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Top and Important 20 Interview dos and Donts

Top and Important 20  Interview do’s and Don'ts

 As we all should know, the interview is an opportunity to show your potential to the employer, so everyone should know what are the things you should to do at the interview time and what are the things that you should not do in the interview.   You should think about how you would present yourself in the job interview, and if you think about it then definitely it will help you to get succeed in the interview.

Here we would discuss the top 10 interview important dos and don’ts which would help you in the interview. Also, we will discuss how to behave with the employer during the interview. Both does and don'ts are very important to crack the interview. Nowadays the employers are more focusing on in your small - small activity during the interview time. That's why we have tried to discuss all the things in this article, so it would somewhere make your interview easy.

 Important Do’s in Interview            

You should collect the required information about the organization

  • Most of the time employers always ask you questions - why you want to work with their company, that time you somewhere face difficulties to answer such questions. If you want to give the answer to this in the very proper way then you should make a search about the organization before going to the interview. Also, try to remember a few highlighted top products or services about their company. You may prepare list the questions and make the preparation of it before going to the interview. You should search for the recruiter who is going to take the interview also the position you are going to apply for. It would help you at the time of the interview.

Do check your Interview dress up

The dress code is more important for any kind of Interview. It is important and essential & imperative to wear a formal dress code while going for a corporate interview likely at an intermediate position or higher-level position in different companies. Always wear formal dress code and need to use a traditional tie to finish the formal so it gives a professional look. You should do the practice of interview and study the required skills. Always keep multiple resume copies with you.

Keep yourself in a voice very polite

You should very polite in your language at the time you interact with the receptionist and hiring manager. It is your first impression; it should show a very good manner. At the time of interacting with them, you should keep the smile and greet them by wishing good morning or hello, provide a hand for a handshake. It will help you in the next step of the interview. Politeness in the language is very important because it directly affects your attitude.

Keep attention on body language and eye contact

 You should aware of it; it is a very important part of the interview. You should wait till the employer offer you a chair, sit on the chair with straight and concentrating on the employer, make better eye contact after sitting. It will make your chances towards success and will help you show you’re confident. Always, try to make good eye contact with the employer because it helps to show your confidence and attention at the time of the interview in front of the interviewer.

Always try to tell the employer about your achievements

If you have your own creative skills then you should tell at the time of the interview, because of it the process where you can prove yourself in front of the employer. However, when you tell about your skills that will help you give the job. You should very honest when you tell your skills and achievements, which help you to get the job. Always try to give a proper explanation of whatever you saying to the employer.

Always evaluate the benefits of the company

Nowadays every employee is clever about the recruitment or if they hiring any candidate then before that will assess you from many rounds of interview. Interview the process works with both sides. You should try to check the job and environment are ok for you or not that also checks; if an employer is giving you the chance to work with them.  If you are somewhere confident then you may ask questions to them that you have to clear. You should try to make a few valid questions that you want to ask with the employer. It shows care about the career to the interviewer.

Do follow up and say thank you

It's a general for everyone you should always say thank you after completing the interview or need to take care where actually need of these words. You should take follow up after each step of the interview and thank you note after each interview by mail or message. It leaves a good impression on the employer. Respect the employee because they are a part of the organization where you give an interview.

Always try to read the body language of the employer and listen actively

If you have such skills then it would help you, reading the body language of the employer will make you understand that the employer is satisfied with your answer or not, listen actively whatever the employer is asking about. It helps you to succeed in an interview. Your body language shows your confidence, lack of confidence, overconfidence and so many things of the candidate.

Always prepare and plan your answers and be confident

You should keep in mind, every employer always asks you tricky questions can ask in every interview. So you should prepare yourself for some predictable questions. Try to give the answer the questions with great confidence.  Some questions are definitely asked in the interview; prepare you to answer that type of question.

Go with complete and proper documents

Before going to the interview and collect all the required documents with the copies and carry them for the interview.  Most of the companies always check documents first then they later allow you to seat in the interview. Keep remembering if you don’t have some document with you don’t say anything from your side, whenever they ask for it then and only then tell them about the issue. Always carry an updated resume and important documents and certificates in a folder or laptop bag.

Important Don’ts in Interview

Don't bring family/relatives members and friends with you

You should always go to the Interview alone. Don’t go with your family relative’s members or any friends, because it will distract you at the time of the interview.  Some people love pets, so they are going with pets for the interview. It is not a good sign of the interviewer. If you are going to the interview it shows that you are a much responsible person, so you don’t have any need to go with your parents and friends for the interview.

Don't use strong perfume smell

Don't use strong deodorant and perfume while going to the interview makes a bad impression on employers.  Showering strong deodorants and perfume while going to the interview makes a bad impression on the employer. At the interview time if an employer has an allergy with perfume then it would difficult for you. So keep it in mind that less quantity of perfume should apply. Your dress should be cleaned so that, there is no need for any perfume or any type of body spray.

Don't try to be very comfortable

While giving an interview you should very point to point with the employer and don't try to show yourself as a friend with them. Don’t show much comfortable yourself with them like kidding with the recruiter, loudly, laughing, etc. these things are very odd. Don’t tell lie in the interview, in future it will make conflict for you. Over comfortable in the interview place is not good.

  • Anxious mind – You should don’t keep nervousness while going to the interview, if your mental state is not good then you cannot crack the interview. Your mental focus is important. No one knows about your problems so no one can give solutions to your problem, you have to deal with your problems. So go for the interview with a free mind. Or if you are not comfortable then you may reschedule your interview for another day.

Don’t a negative thought

You should think always in a positive way. Never go to the interview with negative minds, it will directly affect your selection. Avoid some words which are showing that you are a negative person. And there will be your loss in the interview, so be positive while going to the interview. You should confident in yourself.

  • Overaggressive – You should always keep your mind peaceful while going for an interview. If you will speak loudly at the place of the interview in the interview shows a bad impression on the employer. It could show a bad impression in between interviews. When an employee wants to know about your experience and any other question then only you have to answer it. It is a part of the behavioral interview.
  • Don't play with your phone - Most of us when they are attending the interview at that time they always keep their mobile phone with hand. It is not a good sign for you at the time of the interview. So, carrying a phone at every place and keeping a mobile phone during an interview is not good. Phone can distract your concentration and it makes a bad impression towards the employer. While interview discussion you have to avoid receiving any call as well as misbehavior during the discussion.
  • Ask about salary - You should directly first never ask about salary from your side, it is not your concern, when the manager asks about your expectations then and then only you have to tell your expectation of salary otherwise wait for them to ask about it. If you ask about salary from your side then it shows that you are not serious about work you work only for salary.
  • Don’t show lack of Knowledge about the organization -You should not try to show less knowledge about the company; it shows you are a lazy and disinterested person. And you cannot give any excuses regarding knowledge. If you didn’t understand any question ask it to repeat it again but don’t give wrong answers. Mostly do preparation before going to the interview.
  •  Avoid calling - You should avoid if you call in the interview, it shows a bad impression on the company. If you got selected they will let you know. Companies want employees who are working a long period of time, not that type who are just going to take the experience of interviews.


This article will help you to understand which things you have to get prepared with, and which are the things you don’t have to do in the interview. We have discussed all the things regarding the interview in a very expressive way. Following above do and don’t you will get success in the interview. Just keep in mind employer view all the moments of you as well as continues to check your knowledge regarding the interview designation, always express your knowledge to the employer.


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