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AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

If you are in the developer field career then the AnjularJs is very important for you and you should learn it. AngularJs help to allows developers to use other benefits. The Angular is the advanced generation framework where its tool is designed to work with each other tools and they all are the interconnected way. The main reason behind  Angular is to use simplification for JavaScript code. AngularJs has always used HTML language and during activity in this framework, it always extends HTML properties to show application module. In simple, you can say that the AngularJS is the JavaScript framework is used to make dynamic web-apps, applications.

We have written this article to give you a sample answer on angularJS interview questions and answers for experienced a question to give you how to answer the question during your interview time. Here, we have tried to mention all the questions which would be asked by the employer when you will go for the career in software filed for AngularJs.     

Top 30 AngularJS Interview Questions and Answers

This top 30 AngularJS interview question and answer which are mentioned below will help you get a job in AngularJS. It would give you clear the basic concept and how to prepare for the interview of angularJS. There are two types of interview questions and answers are there which are beginner level and advanced level. These are the most important angular interview questions and answer

Beginner Level AngularJS interview questions

 The following set of questions and answers will help the fresher to clear the concept of AngularJS. This will help for the beginner who is new in this field and help to know the basic concept of AngularJS.

What do you understand about AngularJS?

Sample Answer - This is the most important question I will ask you by interviewer because many candidates are not aware of AngularJS. So you can give answers to these questions like,

The AngularJS is a javascript framework that is used for creating dynamic web applications. It is an open-source framework. Angular helps to give the ability to made custom attributes using simple JavaScript.

We can use HTML to create a web page application. HTML is very helpful in AngularJS. It helps to extend the ability of HTML by adding built-in attributes and components. For a web developer, the AngularJs framework would help give take ideas about designing to use in their application.

Which are different key features of AngularJS do you know?

Sample Answer - There are many keys features of AngularJS which would help AngularJs web development.

  1. MVC i.e. Model, View, and Controller b) Angular Templates c) Angular Directives d)Angular Expression

Why do we use AngularJS and what are the advantages of AngularJS?

Sample Answer - The answer to this question shows why AngularJS is used in web development. You can tell them a few advantages of using AngularJS like,

  • AngularJs support to MVC (Model, View, and Controller) pattern.
  • In Angular Js, we could do two ways of data binding.
  • It supports two ways of communication.
  • AngularJS code is very unit testable.
  • AngularJS helps to provide reusable components.

What is Data Binding in AngularJS, please tell?

Sample Answer –In the Angular JS, the Data-binding keeps synchronization between the model and the view. It always helps to give details about the model in between during application.

Why do we use injectors in AngularJS?         

Sample Answer - In AngularJS an injector is a service locator that is used to retrieve object instances. We can use a single injector per angular application which helps to get objects by its name.

Explain what services in AngularJS?

Sample Answer - In AngularJS the services work as the function or any object. The services are one type of mechanism which helps to maintain the data for the particular application and to get the controller and communication purpose.

The services have some business logic and the function we can call is controller, directive and filters.

What type of data-binding method in Angular JS, please tell?.

Sample answer - In AngularJS there are types of the data-binding method as:

  • 1-way data-binding
  • 2-way data-binding
  • 1-Time data-binding

Please explain what is injector?

Sample Answer- The injector is a kind of service a locator. In AngularJS there is one pre angular application is available that helps to track an object instance by its name. And the mostly injector used to get object instance only.

Explain what is directive in AngularJS and what are different types of Directive?

Sample Answer - The Directive has an important role in AngularJS. While compiling the process some HTML constructs are encountered and function is triggered and the function of these we called as the directive.  This process is executed when the compiler encounters it in the DOM. The 'ng-app' directive is to help to initialize the AngularJS application.

In Angular JS there is a specific type of the directive are available as

a) Angular Element directives

b) Angular Attribute directives

c) Angular CSS class directives

d) Angular Comment directives

Please tell, what features of AngularJS are?

Sample Answer - Angularjs framework has its own specific features such as.

a)  Good in Data-Binding

b) Angular has dependency Injection

c) Good Directive Structure

d) Services

e)Only need to write less code, etc.

How can you differ $scope and scope?

Sample Answer - This is the basic difference between these in AngularJs which is $scope is used to achieve dependency injection and linking between View and Controller is scope.

Explain Angular expressions and what is the syntax for expressions?

Sample Answer – In AngularJS the code is used in binding such as {{ expression }} similar to JavaScript. This is used to bind application data to HTML.

Syntax are - {{ expression }}

 Which filter we can use in Angular, please specify?

Sample Answer – In AngularJS the Filters are basically used to modify or used to clubbed the expression, such a way,

a) Currency -  It helps to Put no. in currency format. 

b) date – use to keep the date

c) JSON -  It helps to put an object to a JSON string.    

d) lowercase- It gives the lowercase format to string

e) orderBy – To get the details in orders an array     

f) uppercase: - Help to give an uppercase format to string

Please explain the two-way binding?

Sample Answer - When the data from the view is changed. It also keeps track of changes that are made by the user and automatically does updates changes in view and the same thing would happen with the controller as well and easily get changes in view. These two ways of coordination happen this is called two-way binding.

What is the syntax of creating a new date object?

Sample Answer - This type of syntax shows how you have ideas about syntax and are you able to do programming or not. So you can write the syntax for creating a new data object is,

$scope.newDate=new Date();

 What are the different testing tools for the AngularJS application?

Sample Answer – Nowadays the best testing tools for Angular are Karma, Angular-mocks, Mocha, Sion, etc.

Which are browsers supported by AngularJS, please name those?

This question shows do you have basic knowledge or not because the application which supports the system is the basic thing.

Sample Answer - The browser which supports AngularJS is, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge,  Safari, and Internet Explorer 9-11 versions.

What is the long-form of DDO in AngularJS and why is it used?

Sample Answer - The DDO Stands for Directive Definition Object. It would help to create customs in directives. Also, it helps to provide instructions to the compiler.

What are the main components of AngularJS, name?

Sample Answer - AngularJS which consists of components. They are

  • The Template (View)
  • The Scope (Model)
  • The Controller (Controller)

 Advanced AngularJS interview questions

This question and answers will help you if you are experienced. There are the most important angular five interview questions and answers for experienced or advanced level. Once you get a basic idea about Angular then the next step towards is advanced AngularJS question and answer.  This angular interview questions and answers for experienced candidates.

What is compile and link in AngularJS, how they differ?

Sample Answer - The compile function is used for template DOM Manipulation and to find all the directives, is known as a function.

The Link is nothing but a change in model with the view. The change in model shows the change in view and whatever change in view reflects in the model. The link function is used for instance DOM manipulation

What are the methods to maintain the logs in AngularJS, name those?

Sample Answer - There are different methods with the help of which we can maintain the logs.

  • log()-This is the first method that helps to write a log message.
  • info()-This helps to write an information message
  • warn()- Gives a message while writing logs.
  • error()-It would show the error in logs.
  • debug()- It always writes a debug message while writing logs.

What is ng-if and ng-show in AngularJS, please tell the differences?

Sample Answer - The ng-if is one type of directive in AngularJS which helps us to remove the HTML element if any value of a variable is wrong. The ‘ng-if’ is DOM elements but ng-if doesn’t render the portion of DOM element.

Another directive ng-show in Angular JS is used to show the individual HTML element. And in the program, if any expression the attributes are found as ‘ng-show’ then Html element would display only.

What are cookies? And how do you set, get and clear cookies?

Sample Answer - The cookies are those pice of information that are stored into our browser for temporarily stored. In some of the browser, the information could be stored on the based of our any visited website account information or any kind of data. While using cookies in Angular, you should include a module cookies angular-cookies.js.

To set Cookies – [->While set cookies ‘Put’ format is used]

cookie.set('nameOfCookie',"cookie value");

 To get Cookies  [->While the cookies ‘get’ method is used]


 To clear Cookies [-> to remove the cookies ‘remove’ method is used]


 If the data model is updated out of ‘Zone’ then what is the process to view the model, what is the method?

Sample Answer - As there are the steps of the process,

ApplicationRef.prototype.tick():  -> It will help to make change discovery on the component  -> It helps to perform the change recognition on the entire

tree.ChangeDetectorRef.prototype.detectChanges():  -> It helps to change detection on the present component and its child component.

Please explain the ng-app directive in Angular?

Sample Answer - The ‘ng-app’ directive designates the root element of the application and is naturally placed near the root element of the page. It is declared or tag. It is used in mostly bootstrapped utterly.

Explain in brief about Angular Global API?

Sample Answer - In Angular JS the global API is a combination of global JavaScript functions that perform various tasks like, Comparing objects, Iterating objects, Converting data, etc. It has some basic functions which are,

  • angular. lowercase:  -> It helps to convert a normal string to lowercase string.
  • angular. uppercase:  -> It helps to convert a normal string to uppercase string.
  • angular. isString: ->It always returns the truth if the current reference is a string.

Can you hide an HTML element with the help of the click button in angular, how?

Sample Answer - We can hide an HTML element with the help of click button in angular which is like,




  <button ng-click="hide()">Hide element</button>  

Hello World!


Controller controller: function() {

this.isHide = false;

this.hide = function(){

this.isHide = true; }; }


 What is REST in Angular, please tell?

Sample Answer – The REST stands for REpresentational State Transfer. It is an Application Programming line way that works on the HTTP request. The APIs which follow this approach is known as RESTful APIs.

How can we create a service in Angular, which are those elements?

Sample Answer - There are three main elements in Angular that are used to create the service. The service can be created in Angular with the help of these elements which are
a) Factory
b) Service
c) Provider.
It plays an important role in AngularJS.


This article will help you to know about angularJS. This will also help you to prepare for the interview. If you refer to this article then this will help you to clear basic ideas about angularJS and also helps to crack the interview. If you are looking for a job in the web-based application then this article will help to clear all the concepts of AngularJS. This article helps the fresher as well as experienced candidates. And there are many online free questions of angular 6 interview questions for reference.


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