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Top 25 HR Interview Questions And Answers

Top 25 HR Interview Questions And Answers

Whenever you go for the interview, so you should know about what would be the initial screening stages in the hiring process steps. In usually if we talk then an interviewer takes place a very major important role and they would ask a group of interview questions from you during your interview time. Why does the interviewer ask you dozens of questions? The reason behind asking questions is it, they want to scale you, with basic skills, strengths, and zest towards your profile along with your requested application by you for the particular organization.

If you are a fresher and don't know about what kind of question they would ask you, don't worry this article would help you to get prepared, and crack the all interview round at the time of the interview. So here are we have mentioned the different questions and sample answers which have to face a different type of people like an experienced person fresher also the new profession seekers. Competent there are lots of common questions which they have to face at the time of the interview are as follows,

Brief me about yourself or introduce yourself?

  • Sample Answer - First of all thank you so much for giving me a chance to introduce myself in front of you. I am (Your Name). I live in (Area Name) I completed my graduation in (Qualification) and also completed my post-graduation in (Degree details). You should try to tell all the details that you have kept in your resume.

Why do you want to work with our company, please tell me?

  • Sample Answer - Before came for an interview I have gone through your company profile, website, review details online and where I come to know you are good in product & customer service-centric and you are also working in a new project the fresher have secure future with your company and if you will give the chance to work with your organization then it will very helpful for me to grow my individual quality and also personality. And the employees of these companies are very dedicated, punctual towards their work and I like the work environment of your company, I will feel proud of myself with you. Also, I have good communication skills, and convincing skills and it would help me to provide good customer support.

Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?

This is a common question that is asked by the interviewer to the candidate at the time of the interview. So, you should prepare yourself and try to realize what are your actual strengths and weakness.

  • Sample Answer - My biggest strengths are that I am very much disciplined, punctual, and able to provide quality work at any pressure environment, always ready to take new challenges work and fast learner. And in me, my weakness is where I do easily trust anyone.  As doing trust anyone is not an awakened judgment. In our professional work or real-life anyone could take the advantages of this kind of trust. Now, I am working to overcome it and I take thinking decisions on it very carefully.

HR interview questions and answer for experienced candidates

Here are different types of questions for fresher and experienced candidate also have to face the different types of questions at the time of the interview while they are changing their one job with others.

Why do you want to leave your current job, or why you need to change your profile?

Sometimes the reason for changing your job could be different at different times. And if you are on your notice duration and you are giving interview any other organization then definitely the employer would raise such questions for you. So, whenever to do answers on it always use better expectations.

  • Sample Answer - I have been work with the previous company for one and a half years, and I learned new things there also. Now, I am looking for a change in my career and want to use my all skills with new company work, need to learn new updated things with your organization also.

In your previous company, how was your Boss, please tell?

  • Sample Answer - In my previous company my boss (manager) was very determined toward any kind of work, and they always help all team leaders. Always they give strategies to get success in any kind of management. To manage my work I was doing approach with them. And I am very thankful to my previous company boss.

Tell me about your greatest fear?

  • Sample Answer - In me, only one fear is about my family member, mostly I am very close to my mother in my family and that I always feel it is a very common fear. And always worry about to happen to my family.

What is the difference between smart work and hard work, please tell me?

  • Sample Answer - According to my, both terms are different from each other and it is very much important without hard work smart work is could make possible and without smart work, it is not possible to complete the task in an easy and fast manner. In our work before doing any kind of smart work, we all should first need to do believe only in hard work only. And if we feel we are in good in work then start work smartly.

What will be your progress and where do you will see yourself in the next five years?

  • Sample Answer - I want to learn more and more about this human resource department in the next five years. And want to learn each process how it works department I want to shop for my communication skills as well as my working skills which will help me a lot to work in a good.

What is the major challenges and problems did you face then how did you handle them?

  • Sample Answer – At the time of management, my team members put the brake on their productivity because of the reason they were not clear about the process flow how it runs. I coordinated with my team members and use some strategies to start back on a good track. Later we were able to achieve a successful goal and completed all the pending work within the timeline, within a very short period.

What are your goals for the future?

  • Sample Answer - My goal, it's to become a chain manager and also want to create my new team and need to handle the team under me.

Please tell me, what are you passionate about?

  • Sample Answer - I am very passionate about music, cricket, learning new things and love to attend different types of the festival in the entire year.

Did you ever have a conflict with your current Boss in your current company?

  • Sample Answer - In my job, I joined as a team leader profile and my direct reporting was with my boss and he was very strict about work. So, it is somewhere difficult for me to talk in friendly nature in between work. And whenever I complete my daily productivity at that time he again makes more expectations and it was somewhere for me difficult to understand what they are looking from me. But after some month I realize in me he was trying to check my passions and skills towards my work as a team leader how much I am strong.

How much time will you work with our company?

  • Sample Answer - I am looking for good career opportunity work and I want to achieve my career goal, looking to work long term and willing to work with your company which will provide me a good platform so it would be very beneficial for me. I wan to gain good experience with work your company and explore myself knowledge so is it is the reason why I want to work with your company with a long duration of time

Tell me about your salary expectations?

  • Sample Answer - As I have five years' experience in this relevant profile and me very good at my skill and have the knowledge to handle any kind of work and in my last company, my last CTC was (amount). So please provide me a salary as per the company norms.

Tell me about your hobbies, what are those?

  • Sample Answer- My hobbies are listening to music reading books writing stories photography and watching movies, new updates.

Is it comfortable for you if the company will relocate you to the company work?

  • Sample Answer - I always ready for relocating because I love to travel a lot it is also my hobby to explore new places and I will positively relocate myself as per the company norms. It will be a different understanding for me to tour as well as work

How you motivate yourself, please tell?

  • Sample Answer - I am a very realistic kind of person and always my priority is to complete the work during the timeline and I always try to make good work which makes me feel high-quality because I in truth take pleasure in my work. The main positive result always motivates me. And when I reach to near my goal of work at that time I feel complete satisfaction with my work.

Please give me an example of your creativity, what it would be?

  • Sample Answer - As the creativity means talking about the new ideas and get it implemented from ourselves only and it always gives a feel alive and makes a good sensitivity to others as well as makes our self work differently and make us feel good.

Are you comfortable with any team or team member?

  • Sample Answer - You should tell always 'yes' in this question and you may answer as I always feel good to work with a team instead of doing work individually and I prefer to work with a team. Working with the team makes the work easy and we can do it in a better way. In working with a team we can learn and develop co-ordination, management skills in ourselves.

Tell me about your philosophy towards the work?

  • Sample Answer - Doing dedication towards work, performing well, make coordination between the team members is my good philosophy.

Explain your management style?

  • Sample Answer - Being a team leader I always use my magnet style work to get complete my work dedicated before the timeline. And Working with the team members and I like to learn about all the problems and how to solve them from my side. The use of management style gives me the status of work and its duration.

What will you do if you have to work overtime?

  • Sample Answer- I always love to do my job and it is my passion and it is my hobby also so I would love to work if I have to work overtime.

What improvement you have done in yourself while working in the last company?

  • Sample Answer - from the previous job I got experienced in a practical appearance and how to handle the situation, learn the problem-solving skills, hard and soft skills. It is the main progress in me.

Did you have any friends who work in our company?

  • Sample Answer - The answer to this question is up to you if you people will say 'Yes', then you should keep all the details with you about your references. Or you may refer below answer as - No, I don't have any friends who are working in your company.

What you do when you are in stress, please tell?

Whenever I feel stress in my work at that time I always take five minutes of the gap for relaxation and always decide a peaceful way. And I start again focus on my work activity.


The recruiter is the person who recruits the best employees for the company. From this article, we have found that how many types of question is asked for HR interview. I have enclosed here all the important questions from the perspective of the fresher’s and experienced candidate and I have also covered here the interview question answer with samples. So this all question answers will help you a lot to crack the interview. We hope you like this article and this will help you a lot to answer the front of the recruiter and to become a great career future.


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