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Advantages and Disadvantages of Telephone Interview You must Know

Advantages and Disadvantages of Telephone Interview  You must Know

In this article, we will discuss some tips about how to deal effectively with a telephone interview. Employers usually conduct telephonic interviews to shortlist the best candidates whom they would like to see for a personal round of interviews. As we all know that recruitment is a time-consuming process and the telephonic interview provides the recruiters with a good opportunity to screen the best candidates. If you would felt somewhere that telephonic interview is a very easy way then it might be difficult for you, and you should not make a mistake to take it lightly.

All the good manners and tips that you have learned for a personal round of interview the same are eligible for the telephonic round of interview as well. To make success in the phone interview make sure that you would take it as seriously as a personal interview. Something things you essentially need to practice crack the first round of interviews. You could try to focus on your telephonic interview.

In the first steps, you should avoid distractions before the interview, because it is important to schedule the interview at a time. Its general tips if you are receiving interview calls at your working hours then you may try to schedule it during in free time when you will available. Or if you receive a call when you are at home make sure you are away from the television and in a separate room where there is no noise.

As we know the employer easy to find out your facial expressions, body language at the time of interview and the same way they could also find the same thing in you in between telephonic interviews. So you should be quite conscious at that time. You should take care of your body language because it would convey your words a gentle and confident body language would definitely help you come across at the time of telephonic interview.

You should always use a phone with a good connection. Your phone connection in the telephonic interview is vital. If you are using a cell phone make sure that the battery is fully charged the phone is getting the full signal.

In the telephonic interview, you should listen carefully and speak clearly: You should listen carefully to the questions asked by the interviewer and respond accordingly. If you think you have not understood the question clearly for the first time then you may request the employer to repeat the question again. Make sure that you should speak clearly, slowly and your voice is clear loud enough.

You should never make a hurry on your answer, always you should feel that the need to answer every question very quickly in a phone interview. In between the interview, you could take water because sometimes we don't know and the interview stretches longer.

Advantages of telephonic interview

You will be getting some of the advantages of the telephonic interview over the personal interview as follows,

  • As here you will not have to travel for the interview purpose and this, in turn, will save you time. You can receive a call at any desired location.
  • Here are the most important and a benefit of the telephonic interview is that you can choose your own environment which will be familiar to you and according to your comfortable environment.
  • You could keep any kind of details, notes related to the interview, your CV and also cover letter in front of you for your reference at any point in time.
  • Here your day would be a productive one as you no need have to go physically to the desired location for the interview.
  • Another the merit of the telephonic interview is that here you could be on the same page as that of the interviewer and you could discuss issues like salary negotiation, work schedule, location, etc.
  • If you do the telephonic interview then here is no needs for physical screening required and are added benefits of phone screening.

Disadvantages of the telephonic interview

  • If there is no proper environment then you could lose the chance of your personal interview.
  • You could get the call at the wrong time of the day which may distract you from the work.
  • Here, you have only a limited amount of time to prove yourself on the telephone for the interview.
  • You could easily get distracted if the surrounding environment is noisy or disturbing to you. You will not be able to answer the questions asked by the interviewer in proper manners.
  • If you have poor network connectivity then you will not be able to establish proper communication with the interviewer and in turn, your interview may get affected.

You have the demerits of telephonic the interview is that you cannot show a great impression which you could easy to make in personal interviews.

In this process, you would not able to know how your responses are landing with the interviewer as your expressions and reactions could not be conveyed over the phone in a telephonic interview. If you want to conduct research there are some advantages and disadvantages of a telephone interview in research you might have as follows,

The major advantage of the use of the telephone is that you could save a great amount of time. You could also face the same advantages and disadvantages of telephone interview surveys if you are going to conduct telephone surveys. If you are being interviewed in the mail then there are some advantages and disadvantages of mail interviews you should know.

The advantage of the telephonic interview is that you would get an ample amount of time to respond to the questions and the disadvantage is that your doubts will not be clarified. You must know what are the advantages and disadvantages of telephone interview vs. online survey. And you should choose the correct method of data collection technique which will be beneficial to you.


These articles will gives you the information about the merits and demerits of the telephonic interview and it will help you how could deal at the time of the telephonic interview. Due to this article, you will get Idea how to go through the telephonic interview process in a proper manner. 


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