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Front Desk (Receptionist) Resume Summary with Samples

Want to learn about how to write Front Desk (Receptionist) Resume Summary for your career dream job? Then this article is the easiest way to know about, front desk receptionist resume.

In this post, I’m going to tell you everything about how to write a perfect match keywords resume (receptionist job description resume, front desk resume, and front desk receptionist). In various Industries, every organization needs a front desk receptionist. In short every small, and large Industry, need a receptionist to handle the front desk of the office.

Remember, having all the skills for Front Desk (Receptionist) is excellent for our daily life. But, if you want to grab the attention of the employer, you should tailor your resume most significantly

Summary for Receptionist Resume

Before you write a resume you must do something newsworthy, in other words, do preparation, and find the facts on how our resume would shortlist in the first attempt of a job application. Try for the first to endeavor the employers to attract with your resume.

Writing skills in the resume is very significant. As well as what are the things to avoid in the resume is also very important. Here first, you have to avoid irrelevant details for the receptionist resume career objective, or in profile summary. It means you have to keep your relevant skills and work details.

A perfect resume summary includes a short statement about, your achievements, and proficient details match with job requirements.

For experienced candidate - You have to write significant details as per your past history work experience. If you worked in a similar profile job role, need to add the details about the workplace.

For fresher candidate - You need to write the details in your resume summary statement as per the education internship or project-based, explore the quality skills that you have.

For receptionist CV, the communication skills knowing more than two proficient languages have their own unique Identity. So if you know write it without hesitation.

Use basic phrases, about receptionist skills such as computer skills, management skills, soft skills, problem-solving skills, database skills, MS office skills. Here, are few examples for the resume summary,

 Sample Example –

Front desk receptionist with two years of experience in the medical sector. Well qualified and hard worker with good management skills, and situational handling skills.

Sample Example –

Receptionist with five years of experience in the private sector industry, well-known languages, excellent accuracy computer typing speed, good in handling office culture work.

Sample Example –

Energetic office assistant with a year of experience taking care of an administration to a significant work style, maintaining desk work, with computer skills, answering the call, keep records of office work.

Front Desk Receptionist Resume Sample

If you are going to apply for the receptionist job, you need to follow some tips for writing a resume.

Your job experience in the customer service industry also plays an important role in your receptionist work experience. Your interpersonal skills, like communication skills, play an important role in the front desk receptionist job. Your personality and goal-oriented thinking is the main part of this job.

Roles & responsibilities for the receptionist that has to be a tailor with your resume: We are going to discuss some samples for the resume which are helpful in the career of the front desk receptionist; the following are some important points that we need to be discussed in the points of the receptionist. If you have thought that you have to be a capable receptionist the start is from your resume.

Resume Sample Example –

Summary Statement –

  • Receptionist with a years' experience worked in large scale industry sectors. Strong in managing the task, problem-solving with database management professional work style.

Career Objective -

  • Looking to apply front desk receptionist in management with high communication skills, and abilities in an association that will enable me to develop with your organization. 


  • Designation Name (Front Desk Receptionist)
  • Work duration (-----)
  • Company Name (-----)
  • Address (-----)

Roles and Responsibilities –

  • Responsible for handling all incoming calls,
  • Scheduling the appointment for a meeting,
  • Keeping customer visit records,
  • Handling visitor, and answering those queries,
  • Ensuring to keep receptionist area as cleaned,
  • Greeting the guests, arranging the cabin,
  • Keeping track for an Interviewed candidate




  • Keeping a record of basic checks and communication handling.
  • Ensuring all visitors following security compliance
  • Receiving and answering all the emails
  • Contribute to the team for completing a task.
  • Taking care of documentation and communications with visitors.
  • Document and letter preparation.
  • Ordering the office raw material 
  • Preparing the Invoice for office expensive        
  • Taking follow up with payment details
  • Scheduling the travel
  • Managing the orders of the organization.

Key skills

  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Multi-tasking skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Active Listening
  • Collaboration Work skills
  • Data Enter skills
  • Computer Skills


  • Flexibility
  • Result –Oriented
  • Presentation skills
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Decision –making skills
  • Customer handing
  • Verbal skills
  • Planning skills

Education/Qualification Details –

  • Degree Name (---)
  • School Name (---)
  • Percentage (---)
  • Year of Passing (---)

Achievements -

  • Awarded the best customer satisfaction certificate.
  • Appreciation from the management department for keeping records with perfection.


If you are a beginner or experienced candidates, then you have to keep a vital note in mind that you need to build your resume best. Keep your resume relevant, simpler, and effective manner to give to the hiring manager, so you will get an opportunity to work with the organization. 

Also, we have covered the receptionist resume examples, receptionist job description resume, and receptionist resume objective for your references. Your work experience is the area covers the most significant part of your profession as a front desk receptionist.

The above article would help you to understand all the things which you need to write in the resume whether you are entry-level or mid-level candidates.


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