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What Are Your Short Term And Long Term Goals Your Best Answer

What Are Your Short-Term And Long-Term Goals Your Best Answer


Every successful person in the world has a personal objective that they wish to accomplish, so to do so, they always put in a lot of effort in the manner specified by their ambitions. Everyone makes progress towards their destination in life with the help of the aim. To put it another way, might you say that the objective always serves the interests of those who wish to accomplish or do something? Any objective can be yours, and each person has their own set of objectives.


If you have a predetermined objective, it will be easier for you to get there from the beginning to the conclusion since it will constantly help you focus just on the most important things. You should keep in mind that setting goals is necessary if you want to accomplish anything. You can set small or large goals for yourself. We must therefore set smaller goals in order to reach the larger ones. Only then will we be able to succeed.


We created this blog post to help you give a sample response when the interviewer asks the question. 


What are your short-term or long-term goals?


You should be aware of your goals before the interview. If you have a degree of any kind, yet you are unsure of your short-term goals. The interview would thus be extremely difficult for you to attend. The majority of us ignore answering questions like these because we don't think it's really important.


With the help of your response, the interviewer wants to find out more about your commitment to professional development, dedication to work, capacity to manage tasks, innovative thinking, and suitability as a candidate for their company. The interviewer will most likely not process your profile for the next round of interviews if you are not serious about your career and you do not know what you want to achieve.


Short term Goal


Things you wish to achieve shortly, usually in the upcoming weeks, months, or years, are known as short-term objectives. These objectives serve as stepping stones towards your long-term objectives. Here are a few instances of short-term objectives:


Improve Time Management: To help you manage your time more efficiently, make a daily calendar or to-do list.


Save Money: To build up funds for unexpected expenses or emergencies, set aside a set amount of money every month.


Develop a New Skill: Make it a goal to set aside time each week to learn something new, whether it be cooking, learning a new language, or becoming proficient in an instrument.


Healthy Habits: To enhance your general health and well-being, make it a goal to exercise frequently, eat more fruits and vegetables, or get enough sleep each night.


Long-Term Goals


Goals that you wish to fulfill over an extended period, typically several years or even decades, are known as long-term goals. These goals demand higher planning, commitment, and dedication. Here are a few instances of long-term goals:


Career Advancement: Decide if you want to start your own business, get a promotion, or get further education or training to progress in your work.


Financial Independence: By paying off debt, making smart investments, and setting up money for retirement, you can work towards financial stability and independence.


Personal Development: Make long-term plans to work on your development, improve your self-confidence, or build deep connections with others to become the best version of yourself.


Bucket List Adventures: Make a list of all the things you would like to do before you die, such as volunteering abroad, visiting particular places, or taking up a long-term interest or pastime.


Here are the best answers for your short-term and long-term goal


My short-term goals are to apply for fresher-level entry and begin my career in an applied role. I wish to develop the good ability skills that I have learned during my course as a first-year graduate student. I wish to get new talents and work for an established company.


As a fresher candidate, my short-term goal is to get experience in management and marketing techniques. I've finished my management training. In addition, I'd like to work towards a position that will enable me to manage the marketing team and further my skills. Additionally, pursuing a professional career will help me achieve my long-term goal.


My short-term goal while I work towards my B.E. in Mechanical Engineering is to become an excellent engineer at a reputable company with opportunities for both sides to improve.


As a new postgraduate MBA student, my goal is to work as an HR executive, where I will put the abilities I've gained throughout my studies to use.


My short-term goal as a new graduate student is to do my job efficiently and with dedication. My goal is to be recognised as the company's best employee out of all of them.


My short-term goal is to get an excellent job or two- to a three-month internship in a reputable company so that I can use my technical talents and develop into a valuable technical team member. to improve my practical and strong expertise from the organisation to get a decent job opportunity in the future.


As a graduate student, my short-term goal is to get job in a reputable organisation that will allow me to show my abilities and talents. I also want to get a few practical skills that will benefit my career.


As a fresher in software development, my short-term objective is to work as a software tester in the software industry. I also want to stay updated with technological advancements and always learn new things related to my field of expertise.


As a graduate student pursuing a BBA, my short-term goal is to take a position in sales marketing analysis and begin my career to get valuable experience and knowledge in various sales strategies. In the long run, I hope to pursue a Master of Business Administration degree in marketing that will help me grow in the modern world.


My long-term goal as an HR executive is to learn about the most recent hiring practices and apply them to the company. My long-term goal is to keep the lowest possible manpower costs without sacrificing manpower quality.


I have three years of experience in the operations field and am an experienced person. Additionally, I understand how to operate well in the management and operation fields, and my long-term goal is to get a manager position with a reputable company that will advance my career goals.


I have good communication skills, and as we all know, sourcing and communication skills are essential to being an effective HR professional. My internship in a recruitment executive profile is now over. As a recent college graduate, my short-term goal is to start working for a company in the business field.


My long-term goal is to become a photographer as I enjoy taking photos and using my creativity to explore other locations. As a short-term goal, I wish to work as a successful professional photographer. Having completed my official photography education, I have worked in many places throughout my life.


Because I have a strong interest in numbers, I have chosen to become an accountant from the start. My long-term goal is to work as a senior accountant for a reputable bank. In addition, I have worked in small-scale banking and have gained a deep understanding of the bank's procedures.




Setting short- and long-term goals is essential for success, whatever your objectives landing your ideal career, purchasing a home, or seeing the world. Long-term goals offer you a sense of purpose and direct your activities towards a better future, while short-term goals help you stay focused on the present moment and give you the motivation to go forward. Thus, give your dreams some thought and start setting goals that will help you achieve the life you've always dreamed.



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