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Event Planner Resume - Skills and Examples

If you are looking for a job profile as an event planner, then it’s not difficult for you, if you are a skilled person. And in this article, we are going to discuss the skills for the event planner resume with its examples. So, please read it cautiously.

Some of you who have done or pursuing their degree in event planning has a thought regarding occasion arranging.  In the general talk, an event planner is a person who coordinates with all scenarios of professional gatherings, conferences, meetings, scheduling, and events. Also, an event planner oftentimes chooses meeting areas and organizes transport, different specifics, etc.

In the below paragraph, I described more about event planning skills, responsibilities workflow, etc.

And one more thing I want to say is, Event Planning is the method of estimation and some financial planning of the event. Being an event planning associate, it is necessary we need to examine and evaluate the outcome procured in connection to the objective.

So here we are going to talk about what to include in Your Event Planner Resume, what are event planning skills for resume, and Tips to write an event coordinator resume.

What to Include in Your Event Planner Resume

As we all know, we can’t get our dream job, if we are unable to grab the attention of the employer towards our Resume or in interview process rounds. So the most significant thing is, make the unmistakable parts of a convincing resume to exhibit our skills with the help of professional resume work.

And the same is applicable for the event planner resume. And to stand to get your job as an event planner skills and qualities play an important role.

Here are we will talk about certain points. If you just go through that points so you will get some basic idea about What to Include in Your Event Planner Resume are as follows,

  • The career objective explanation is the first step and every employer read it very carefully to know about goal meeting things as per their organization. You should carefully think if you are applying for an event planning executive? On your resume documents need have to make your Event Planner resume objective statement short and up to the point.

Having a proficient career objective will give you the benefits in excess of other candidates who basically make use of this sector to affirm their career and professionalism goals.

Below are a few sample examples for career objectives areas,

  • Searching for a position Event Coordinator of a company where I can get a chance to apply my knowledge in the field of management with my skills and proficiency for the help of the organization.
  • Well talented profit-oriented, communicational candidate well prepared for strategic implementing, organizational skills, and developing, looking for a profile in coordinating event role.


  • A second and important section on our resume we need to put down such as your full name, and mobile no., correspondence address, E-mail ID. Also, you may include your social media profiles like LinkedIn profiles, or if any personal website details.

For example,

  • Full name -
  • Contact details -
  • Email Id -
  • Address –
  • Social profile details if any –


  • We must write a skill section to maintain the professionalism of our resume because the employer always looks and read this skill section in more detail. Here, we need to write soft skills and hard skills. It would help to give a thought regarding every one of your accomplishments so as to establish a connection and meet the prerequisites for the applied profile.
  • You need to ensure that you list key skills for event management because the hiring executives would like to be acquainted with how proficient you are in performing various tasks simultaneously. 

For examples skills,

  • Motivational skills,
  • Problem-solving skills,
  • Multitasking skills,
  • Negotiation skills,
  • Budgeting skills,
  • Communication skills,


  • You should show your education section. The education part of your resume is supposed to be brief, specify the school, the degree, and the year of passing.
  • Apart from your education degree, you people have to show your certification course section, to grab the interviewer's attention on your resume documents. You can show up the certification list areas an example,
  • CMP,
  • CSEP,
  • CPCE,
  • CGMP


  • We need to add achievements and if possible have to show planning accomplishments and training, or any co-ordination skills.
  • If you are an entry-level event planner, you are able to though mention experience acquired all through internships or if you volunteered to help out organize in any event.
  • Keep your mainly chosen event management skills. Have to show your advanced skills like Microsoft Word, Excel, etc; and try to mention if you have expertise in a specific event co-coordinator that you have done.

Skill to Put on Event Planner Resume

Now it’s time to talk about the skills required for an event planner resume.  If you are looking for skills required of an event organizer then you go through the below points. Below are some event planner skills,

Administrative Skills –

Being an event coordinator you supposed to clever in office administrative skills, good in your organization in the arrangement, and a good understanding of people management.

For example, the skills areas,

  • Typing skills,
  • Research skills,
  • Customer service skills,
  • Self-motivational skills

Good in budgeting Skills –

This is the first, important factor skills for the event coordinator and you should perfect in it. You should enhance your budgeting and cash management skills. You should good in numbers, calculations, and major budget for the event-related. For example, you may consider the below skills for your resumes.

  • Critical thinking skills,
  • Delegation skills,
  • Well-Organizing skills,
  • Problem skills,

Show your negotiation skills –

If you are looking for event management then negotiating deals will be the most important component of your job as an event planner. Place, entertainment, beverages, about the services, etc; it will in all probability have to be a conversation.

  • Effective verbal skills,
  • Problem-solving skills,
  • Decision-making skills,
  • Listening skills,

Show your Multitasking Skills -

An event coordinator has the ability to perform multiple tasks simultaneously, so here you need to show up how you are in a good manageable style. If you are good at your multiple task handler works then it shows your organizer skills. Please note make the time limit, responsibilities, and task completion activity give motivation towards your work. For example, to improve your multitasking skills, you need to focus on the below skills,

  • Set priority work,
  • Task bifurcation,
  • Making an execution plan,
  • Review work details,

Flexibility Work skills –

The vital signs of flexibility give you a positive attitude towards work. It would help and gives a resilient change in the workplace. An event planner should more effective in these work skills. It would help you in customized work-hours, and part-time jobs, etc. As an event planner, you have to think rapidly and it depends on your work.

Adaptability Skills –

It is the most excellent event coordinator skills that you have to try to understand from your existing work. You should try to disseminate yourself with any innovative development, difficulties, or more daily changes in your work management style, and at all times have another plan ready. When you are enough in your adaptability skills it means there are more changes in your career growth and you can easy to adapt yourself to any kind of work environment. Adaptability skills are part of your success.

Strong customer Service -

In your resume, you should write customer-centric skills and it is valuable skills for an event planner. When employers find these skills while reading your skill section at that time it grabs the attention of the employer. Below are the customer service skills examples for your resumes,

  • Convincing skills,
  • Active listening skills,
  • Creativity skills,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Adaptability skills,
  • Communication skills,
  • Effective skills,
  • Decision-making skills,

Tips to Write Event Planner Resume

Finally, here we are going to see the guidelines to prepare a resume for the event planner. We know that arranging and events planning can be interesting, although it is a delicate profession. Therefore your resume should be of good quality to showcase yourself and tell the employer why you are the right candidate for them. Below are some tips to write an Event Planner Resume:

  • Do not forget to write a resume summary statement that is able to expressive and up to your applicant. It should shorten, effective resume summary for your job. You need to cover here experience, profile job role, or if any industry details being a fresher.
  • Write a good career objective for your event coordinator and most of the people employer believes in your proficiency objectives.  If you write your resume properly then it is a good advantage for you.  In the above, we have discussed sample career objectives for your reference.
  • For the event planning profile, you need to have illustrated the work experience for the relevant profile and have to explain how you planned it during your work history.
  • Mention your roles and responsibilities about work experience. Remember you have to specify your responsibilities details for an employer to tell how you can add value for their organization.  Write down only the relevant profile job description for your profile.
  • If you are a more experienced person in the event coordinator profile then you should use the professional resume sample format, cover letter, infographic resumes.
  • Consider a resume summary part. There are lots of types of event planners like, corporate planners, wedding planners, etc; it can be useful to emphasize your specific area of expertise at the top of the resume, where it is mainly able to be seen.


This article will definitely help you to prepare an attention-grabbing Event Planner Resume, how to write it, what are skills for it. If you search on Google for the event planner resume sample you will get more results for it.

Thank you for reading.


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