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Top 10 Graphic design Interview Questions and Answers

Graphic designer jobs are increasing more ordinarily, due to the demand for Information technology. This is great news for fresher as well as an experienced candidate, who is looking a career in this sector.

There are millions of graphic designer service providers who are attracting people with the help of various beautiful websites, using creativity dimensions designs, and inspiring the colorful life.

However, if you people chose your career in this sector then you have more opportunities to show your creative skills, it is an easier career goal for you.

In this article, we will discuss the graphic design interview questions and how to answer these questions. Here we would discuss the top common graphic design interview questions and answers, which are asked frequently and would help you in the interview.


Q. Please tell me, what are the components of graphic design?

Sample Answer - For the graphic design the few components are as follows -

  • Use of good Contrast Image.
  • Have a check of Repetition.
  • Alignments factor.
  • Composition work.

Q. Could you tell me what are the elements of graphic design?

Sample Answer - A graphic designer always work on effective image and for that, they always focus on vital elements such as,

  • Color
  • Lines
  • Texture
  • Value
  • Size
  • Spaces
  • Shape

Q.  What do you mean by UI design, please tell?

Sample Answer - First of all, I would like to tell you - the abbreviation of UI design is the user interface. With the help of UI design, you can make interfaces in software or computerized with a focus on looks or style.

User interface design includes screen format, progress, interface activities, and each and every single scale interaction. With the help of user interfaces, we can connect with different designs.

Also, with the help of user interface design, we can make the user's connection as easy and effective as possible, in terms of satisfying client objectives.

Q. what are the frequently used tool for graphic designers, name those?

Sample Answer – Below are the following tools name for a graphic designer –

  • Adobe Creative Suite
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Pixlr
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • DeviantArt
  • Visual tool
  • Capture One

Q. Please tell, what are 3 dimensions use in graphic design?

Sample Answer - Every dimension has it's own specialization effect. The 3 dimensions are made with a computer realistic image to bring live activity and utilizing 3 dimensions pictures effect. Mostly use it in motion pictures, animated movies.

Q. Could you tell me about image editing software? Name some image editing software.

Your answer should be very simple in your own wording like - With the help of image editing software, you can modify images either they can be digital photographs or can be regular photochemical photographs, or representations.

The image editing software helps us to focus on an image, it also helps you to highlight your essential topics and it can convert an ordinary picture into something truly effective amazing. For example, the software editors are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Pixlr Editor, etc.

Q. What according to you is a UX Design, please brief it?

Sample Answer - The UX design is the abbreviation for user experience. In UX Design you should know how the end-user feels when interfacing with the framework. The user may interface with a system such as a website, software, or any other web application which should be user friendly. So here you can say that UX design majorly focuses on the overall of our experience.

In other words, we can say the user experience is related to the interaction between the user and a product or service.

Q. Please tell, what separates UX design, Visual Design, and Graphic design from one another?

Sample Answer - Here we can say that recognizing highlights of the different programming can be as

Generally, with the use of UX Design, we can improve the user experience on the website. Here we can use the UX design to improve the appearance of the website to make it simple, clear, and easy to understand.

Whenever you want to communicate with the help of color, hierarchy, typeface, and images to create designs at that time you can use graphic design. In basic words whatever the plan the client sees is named as a visual design.

Q. Please tell me, what are the different types of graphic design projects?

Sample Answer - Here we can discuss the most common types of graphic design projects are as follows visual identity graphic design, marketing & advertising graphic design, user interface graphic design, motion graphic design, environmental graphic design, etc.

Also, in graphic design, we can create motion graphics like animated logos, advertisements, tutorial videos, presentations, websites, video games, GIFs, etc.

The first is the visual identity graphic design and in this, we design the brand's identity with the assistance of pictures, shapes, and shading. Secondly, the other areas marketing & advertising graphic design which is used for designing postcards, flyers, print ads, billboards, brochures, etc.

Q. Why did you choose graphic design as your career?

Sample Answer - According to me the graphic designers are expressing their creativity day by day in the 21st century and we are thinking creatively. With the help of a graphic designer profile role, we are developing our own skills.  A good graphic design assists the producer connects with the user.

In other words, we can convey certain thoughts or messages through visuals with the assistance of visual computerization. Also, it provides unique identification during our work culture. 


The above article will help you know about graphic design. It will give you a brief idea of what are the possible questions likely to be asked for a graphic design interview, and how you can answer the interview questions in a successful manner.



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