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Bad Work Habits In 2019

9 habits that are committed by each of us in our work life:

With New Year comes New Year’s resolutions. But for many of us, it is hard to find those lousy habits which need to be removed from our lives. Scrutinize each day; know where you need to change and learn accordingly.  But if you are finding it difficult to understand the damaging habits, below is the list such as follow: 

1. No man can be wised on an empty stomach:

If you avoid meals and lunch breaks because you do not feel like or because you have to do too much work in less time then you better stop neglecting the necessity to eat. If you do not eat enough, your body will not be able to radiate energy to your mind; this leads to less productive and messier work. Better make it a habit to never miss meals.

2. Make Friday most productive day of your week:

You need to stop postponing your to-do list on Monday. Monday is your start for the week and if you are not prepared for it since Friday, then you will not enjoy the rest of your week and you will feel like rushing to home as soon as you enter the office.

Prepare your to-do list on Friday, so that you have a clear picture of what it needs to be achieved in the coming week.

3. Never postpone today’s work for tomorrow:

This piles up work for tomorrow and stresses you till the point you become unproductive and feel lazy. It is better if you complete today’s work today itself. Keep practicing this and you will not be able to neglect today’s work ever in future.

4. Do not compromise when it comes to your health:

I used to work in sickness, which leads to acute sickness and I was hospitalized. I had to go through hospital bills, medicine bills just because I thought I can pull it off during sickness. Never underestimate sickness. Even if you are mildly sick, drop off everything and take proper medication and rest.

5. Stop being an introvert:

If you are here for a long time then you need to drop off the introvert character of your nature. This holds you back and hinders your growth and image. Start talking to people from the office. Know more about each other, learn what their life goals, recite your stories and stay enclosed amongst these colleagues.

6. Know the worth of money:

In real words, you need to stop spending your paycheck on useless items. You can make a grocery list, personal list and go to the shop once in a month. This will save money not buying unnecessary things. You can use cash instead of credit card, through this step you can have an eye on the amount of cash in your hand which will be helpful in giving you a reality check.

7. Do not hate your workplace:

Save yourself from settling at the workplace you do not like, by simply talking to the people working there. Interact with people working there and if you think you can survive here through thick and thin then better not let it go.

8. Keep your brain open:

My job used to consume all my energy which left me with only one option, “sleep as soon as I reach home”. Due to a tight schedule at the workplace, I was too tired to try and learn something new. There were times when I used to sleep without having dinner, resulting in waking up on an empty stomach.

This reduced my will to go through the day. Hence I decided to quit that place and started working at a place that promised me enough time and opportunity to learn and grow. My advice will be, your office environment must be positive and should not hinder your way to growth.

9. Holding on to a wrong job:

Your job should not feel like a burden. If you are not happy with your current job then you should quit it rather than hanging on it for the sake of money. Change your path. Do something you wanted to get done for a long time. You can follow your heart and pursue the passion which thrives your willingness to strike hard. Everyone will face their share of difficulties while adapting these habits. It is not going to be easy but it is not impossible. I hope even one of these helps you to grow and prosper in ways you did not know were possible.

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