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How I choose a Perfect Career for me and which Job should I have

How I Choose a Perfect Career for Me and Which Job Should I Have

Choosing a perfect career is one of the most important decisions in your life. Firstly start by thinking about how much time you spent at work. We all spend around 70% of the time on the job every year. Our half-life spends on work. So this is the most important decision about how to choose a perfect career, choose a career where you satisfied. 

Some people are lucky because they know what they want, but most people are not aware of what they want. I think some people do not put effort to choose a career, they choose the wrong way and end up unhappy.  If you want a satisfying work-life then you choose a career that best for you. Sometimes people choose the wrong career and then frustrate themselves for a long time. Your one wrong decision is destroyed your professional life as well as harm your personal life. So,

It’s better to choose a perfect career

But how? There are so many things that you use to choose a perfect career that suits you perfect. A lot of people choose the wrong career because of inappropriate guidance, so take care you should not be one of them. 

"What career is right for me? career is the point of every person's life because of cut through competition going in the market if you want your presence to work hard and smart for a career. The right career and job bring you success and happiness. But if you make mistakes in job decisions, through using information get from the wrong people, that is too simple or not based on research, it can damage your whole career life. Choosing a career is not as simple as well as not very difficult if you know about your dreams and what you want to achieve in life then it’s easy to find what job is perfect for you. 

When you start to make a decision regarding the career firstly make a list of your hobbies and interesting area. Because when your actual career starts at that time your hobbies help you to achieve growth in a reputed organization, interest area make new research in your work. That’s why when you’re thinking about “which job should I have?” these things matter more. Due to some circumstances, you can take a wrong decision but please avoid it, because when you didn’t happy in your career life your personal life also changes and it's very badly effected by your health also. Your career life and personal life go hand in hand.  

Below some important tips that you use or follow to choose a perfect career.

 When you choosing a career this point should you consider?

  1. Interest
  2. Talents
  3. Values
  4. Job outlook

Interests- interests called the things you enjoy doing. Example- art, reading, exercise, etc. but why interests are important-because a person interested in their work will find work more enjoyable. It is considered a key motivating factor in performing well at a job. 

Talents- talents are called as the things or abilities that you are naturally good at doing or something that you learned to do well.
values means are the beliefs and ideas that are important to you. Value is important because if your personal values are not in line with your career, you will likely be dissatisfied and unfilled at work.
 Job outlook- job outlook is the estimated change in the number of people employed in an occupation. It is important to consider because it will determine your ability to find a job and may affect your earning potential. When selecting a career it is important to take a balanced approach.
It is unlikely that one career will perfectly match all five factors- interests, talents, skills, value, and job outlook.

Taking a balanced approach 

Will help you select a realistic and attainable career path.
You will more likely be satisfied with your career over the long term.
You are more likely to be able to find a good-paying career.

When you think about a career or choose the right career, you must understand yourself. Teach your interests, skills, aptitudes and work value. This self-assessment helps you to understand yourself. These tips will not tell you what to do but they help you to decide what is right for yourself. If your education complete and you have more experience through education then you will know more what fits you.
Most people start their first job when we are in our 22 age. We are not deciding our careers in our first jobs. Before you jump into a professional word, understand more about yourself. Self-assessment is important because you devoting your energy, your hard work, time, as well as emotions.

You can evaluate yourself in these tips

Interest- When you choose a career; it is helpful to find career options that are related to your interests. Evaluate the interest where you increase your chances of future happiness and success. You evaluate yourself you will get no. of career options that match your interests, you will able to understand your interest profile.
Evaluate your hobbies - your hobbies are most important in your career. Find out your hobbies are considered what you like to do and how that fits into your career.

For example,

  1. If you like dancing, consider becoming a dance choreographer. 
  2. If you like cooking, consider becoming a chef.                       

Evaluate dream career

  • Aspiration- evaluates your goals and what you have planned to reach those goals.
  • Skills- you hire on your skills. Skills and aptitudes are the most important part of your career. Skills give you future employment and aptitudes are helping you.
  • Self Confidence- evaluate the quality of your work and assess you have skills or you capable to achieve them.
  • Leadership.
  • Risk-taking- when you do something you have to guts to take the risk. And take decisions out of your comfort zone.
  • Politeness- when something is wrong you are polite to take the blame.

Find your dream job.

Find out who you are?

Get a job- any job because a job teaches you many things like personality development, teamwork, leadership, professionalism, drafting emails. Strength and weaknesses- your strength give you direction and your weaknesses tell you what you need to work on. Ask your colleagues because they know your style of work and Evaluate the work you have done in the past. Make list your strengths and weaknesses this realization help you figure out who you are. 

Evaluate the reason for being- find to answer 

1. What are you good at? 
2. What do you love to do? 
3. What does the world need? 
4. What can you get paid for? 

In the journey of finding your dream job, these questions help you think in the right direction.

How to figure out what your dream job

Make a list of the job that you like- through Google search some professional job that you like.  Join different clubs- being part of these clubs they develop your speaking skills. In clubs people from different professions, like dr. engineers, soft skills trainer, politicians, and fashion designers, so they help you to decide what my dream job is. So if you find out your dream job you need to go out and interact with humans. 
Learn skills- make a list that you have skills that you are interested in, go out there and learn them attend the workshop, attend classes. 

Career test

If you are confused about your career choice, then you can go for a career test. Career test means there is 1 question paper is set you need to solve this in the time period. Career test intention is to ascertain your knowledge, skill, interests, ability, and strength and then they suggest you a career that matches your personality. When you complete this question paper they suggest 2 or 3 career options that match your profile.

To look for golden guidance

In society the number of career counselors and professionals workshop who can help you to choose the right career. Also, you can find valuable guidance from your family and friends and well-wisher they help you to choose a perfect career depending upon the personality that you have. In a market number of self-evaluation tools, also online career test analysis.

Learn about occupations

Job satisfaction is more important when you choose a career or job, so learn about occupation and then choose a perfect career. When you learn about occupations you realize why you are dissatisfied with your job. 

Learn about jobs that you interest.

Learn from the newspaper, online career site, career test, training program, seminar, and training.

Create a list of job that you have like

Write down a trade that you are like in. doesn’t worry if your job list is long. Write those things that fascinate you, also add those things that you know little about. Also, you make list your favorite companies, their website. So you learn something unique and amazing.

Research on your job list

When you complete making a list, start a search for the job, search for the company so you can get some basic ideas. Find the job responsibilities and job description, find job eligibility. Then start by the searching company website, there you give a company review, company history, product, environment as well as company management. These searching help you find the perfect job. Upload your resume, but make sure it is up to date and tip-top. Find the best job sites, websites, job search engine sites. Focused on your job search app, find a job where you want to work and using keywords that match your interests. These criteria help you to search relevant job list.

Select the perfect one

Find information into the list on your job research, make a list and remove extra data that you do not want. Remove career that not match your interest and your personality and shortlisted some perfect job.

To recognize your purpose

Firstly you decided on your goals. Make plans and write down your short-term and long-term goals. Work on your strengths and weaknesses as well as work on your interest. Short term goals take time around 1 year to 3 years to achieve, Long term goals reached within 3 years to 6 years. Find an organization where you have a responsible position and gain practical experience. Search company that focuses on customer satisfaction.

How to choose your profession

When all is done, it's time to choose your perfect career. Choose this career that you make happy. Make sure you can start your career at any stage of life. Think of jobs you can do that allow you to do what you are good at.

  • Informational interviewing. 
  • Search position that suits you.
  • Interview in different jobs

When you decide what jobs you have, then it is time to use your reference and go for interviews that match your shortlisted list. This kind of interview helps you to increase confidence, and your confidence may give you a better opportunity.

Understand where you can settle or where you cannot.

When you choose your perfect career make sure things where you do not negotiate- your work or personal life, income level, management. Some people use you to achieve their job. So you choose this career where you utilize your skills properly for your own growth. You should not settle were you not happy. So firstly understand and define yourself where you can go or what makes you happy.

Fear of failure

Accept your failure or keep going. Learn the lesson, apply this lesson, be stronger and keep going. It is human and it is natural to get scared. You need to understand it is part of your life if your job profile is change. It is not compulsory that you have to choose the perfect profession at one do not scared and fight for your career. You do one, two, three-time mistake but you learn from this mistake and inspire to fight for the right one. Accept that failure makes you a more confident person. Learn the lessons from every failure. You work hard you work smarter and never quit. Enjoy your failure but never stop to do. And next time you remember your mistake and never do again, it’s the first step towards your perfect career.

Career action plan
Firstly you define your goals

  • Short term
  • Medium-term
  • Long term
  1. Career assessment is designed to measure your interests in work interests, values, skills, personality. Find out the careers that match your interests, skills, salary, job outlook, education and more.
  2. Make list your values and skills, select 3-4 values you would most want in your career.
  3. Research careers and skills, if you are not sure about the perfect careers. You can do these things- search-related job sites, related job titles, internship links, career planning sites, join student organizations, attend career fairs, earn academic service-learning classes, get technology training
  4. Explore potentials-view companies by major or industry; see company website, review, and number. Of employees.

Finding a professional in a career of interest is easier than you think. Think of people you know first family, friends, and well-wishers then use social media like LinkedIn, Naukri portal and Facebook. Ask yourself: is there anything that keeps me from achieving my career goals??  Remember you are never too old to dream and never too late to set a career plan.

Avoid these mistakes when you choose a career-

  1. We choose a career by modeling another person we see one person good in their career and we follow that person. Because that person aptitude, interests are different compared to you. So do not follow anybody's career. 
  2. Following the trend - you choose a career just because of the trends not because of our interest in our attitude we go underperforming in that career and we will go out of the market.
  3. Easiness- we want to be an easy career. There is a possibility to fail. 

Decision making is needed to choosing a career because we more than 30% time spend there, so keep in mind to make a career; choose a career without this mistake.


Career is an important step in your life. If you do not think about your career then start thinking about your perfect career. Choose a career that you make happy. Choosing a career is a tough decision, first, you define your interests, values, skills, job outlook.
Most important is self-assessment- self-assessment helps you to choose a perfect career were you satisfied with the job. Your future happiness is important in your career decision, so evaluate yourself you will get many options that match your personality.
Choose those jobs where you mentally physically happy for a lifetime. But always keep in mind that you are never too late to choose your career path.
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