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How to List Education on a Resume Tips and Example

As everyone knows education is the most vital need of our life. We cannot imagine life without an education and without education; our life is also a waste. Education is a very precious gift for each and every life. Your good education degree also plays a very important role in getting you a good dream job.

With the help of education, you can get a good job. With higher education, you have chances to get a good salary and position. Like other necessary things, education is also an important requirement nowadays. Education not just helps you get a job, it makes you a better person, and it helps to live in challenging any kind of environment.

Having a good education gives us knowledge and makes us a better person and provides a unique personality. An only learned people are able to connect with dissimilar language people and share with them their knowledge and thoughts and learn new things as well.

So in this article, we are going to give you answers to few questions about education, why it is important to mention it in your resume and also where we should put it on the resume so it will mark a good impact on the employer.

Why Put Education on Resume

Let us see through this paragraph why the education section is important on a resume; we all know the importance of education in our lives. Having an education section in your resume knocks you into an opportunity for the interview. However, without educational qualifications, you cannot think to apply for a job even.

Below with the help of a few points, we will try to explain to you why you should put an education on Resume. So, let's see.

  • Mentioning educational qualifications on your resume is very helpful for the new fresher graduate candidate because they just start searching for a job, or even you are a high school candidate, then putting in resume education section is the only most essential documents.
  • When you write an education section in your resume section, it becomes easier for employers to decide on your job profile application.
  • Mention education on a resume is a very vital requirement because through your education the interviewer easy to understand, about your past or current qualification.
  • Having your education details on resume provides you the opportunity for the interviews after applying job application.

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  • When you keep education details in your resume it shows your expectations according to your education qualification.
  • Having an education on your resume always provided information about your authenticity to the interviewer and shows your honest behavior. It indicates that you have an authorized university or high school education degree.
  • Putting your educational qualifications, degree on the resume is important and it shows your authority or match for that particular applied job profile role.


What Information to Include in the Education Section on Resume

Whenever you start preparing the resume, you should always use a special section to Educational qualifications, only your qualification tells about you before hiring. But here you can face a challenge on how to write educational qualifications in a resume. Below section we will give you a few examples as per your situation you can select them or you can take an idea from them.

For Non-graduate Candidate –

If you are a graduate and you are still in college then certainly such candidate doesn't have any experience but there is always a concern in their mind as to how they should show education in their resume.

In this paragraph, we will tell you how you can list education in your resume and it is not at all difficult for you just to show your education in a good way. You just have to show honesty in your resume and write down everything that you have and you have achieved in an undergraduate. So, let's see how to list education on a resume if still in college.

  • In your undergraduate education qualification first, you should write your higher education, Name of school, year Subject, You’re Marks, etc.

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  • Before you write education in your undergraduate Resume must think about how to list education in progress on resume.
  • You can show on your resume you still trying to pursuing graduation or want to join some specialization certification.
  • You should write your Award or any scholarships, participated in activity if any during your school or in undergraduate. It always creates a positive attitude towards your resume.


Sample Example Education detail,

  • Higher Education Name -
  • Name of School -
  • Your Education subject Name -
  • Your Marks percentage or grade –
  • School Award Activity Name -

For Graduate candidate –

Here you have a lot of summaries to write if you compare the undergraduate candidate education with your graduate degree qualification. Just one thing you have to keep in mind, here is how you show your professional education details in your resume.

  • Start with giving information about qualification graduation degree, Name of Institute or University, Name of course or subject you did, Position and passing year.

    Also, you need – Career Objective (for Graduates Fresher) to list on resume
  • You should write Academic Awards, achievements, and activities during your new fresher graduate degree on the resume section.

Sample Example Education detail,

  • Degree Name -
  • Institute or University Name -
  • Name of Specialization course -
  • Percentage of degree or grade -
  • Year of Passing details –
  • Graduation Award details –

For Higher Education Candidate –

Here we will discuss this section, which will help you to keep the education section on your resume for the higher degree qualification.

  • For the higher education candidate, you should first start the resume from your educational qualification with the Name of stream, name of institute or university, and year of completed details.
  • Use bullet points to highlight the important keywords on your resume, and keep your internship or any industrial project details and very truth details only.
  • If you are searching for a job immediately then don’t miss these key skills to list on your resume.

Sample Example Education detail,

  • Institute or University Name -
  • Graduation and Post-graduation degree Name -
  • Percentage or course Grade details -
  • Awards and Honors details -
  • Certifications details -

Education or Experience - What Comes First

In your resume what should you mention first it is very important to know whether education or experience. You have to mention both but what should be their sequence in the resume that depends on many things. In this paragraph, we will discuss it.

So let’s first look at education,

If you are still in college or just completed your graduation and don't have any kind of work experience then writing education is good for the fresher candidate, high school, or undergraduate candidate. This means that if you want to attract the study of an employer at a first level, then your education is a vital educational detail only.


Having a good experience is very beneficial for your resume and shows you a different identity at the time of the interview between all your interview competitors. You should show the experience section of your resume in a very good and attractive way to show your knowledge well to an interview.

An interviewer is always less interested in any fresher education if they have experience candidate resume profile during the interview. You should remember it is depending on whether you are fresher or you already have working experience. It is also depending on the organization's needs as well.

Education Section Writing Tips on Resume

In the above mentioned whole article is dedicated to the education section on resume or education on resume examples, means how you should mention education in different resume.

Before closing this article we would like to give you a few short tips so that you always keep in mind whenever you formatting your resume.


  • Always mention your educational qualification in your resume, never try to skip, whether you have long working experience or not.
  • You should always show things by using highlighter or bulleted points in your education section resume.
  • You should never forget the sequence to display your education details on your resume.
  • Always write the university or institute name for your completion degree or high school to make a good impression on the interviewer.
  • Need to write honest degree details along with appropriate grade or percentage details in your resume section.
  • Never forget to display your awards, project, achievements or any participant activity with your education if you are fresher or undergraduate or high school candidate.

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  • For the level of fresher entry-level candidate always show your educational background qualification on the resume.
  • Always mention some transferable skills, interpersonal and social skills with your education whether you are fresher or experienced.
  • Use Resume good format which would help you to show your educational details in a very good manner.
  • You should not show the education details in your resume format in a mismatched way, it should be very simple and understandable.


In this article, we have explained each and every aspect of how or where you should mention your education in your resume. We hope the article will help you understand when we have to give importance to education and when we have explained more about our experience.

When you mention you’re all educational qualifications, degree, internship, the certification that gives the interviewer more knowledge about your other facts and skills. So it is always good to give employer information through educational background resume.  

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