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Get Your CV Format Right Pro Tips for Newbees

Get Your CV Format Right - Pro Tips for Newbees

If you are fresher and you don’t know the correct format of your CVs, so you should not worry about this. Here, we are going to discuss the CV format and the most important tips for you that will help to get prepare your CV in the right format. In general, you should aware of things as before you go for the interview because for the first time you always get shortlisted with the help of your resume only. You always are serious on your resume, because your resume represents your skills and experience at the time of the interview.

When you get a first degree and pass out from university or any college that time you have no idea where to search for the job and you don't have much understand what type of CV need to write for the very first time, which content should in the resume, or which content should not be in your CV.

In this article, we have focused; if you are a student that which points you should keep in your CV or how to write a CV. For those fresher students, this article will be helpful.

We are also going to discuss how to build a resume and what are the content should be included in the CV and what should be the things should be avoided while building a CV. If we talk for the recruitment process then there two initial stages for the interview those are screening and shortlisting process.

  • CV screening by a recruiter - When anyone of you applying for any type of job on the portal, that time recruiter searches your CV, which they try to match with the desired profile requirement. A CV screening interview is a very initial part of the job interview process. With the help of CV screening, the employer takes some understanding of your qualifications and your background details, where they get a rough idea about your profile and they got the perception of whether you are right or not for the required position in that organization. However, in the screening process, many candidates' profiles are selected but employers do not take an interview with all candidates.

Here we have mentioned resume tips for students that must have to follow while giving an interview.

  • Shortlisting your resume – In this process, your CV is screened by the employer in a very closer way and they try to shortlist your resume with the help of skills, qualifications, the experience you carry, achievements, and strengths that you have mentioned in your CV.   

Below are the tips and points that you should take care of making your CV  are as follows,      

Always you need to keep name and contact details on your CV because you have to get feedback or call of the interview from your contact number or mail id, so it is an initial thing that you have to mention on your CV. Ensure your details should be short and it should not be more detailed.

  • Your email id should very professional - At the fresher level, most of the students and candidates are not aware of which kind of email id they need to keep in their CV, because at the college time you have not been mostly used your email ids. If you do not have professional id then, you need to create your professional mail id, nowadays conversations are mostly done through mails even appointments are fixed on emails only as well as so many things regarding the interview are done with the emails. It also makes a good impression on employers.

You need to choose the right sample of CV from an online resume builder and you could take the reference from experienced or any senior people in it.

Match your cover letters to the resume, nowadays cover letters are a very important part of the CV. It gives information about you in a very short manner overview. These resume writing tips 2020 will help you to make an impressive resume.

  • Make your education section powerful in CV - keeping education details is the initial content of your resume. Because every field has its special education, diploma, special course degree, and the companies build the criteria for the job so that they can easily shortlist the candidate with the degree, passed year and percentage. Most of the employers focus on your special education section.
  • Work experience - It is a very important part of your CV because on that basis your increment and your next level designation are depending. So that lists all the places where you have worked before as well as mention dates of your responsibilities. If you have multiple campiness work experience then that time you should list all those campiness details. Or if you are a fresher candidate then you should keep the details about your internship, project details that you have completed during college time.

 Your work history always shows progress with a field. Newly graduated with experience in jobs or internships. Fresher graduates who don’t have experience can also use the chronological format of the CV. because the chronological format first one and the most common format containing your educational details and professional, past and present experience is at the top place in the cv.

  • Make your good achievement in CV - you should mention all achievements or awards that you have got in the previous organization or at your college level.

 If any work gap then you should always write an explanation to your career gap with valid reason then so your shortlisting chances would increase.

Write a resume summary at the initial description of the resume, it must include your goal and reason to give an interview. 

You should use simple subheading to the different sections, it looks better while the employer goes through your CV. 

  • In your CV you should use bullet points for the points to be highlighted. Don’t try to write false details on your resume, because when the employer asks anything about you don’t know that will make a bad impression on the employer. And your profiles will not shortlist.
  • Try to make your CV simple short and more descriptive that will create an impact on the employer at the time of the interview.
  • You should add space where you need it.  Mostly use font Calibri or Arial font format to write a resume.  Also, concentrate on page margin. Also, you should add bullets for the area of interest, and date of birth, etc.
  • For your CV set font size 10-12 so that employers can easily read the resume content and your subheading, as well as the font size, matters a lot in the resume.
  • Need to use correct keywords in the resume which will help you in shortlisting the resume, when you put the correct keyword in the resume that time it helps you to sort a relevant job for you.
  • You should use a functional CV format it is the best for the people who have a gap in employment and who want to show their skills over the companies and titles, people who want to change into a new career.


This article will help the fresher as well as experienced in the resume building.  The people who have gaps in career and education will help them in CV writing. If you looking change in your career this article will help them in the resume building.


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