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What Are Your Short Term And Long Term Goals Your Best Answer

Every successful person in this world comes with their own goal that they want to achieve and for that, they always do hard-work as per their planned goals. With the help of the goal, everyone moves towards their point of life. In simple words, you could say that the goal always helps everyone who wants to do something or want to achieve it? Your goals could be anything and every person has their unique goal.

If your goal is pre-decided then you can easy to reach there from start points to end turning points, because it always helps you to achieve that on very priorities and only focuses. You should remember if you want to achieve anything then you have to set your goal. Your goals can be short or it can be a big goal. So to achieve the big goals we have to make it small goals then only we can achieve it.

We made this article which would help you to provide a sample example when the interviewer would ask you the question 

What are your short terms or long term goal?

Before going to the interview you should know what goals are. If you have any kind of qualification degree, but if you don't know what is your short goals. Then it would be very difficult for you to face the interview. Most of us people don't consider it is a very important question for them, so they skip to answer such a question.

The interviewer wants to know with the help of this answer how you are serious in your career growth and do you have the capability to handle work, communication skills, creative ideas, and how you are a perfect match candidate for their organization's needs. If you people are not serious about your career and you don't know what you want to gain then definitely the interviewer will not process your profile for the further round of interview process.

Short term Goal - The short term goal is a goal that you want to achieve in very quickly and limitation of time duration and if you people are fresher then it is your responsibility to get achieve short term goals. And this type of goal is opposite to your long term goals. At the time of the interview, you people can't tell your long term future duration on your short term goal achievement.

Long term Goals - In your long term goal, you should tell your long future goal that you want to achieve in some of after years. If you people experienced and working somewhere then you should measure the current working profile role that you want to achieve in your future. The interviewer would ask you short-term and long term goals.

Best answer

Here are the best answers for your short term and long term goal

  • My short term goals are to take fresher level entry and want to start my career into an applied position. As a fresher graduate student, I want to build the good ability skills that I have learned from my course. I want to work in a well-reputed organization and learn new more skills.
  • Being a fresher candidate my current short term goal is to learn management skills and to learn marketing strategies in this job. I have completed my management skills. I also want to develop a position that allows me to continue my skills and managing the marketing group. And this professional career will help me to achieve my long term goal as well.
  • As I am pursued my B.E. Mechanical, my short term goal is to work as a quality engineer in a well-reputed organization where there are chances of bilateral growth.
  • As I being a fresher postgraduate student in MBA, I want to make my career as an HR Executive where I will be able to execute the skills that I have learned during my MBA.
  • As a fresher graduate student, my short term goal is that I want to do my work with dedication and punctuality. I want to achieve the award of the best employee among all the employees in the company.
  • My short term goal is to get a good job or internship for two-three months in the reputed company to utilize my skills in technical terms and to become a good technical partner with the team. To enhance good knowledge and practical knowledge from the company to achieve a good carrier opportunity for the future.
  • I am a graduate student and my short term goal is to get the job in a reputed company that gives a platform to prove my talent and skills and also want to gain some working practical knowledge so that would help me for my career.
  • Being a fresher software development my short term goal is to work in a software field as a software tester and I always want to learn new things in my software filed and want to keep updated as per technology.
  • I want to do Master of Business Administration course in my future in marketing filed that would help me to survivor in today era, but right now my short term goal being a BBA graduate student I want to take the analysis of current market research as a position of sales marketing and I want to start my career so it would help me learn a lot of strategies in sales marketing.
  • As an HR executive, my long term goal is to learn the latest recruiting process and use it for the organization. My long term goal is also to keep the manpower cost as minimum as possible without compromising on the quality of manpower.
  • Being an experienced person and I have three years of experience in the operations filed. Also, I have a good understanding, flow of working in the operation and Management field and now my long term goal is to become a Manager post with a reputed organization that would help me reach my career goal.
  • I am having a good communication skill and as we all know that to become a good HR we have to be very much good in our communication skill, sourcing. I have completed my internship in a recruitment executive profile. My short term goal as a college graduate, I need to start in the business, working for a company.
  • My long term goal is to become a photographer because I always like to love to travel in various places; I also explore my creative thinking in my photography. For a short term goal, I have worked in my life in distinct places after completion of my official course in photography and now I want to become a successful professional photographer in my career life.
  • I am having very much interest in numbers so from the beginning only I have decided to become an accountant, my long term goal to work with the reputed bank on the profile on the senior accountant. And in my short term goal, I have worked in small scale banking, learned lots of systems in the bank.


From this article, we have concluded the short-term in the long term goals are very much important in their life if we don't have a list of long term goals for our career then it is not possible to achieve what we want short term It is very much important first of all we have to make a list of short term goals to complete the long term goals. We have mentioned all the important examples for short term career goals objectives and I have also covered here the long-term career examples. Here I have also tried to cover the short term and long term goals for the MBA interview which will be beneficial for you to get a crack the interview and give the answer to this question in the interview. We hope this article is very helpful for you to thank you for reading this article.


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