through the various agile business analyst interview questions and answers. With the help of this article, you will get an idea about 100s of questions to crack business analyst interview.

We have also provided some tips and guidance for business analyst interview preparation. You can go through the above topic and crack the interview successfully.


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