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Group Discussion Topics on Politics with Questions and Answers

Finding a Job in today's market is the most challenging task for the applicant. 

Generally, when we go for an Interview, we have to go through at least three-four Interview process rounds of Interview - Interview rounds can be are as follows,

  • Resume Screening Process
  • Aptitude Test 
  • Group Discussion
  • Technical rounds
  • Manager rounds
  • Final HR discussion

The interview sequence may be different, or we can say it is totally relying upon the employer. Many applicants get rejected in the Group Discussion Interview process, because interviewers give a GD  topic at an instant in the GD round, and candidates have to speak in front of their Interview competitor, however many candidates fear speaking in front of a group of people.

However, we can't think about what kind of subject we would get in the GD Interview process. To get ready for GD Interview - we have to update ourselves as per current trends, news, and general knowledge. There are many group discussion topics for the interview. Most of the employer gives subject related to today's world like - what is going on today in the country and about their political activities, etc.

Let's have a look in GD topics on current affairs & politics are as follows –

Political Facts in India

Here the facts may be the group discussion about present politics in India to know how many new things we know that are happening around and more details. Let's here we would see the sample reference for this subject which is mentioned below –

Sample Answer 1 -

According to me the most significant actuality of India which causes you to feel glad is that women of India assume the fundamental function in every single part like, instruction, carriers, space, training, and legislative issues too. These are the main positive points of Indian politics. 

Sample Answer 2 -

I have a lot of enthusiasm for politics. There are many people who are not keen on politics and who have misinterpretations about politics. Because of that, there are numerous individuals who think giving votes is an exercise in futility. However, they don't know your one vote can change their life. Some people don't vote and that is the reason they face many problems and only criticize politics. 

Sample Answer 3 -

The main fact of India is that there are many states where education is mandatory. For example - If we talk then In Tamilnadu state all the politicians are well educated like all are doctors. That is the main reason Chennai is medical capital. We should try in other states also. Then you can see changes and it will help to become a developed country.

India is full of color in culture, religion, language, and festivals. The politics are also full of color because there is a politician who is a fair person.

Group discussion on Worlds Politics

Generally, this is the topic for an interview or for group discussion. In world politics, there are many topics which are going too held by an employer because India has good relation and connectivity with many other countries.

As this group discussion topic for students is important who are preparing for government exams, like UPSC exams, etc.

If the GD topic is - What do you think is Politics important in each country?

The sample Answer of Yes, I think politics should be there in each country because there are various divisions that are working for various issues. Politics are much important to maintain the system structure for their countries. So if anyone faces a problem they can complain to that respective division, so that work goes accordingly. 

For example, if we see there are many countries that have heavy population counts - it could be many problems that could be occurred or might have they face any challenge so there should be a department of people who are working for them. So there should be politics in each country

The Sample Answer of No - Some of the time I feel like governmental issues are tied in with accusing each other as opposed to accomplishing work. If they are unable to complete it on time or failed in their work at that time. They either accuse resistance or either condition or circumstance.

If the GD topic is - What if youth are involved in politics?

The sample Answer of Yes, - As we living in the 21st century,    Youth politics people are looking for a new change with the country, and they are more interested to do more, looking for work systems in political systems. As per my knowledge youth in our country have lots of knowledge about systems or technologies.

The youth has their ideas. If they will take part in that it will be very helpful with new ideas and technologies. For example like in Maharashtra state there are many young people who are working for Maharashtra. People think they can make changes in Maharashtra.

If we talk about Maharashtra politics gd topic these things you can mention. So of course from my view youth should be involved in politics. So obviously from my view, the youth ought to be associated with governmental issues.

The sample Answer of No, as per my according, the more experienced person in politics can handle various work in a smooth way, and provide more effective Ideas to various divisional sector people work. 

In short, the youth should not be part of politics. If the youth doesn't have any work experience then they can't settle on an ideal choice for the nation. The system flow it must to work in being a political person. So I don't think youth should be involved in politics. In overall without experience youth is not much suitable person for it.

If the GD topic is - Is Politics in colleges necessary or not?

The sample Answer of No, I am completely against it; politics should not be in college. If the politics are there then students can't do more focus on their studies. However, politics ought to be banned in every college, and school.

Every student has their own freedom work style, the politics never to do it for them. Due to a political issue rather than meeting up and tackling the difficult they divided into two gatherings. So as per my point of view, college politics should be banned.

The sample Answer of Yes, Somewhere we can do work as a politics there, but it should not be more. For example, if some work is yet not done then we can work in a group and complaint to the management team so it gets it done smooth way.

Here, every candidate has their opinions that may be different... 

Here are some examples of the subject that can be asked at the time of the interview in GD.

  • Which country in this world has fair politics?
  • What do you think politicians should give chance in politics that have criminal records?
  • Import or Export of materials helps to improve relations in countries.

Group discussion on Indian Politics

Let's have looked in detail here. The mentioned sample answer will help you at the time of group discussion on politics in India. However, Indian politics has many things that have two sides. 

If the GD topic is - What do you think Indian politics is responsible for backwardness?

The sample Answer of Yes, According to my view political issues is more answerable for backwardness. People only need food, clothes, and home. We can say these all are the basic needs for every human however still now most people don't have these basic needs. 

In India, most of the population is from rural areas and they work as a farmer. However, they are not getting daily needs things. Here, we can say that due to a lack of leadership qualities of politicians and inefficient work systems.  That is the primary explanation I think political issues are more liable for backwardness.

The sample Answer of No, I don't think that politics is totally responsible for backwardness because some of the people have the facility still they live their life according to them. The politics department is more focusing on education, hence there is less chance for backwardness because every educated people can easy to take a job everywhere and they can full-fill the basic needs for living life.

In the rural end still, many people think education is not that important to the girls because girls have to live their life only at home. So what is the use of girls to become educated? 

Governments are doing their level best project and they are announcing the many packages to the farmer and unemployed people. This is not a problem of politics.

If the GD topic is - Is education mandatory for politicians?

Sample Answer of Yes, if we would see in every sector, education is more significant components for everyone whether you are a political employee or any private sector employee. Education helps people develop their own skills and give more opportunity to grab the new technology. 

However, if you are in politics then he/she should be a well-educated person.  For the politics the education is mandatory. In my opinion, every minister should be well educated for their sector as a similar education minister or health minister. Modern education gives new ideas and new thoughts.

Sample Answer of No, Somewhere I feel the degree is not required all the time. In politics, the experience plays a lot of significance. In simple terms, if you have a lot of experience then your abilities also improve automatically.  

In today's era, there are many people who achieve things at a very small age even if they don't have sufficient education or a degree. I think the only thing which matters is the skill or knowledge of that field. So if you have the skill to become politicians then you can do that.

Here are some examples of GD subject details that can be given by the employer at the time of the interview; however you may prepare the answer on it as per your study.

  • What was the effect of demonetization on normal people?
  • According to you which is the state in India who have great politicians?
  • Is politics issues is for money related addition of government officials.
  • Is age should be limited in politics?
  • In India has the economy benefited by demonetization? Or Not.
  • What is the difference you can see between the Congress and the BJP politics government?
  • What do you think about digital India?
  • Is corruption is a piece of politics irrespective of being all parties.
  • What is Jan Dhan Yojna?
  • Is there any use of 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao'?             


This article will help you to prepare for group discussion topics. Nowadays there are many topics for group discussion like Political facts about our India. This will help you clear the idea about what kind of topics they can ask at the time of the interview. Also, it will help you to crack the GD interview round.  This article will help you to clear the concept of many things. After reading the above article, you'll come to know what different group discussion topics on current affairs are. 


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