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Why Were you Fired How to Answer this Difficult Question

Why Were you Fired - How to Answer this Difficult Question

It is the most challenging interview question to answer or it might be uncomfortable for some people to talk about this during the interview. If you have ever been fired, you might be wondering how to answer this question during the interview. So let’s see how to explain being fired in the job interview. In this article, we will discuss how to answer the question - why were you fired?  

Why does the interviewer ask This Question?

Let’s we will see what is the motive of the interviewer behind asking this question.  With the help of this most of the employers want to find out how you cope with difficulty. By asking such questions they will try to confirm you will not become a liability to their organization too. Actually recruiter tries to see that if you are able to take responsibility for your work misbehavior or not and they will also want to know that any issue will not occur in the future.

Ways to explain being fired in a job interview

 Here are some ways for how to tell an interviewer you were fired.

First, the important thing is you should always keep in mind that getting fired doesn’t mean you have a question mark on the resume. You could use the experience to show how you have developed yourself and an employee. However it is not a simple way to answer when the interviewer asks, have you been fired?

Always you should keep in mind that honesty is a good way. So you should tell the truth to the employer. Because if you somewhere found in a situation where you covered up firing on a resume you are pointlessly then it would be you are putting your career into the dangerous situation. If you lie about your termination then it would come ahead, from some other way. So whenever this kind of question comes up during your interview then try to keep as simple and explain the situation in very a clear and most purpose manner.

Another important thing is that you must learn from your mistakes. You should use them as an important point for telling the recruiter what you have learned in careers as well as in your own life. Always keep in your mind it is not compulsory that you get fired because of any misbehavior only, although there might be reasons like your working style and their hope didn’t match. While discussing the situation you always be confident.

You should be aware of your body language while answering this question during your interview, and how you are reacting to your answer.  You must understand what our body language is telling the interviewer, these postures might give different thought to the interviewer. You make sure you will clarify the issue to the interviewer in a good way and positively.

Have you been fired - Tips for answering this question

Here are some tips for giving the best answer to the question - why you have been fired?

  • You must practice yourself response - Before going for an interview you should be prepared for answering this type of question. It is the first important thing that you should feel comfortable while talking about getting fired, for that you must practice talking about it still you can answer it without feeling embarrassed or emotional.
  • Try to keep the answer brief and simple - You should avoid telling much on the topic on your past fired situation of what happened and that is the reason we should practice it before going for an interview. Try to keep your answers short and on point.
  • Your answer should be a strategic way in between interview - As we discussed in the above points of this article as it is not always necessary that you get fired because of any misbehavior. It could be other reasons like distinct in what you have to offer and what company actually wants. It could your way of working and their expectations might be different. But always your answer should be honest, short, and simple and point to point to the discussion should there.

What to avoid in this answer?

If you are really required to disclose that we were fired. So you can tell the employer about termination in a previous job, but while answering this question you must avoid saying the following things.

  • Must to avoid lying - You should try to prepare your response for answering this question and do not lie, because here you could lose your confidence if you will try to go for a lie situation. Or, you could actually get fired again from your new job company.
  • You should try to avoid using the word fired in your wordings –You must keep in mind that during the interview we supposed to sell ourselves so avoid saying the word fired. You can use words like while explaining the situation to the interviewer. The repetition of these words again and again in front of the interviewer which create negative thought towards you.
  • Avoid to tell negative about your past employer- You should avoid saying bad things about the previous job work it can make a negative impact on the employer. You must say positive things we have learned in the previous job and what we have contributed there.  


Getting fired is one of the worst things because we have to find another job with termination on our record and in every job interview we will have to answer this question. You must know how to say you were fired. In this article, we have given some tips with the help of which you will understand how to explain a termination in an interview. We also discussed the things that we should avoid while answering such questions. We must understand why employers ask such questions and what their motive is. In this article, we have discussed how to give the answer to the question of why you were fired? with the help of this, you can prepare your answers for such types of questions.


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