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How to be highly successful in career

How to Be Highly Successful in Career

Nothing succeeds like success. True.

But how to be successful?  How to reach the top and be recognized. How to be seen as having arrived. What can be that one thing that will make the difference? If I were to choose one thing then that will be: Play a Big Game.

What does a Big Game mean? It means that your threshold of getting satisfied should be high. Most of us get satisfied after we’ve reached a certain level. One house, a good sedan or an SUV, General Manager Designation, Few months’ survival cash in the bank... And wow life seems so good. And that’s when the monotony sets in. Not saying that there is anything wrong. Actually, it is a great state to be in. One is stable on all fronts. However, if you are one who is craving for more? Then get ready to play a Big Game. Just like anything else, Playing Big Game is a step by step process.

The first step starts with you acknowledging that you want to play big. That you’ve looked at your comfortable or uncomfortable state and you have decided to up your game. And this decision of yours stands, no matter what. There are no early exits and This Game is moving to the next level.  The second step is to define The Game. What is this game that you are playing? You want to be Functional Head of one Geography/ Product or Multiple Markets / Products. You may aspire to be CEO. If you are a business owner, you may define your Game as reaching a certain revenue figure / increasing Market share….etc. Whatever and however you define your Game, keep one Objective at a time. Do not clutter your Game by having multiple bullets. Now whatever you decided in Step 2, double that. Remember that you are playing a Big Game now.

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Till now is the easy part. This is possible to happen by just sitting on your desk. Now the real part starts…

1. Whatever activity you have been doing is not enough for the Big Game that you have taken on. So for the next 60 days, there will be no personal time. Cancel/postpone all your personal commitments and have a clear calendar for the next 60 days. Create a space for the Big Game to be played in your life.

2. Most Games in your life will involve you and someone who has the power to give what you want. Be it that sales order, promotion, recognition, funding, etc…Identify who this someone is in the game you are playing. If you are a sports person than this person can be the selectors/talent scouts. If you are a Technology Sales guy than CIOs of the company. If you have a startup than Investors...

3. Once you have identified the person who has the power to give what you want. ASK him to give you what you want. And ASK him again and again and again till you get it. ASK people that you know, or get to know, for any introductions they can provide. Let the word go out and people know what you WANT. Be precise and clear in what you let the world to know...

4. In return, always be grateful for all the help you are getting and be ready to help whenever and however you can.

 I believe that the above 4 steps are required to be insanely successful. Do it and see for yourself. Also, share your experiences so that others may benefit.

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