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How to Answer Why Are You Interested in This Position?


How to Answer Why Are You Interested in This Position?


It's always important to know how to respond appropriately to interview questions, and this one is no exception. Interview preparation may be stressful, particularly when you have to answer standard questions like "Why are you interested in this position?" It's a straightforward question, but how you answer will determine a lot, including whether or not you're a good fit for the position. Don't worry, though! With the appropriate strategy and some helpful interview tips, you can master this question and make a good impression on your prospective employer.

Why are you interested in this position? is a typical interview question asked by companies. They are interested in exactly why you applied for the job and why you would like to work for their company (not that you need a paycheck).

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Why Do Employers Want to Know What Interests You About This Position?

It is important to your interviewer that you are not applying to every job that comes your way. They want to know that you've done your homework and are aware of the responsibilities of the position.

If you are unable to provide an interesting response to this question, the interviewer will assume that you are not serious about accepting the position should it be offered to you. Asking open-ended interview questions helps the interviewer get a better sense of your work style, personality, and compatibility with the team.

Finally, the interviewer wants to know if you will fit in well with the company's culture.

How to Respond to What Interests You About This Position?

Consider the reasons behind your first application for this job as you prepare your response. You should be specific in your response and show that you know the kind of applicant the organization is looking for. To help you organize your response, consider the following queries:

Was it the values or mission of the company?

the chance to apply a specific skill set?

Possibility of working with a particular demographic?

the capacity to assume greater accountability?

Long-term professional growth potential?

Understanding the Question

It's important to know the question's underlying intent before you start formulating your response. Companies want to know if you are interested in the position and business. They are searching for applicants who have done their research and can clearly state how their goals and skill set match the position.


Deep research is essential to any effective interview preparation. Investigate the company's goals, core principles, work environment, most recent successes, and even its rivals. Gaining insight into the company's objectives and the role's role within the larger scheme will be very helpful in creating your answer.

Determine Your Priorities

Consider what led you in particular to this job. Is it the chance to support a subject that you have strong feelings about? the opportunity to work in a dynamic team or with state-of-the-art technology? Perhaps it's the opportunity for development and progress. Whatever your reason for responding, be sure it's genuine and precise.

Creating Your Response

When creating your response, be sure to arrange the information in a way that emphasizes your excitement for the position and highlights your qualifications and suitability for it. Begin by really expressing your interest in the position and the organization. Next, focus on the particular aspects of the position or company that you find attractive. Lastly, summarise everything by outlining how your qualifications and experiences make you the best choice.

Sample answer-1

I also enjoy this organization's culture. My personality and my ideals seem to be a perfect match for the organization based on what I've read and heard about it. I strongly identify with your goal statement and am inspired by the job you undertake.

Sample answer-2

 I love the location of this work. This is where I've always wanted to move. Additionally, I can get to work from my house in five minutes, so not having to travel is a huge benefit. And I simply adore your products; I've used them all my life. I am very thrilled to be involved with that.

Say anything that explains your motivation for pursuing this position. This is a great opportunity to show your excitement for the position during the interview. Employers find it incredibly tempting, and it provides them with even more justification to recruit you.

Sample answer-3

Because this job will allow me to deal with a variety of clients and sectors, I was drawn to it. I firmly believe in the company's ability to assist small enterprises, and I appreciate the job you do with young people. I'm eager to put my skill set to work assisting companies of all sizes in achieving long-term growth.

Sample answer-4

Because this job emphasizes creativity and innovation two traits I respect in my work I was interested in it. I also see a chance to help the business expand by creating fresh marketing approaches. I believe we have a great chance to make a significant difference while concentrating on creative and healthy growth because of the company's emphasis on sustainable methods.

The secret to a successful interview is learning how to respond to the question, "Why are you interested in this position?" Making a strong first impression on a potential boss and improving your chances of being hired can be achieved by researching the position thoroughly, determining why you are applying, and creating a well-organized response. So go ahead, apply these interview strategies, and confidently nail your upcoming job interview!


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