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How Long To Wait After Interview All you Need to Know

How Long To Wait After Interview - All you Need to Know

You should keep one basic thing in your mind; the employer will not give you feedback until they would get completely confident on your profile because they always need the right person for the right position. If the employer will hire the wrong person for their desired opening position then definitely the person would impact their organization. At the time of the interview, we always go through many rounds of interviews even we spend our complete day only for one interview or if any round interview pending for the same day then the employer tells us to come the next day again.  But somewhere, we do not get instant feedback in our interview from their or the employer takes so much time to give their final decision. If you are the first candidate that's mean that you have to wait till the interview is done.

With the help of this article, we will discuss why employer takes a long time to give feedback on interviews and tips details on how long you should wait after completion of the interview, and when you should take a start taking follow-ups on your interview and the all basic thing you should know.

Why the employer doesn’t call after interview for feedback?

If you people went through the interview process, and waiting for the update from the employer then there could be so many reasons due to that they do not update you after the interview or not give proper feedback. In the below points, we have tried to cover the points due to which you could not get any call and email on your feedback.

  • Nowadays there are many of your competitors at the time of the interview and employers always judge every candidate from their resume to end round of interview. The employer has lots of options to refine you at the time of the interview. Like you have applied for that job which is not suitable for that profile due to that reason you are not getting any update from the employer end.
  • At the time of the interview if you have asked for more hike or your requirements are not matching with the current salary margin scale at employer end or if any your competitor is much interested to work for a company with a low salary. It could be the reason the employer would not give feedback after your interview?
  • The employer always shares their qualified interview candidate details with their senior hiring manager or any respective project manager and that time they again instruct for scheduling of interview, and in this process, it takes a long time to take feedback from the recruiter side.
  • Most of us people apply for limited position profiles of the interview but at the organizational end, they need only a few profiles, this reason employer discard most of the profile and we do not get any feedback.
  • Every company has their own pre-processing interview procedure, you apply for such company whose criteria is only as you could apply twice in a year, but you people applied for that company again and again, and you also reach to final round interview.  It could be the reason you people did not get any feedback call after the interview or it could be the people not considered your profile.

What is the typical wait time after the interview

Here are the following typically replies which we get from recruiter due to which we all to wait for the feedback,

  • Most of us people go for an interview and we all wait for a long time for the day and due to some of the reason we all face the challenge at the time of interview like interview process take place more time what we were not expected. So, it will typically wait or a very difficult time after the interview.
  • After completion of all the round, the employer informs we have completed all interview round and there is no one pending, but they keep our feedback on hold for a long time or take enough time to revert on it. And it is much a typical time to wait after the interview.
  • After the first round of interviews, we go for another round of interviews, At that time there are some delays in getting a response from the employer side and they recruiter informs us will update us some of the days, and we wait for that. It is also a very difficult time after one round.

What to do when they say they will call

At the starting of this article, we have discussed as there multiple processes, the reasons the employer takes time to share feedback. And we could wait for a long time for interview feedback for only a single interview. Hence always after the interview, you need to keep yourself a very calm and positive attitude on a given interview, whether its result could be positive or negative. If you are giving any kind of interview then there would be the result only selection or rejection.

When the recruiter says they will call you that time we all should not feel disappointed or nervous be it is not your final feedback of interview or somewhere you people have another chance, and they will call you further round interview or any discussion.

You always keep yourself in interview preparation and do not wait when they will call you. If it is possible you should take follow up on the interview whatever the result is there of it. Like if you find your negative feedback, and then you should start to work on it and try to minimize errors for another fresh interview.

Should you call them often?

It is the important thing you should remember and does not call the employer again and again if you are awaiting interview feedback then you should wait till time period whatever the employer has given the timeline for revert back and do not start taking follow-ups on it. Because it could be the reason employers are doing shortlisting candidates or if you would take follow up again and again then it would show somewhere your bad impression towards the employer.

It's everyone's duty if you people have attended the interview then you should try to ask your feedback after any round of interview. Asking feedback is important for you and it helps to work on your weakness when you find if any at the time of the interview.

If you people are positive themselves and confidence in your interview then you people could call to ask your feedback over the call or any email communication.


From this, we have concluded that how to wait after an interview and what types of points you should know about it I have tried to cover all the important information that how long to wait after the interview. When you will get a job offer after the Second interview then how much you have to wait what is the difficult time after the interview and how long after the second interview in a job offer made these types of the topic we have covered in this summary will help you to understand.


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