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How To Successfully Plan Your Dream Career and Goals

How To Successfully Plan Your Dream Career and Goals

“A Dream Career without Planning is just a wish”

Most of us were not born with a silver spoon we first have to meet a financial responsibility whether we like the job or not but the advantage that we have is that meeting a responsibility makes us the professional and that professionalism brings us closer towards our dream job.

It is so important to plan your career goal, even from school or college, these planning help you build a successful career and that you enjoy a lot. Keep in mind your 1 st job is not your dream job but it definitely steps towards the long term career goal. It is important to find your dream position is and also It is important to be clear with your goal.

This step helps you to determine your ideal job-

  • How you Reach there?
  • Build your Resume
  • Future planning.
  • Self Reflection
  • Goal Setting

Most Important thing is that what is CAREER?

You are the one who chose your career, If you do not develop your self by experience, training, failure experience, internship then you not gain anything and not develop your self, what is the connection between career and experience - career start with unknown point of your life like after graduation, after 15 years old or after 50 years old they start any point of your life.

What is career development planning-

Career development is an ongoing process of gaining knowledge and skill. You need to have a career plan that will you achieve success. As simple it is not a one-step process and one-time thing to you do, you keep planning out in such a way that you know what you want exactly in your career.

Why career development planning is important-

  • Today's Generation lost focus on career
  •  they believe in following the crowd
  • Lack of motivation
  • They decide any career path
  • They easily attract by the latest trends

A career plan is an individual’s choice of Employment, organization and career path. Career planning is a lifelong process. It is a crucial phase of human resource development that helps the employees in making a strategy for work-life balance In this fast-changing world, it is possible that the market or individual goals may also change. This article will help you plan your career in a practical way So in order to reach the answer to the question that what is your dream job? So figuring out who you are professionally is a three-step procedure.


Job teaches you a lot of things like teamwork, meeting deadlines, professionalism, drafting emails, presentation skills, and the most important job will teach you which is not taught in college how to communicate with the opposite gender.


What will happen after you get a job that you will work and what happens to your work is get reviewed by your colleagues, by your boss and that is the best way to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. For e.g. suppose you’re good at following up and getting work done that’s your strength and maybe a not so good at presenting your ideas is your weakness so your strength gives direction and your weaknesses tell what you need to work on. So take your appraisal seriously, look at the work done by you in the past and make a list of your strengths and weaknesses because this will make you a realization of who you are.


  • IKIGAI is a Japanese concept which means a reason for being, a reason to wake up every morning.
  • As to find out your IKIGAI you need to answer four questions.
  • Intersections of this your questions is your IKIGAI.
  • So now we look upon how to figure out what is your dream job is?

Discovering a dream job is also a three-step process:


In order to know various professions, you should do a Google for searching different kinds of professions, interact with persons with different professions and for this, you need to join different clubs, think skills instead of jobs for e.g. you say that I want to be a writer but when you think of writing as a skill then it can be a columnist, novelist, technical writer, content strategist, film critic, travel writer, youtube content creator so make a list of skills that you have or skills that you want to learn and brunch out different professions out of it.


Now you have a list of different professions, skills that you are interested in go out there and learn them. Attend workshops, get certifications and attend classes.


After figuring out many professions you like you must choose one profession and get into a relationship with it for a couple of months and see where it takes.

Things that will be you in achieving your dream job:

Financial Knowledge:

Yes, you need to know how to save money, how to invest your money so you will have at least some savings so it will be helpful when your dream job pays less in the beginning.


If you waste all your energy on doing the current job then how you will work for your dream job. Yes by doing an exercise you can increase your efficiency which will help you to work for your dream job. By doing 30 minutes of exercise you can increase your energy by a huge amount which will bring you closer to your goals.

So, not only planning your dream career is important but along with that, we should think about how to execute that plan and what activities we should follow in order to execute that plan in order to get success in life.

• Now we will discuss some good habits that will give us mental health and strength to convert the raw plan into a successful plan. They are as follows:

1. Silence :

Most of us have the habit of checking the mobile whenever we wake up from sleep, some people are checking facebook, WhatsApp some people wake up with some fear like they will be late for school, office or college some people wake up with the pressure like what to do today what is pending to do today and create disturbance in mind so started running according to today but you have to run your day according to you and if you want to run your day according to you then you have to start your day with some control. So the formula for running your day according to you is that


So at least five minutes after you wake up from the sleep there should be silence in your mind and for this, you can do meditation, you can go in the open air or you can offer prayer.

2. Affirmations

Everyone’s fear is not the same one person might fear so much to anything and of the same thing another person might not be fear of, everyone’s confidence is not the same, everyone’s emotion is not the same how this all difference is possible ? from where this difference comes?

Does this difference depend upon where we are born? What we have experienced? What is our upbringing? What was the environment around us? Who were there at our company or as friends? These all things have decided our fear, confidence, emotions, attitude, and belief it means how our mind gets programmed we became according to that.

So if we change the programming of our mind so we can change our entire life and that programming can be done with the affirmations. Affirmations mean some motivational lines or some lines that we can tell ourselves early in the morning and change our fear, emotions, attitude as per our requirements.

So you can decide these lines as per what you want to become? What is your goal in life?

For e.g. these lines can be like I am full of confidence, I am healthy and fit, I have full potential that I can complete my every dream thus after silence you can program your mind.

3. Visualization

This habit can be linked with affirmations but you have to understand this.

Our mind always used to think in images just like if I say word apple to your image of apple will appear in your mind and about what things we are thinking suddenly those things you will be in front of you or you will watch that thing only. For e.g., If you are thinking that I want to buy a pulsar bike and If you are walking on the road then you will find more pulsar bikes on the road.

So our mind thinks in images and what kind of images are in our mind, our mind works according to that, searches ideas related to that gets attention towards those things only.

So if you want to make your mind to be working on your dreams only then along with thinking affirmations or telling affirmations to your mind you should visualize them.

For e.g., If you want to start your own business so when you do affirmations in the morning you should visualize that you have owned the business you should visualize your cabin, your staff, visualize your profit reports as well as you should visualize that graph your business is continuously moving upwards.

4. Exercise

Every successful people used to do exercise every morning and that exercise might be in the form of yoga, lifting weights or stretching.

Exercise not only reduces your diseases but also improves your thinking power, memory, focus and your understanding power and impact of exercising remain at least 5-10 hours that means if you exercise early in the morning it will give energy to you for the whole day.

So whichever kind of exercise you like you should do that in order to make oxygen and blood able to reach your brain.

5. Reading

The person who reads about various kinds of persons and about their experiences and tries to learn from that so they lived a thousand lives in one life but people who don’t read lives only one life.

6. Scribing

Scribing means writing your thoughts. It is an obvious fact that by following the above-mentioned habits you will have some ideas, some thoughts in your mind which are related to your life or to your goals or related to your day so you have to note down that things at that time.

How to Plan Your Dream Career -

This Information Help you Regarding Career planning-

1.Present Point-

Analysis Your Situation, Before You Can write Your Career Plan, perfectly analyze your starting point, you need to have a perfect understanding regarding the current situation.

2.Present / Future lifestyle -

Reflected on your present/ Future Lifestyle.

Are You Thing Your Present And Future Lifestyle?

Do you wish to continue it?

Be Secure to Endorse the key Character of your Dream career way.

3. Analyze your Passion-

Search what you enjoy the most. Mirror on the current situation and time that you enjoy a lot, lots of energetic and passionate- and mark these situations.

4.Stages of Career Planning-

• Interest of area

• Education

• Proficiency

• Experience

• Values

A Successful Dream Career Planning is a Meaningful and purposeful and investing there you really want your perfect career. if you have any difficulties write down this written information help you to find any barriers in your also checkout your plan with your friends, family, and any manger.

5. Start with job search-

Two types of Research

• Job Trends-

What is the current career trend? After some time changing a career plan is not a smart move. On the other hand, you have an advanced degree, your interest and realize your needs.

• Job opportunities-

If you know about which field you have an interest in, then your first step is to find out what kinds of opportunities are open.

6. Set a Deadline-

Without deadline structure your career planning does not work, establish a date when you start with a new position, then you can start work behind to break down.

7. Increase your Network-

If your network is strong is the most useful resource you have, Make sure your Naukri, the Linkedin profile is up to date, and reach out to any of your friends, relatives who currently work your field of interest. If they do not offer you any job but he definitely briefing and guide you.

8. Sharpen your skills-

Your job searching skills are clear and polished, so you can be as competitive as possible in the job market. Increase your communication skills, interview skills as well as develop your personality.

9. Goal Setting-

Self analyzes help to you what kind of career you want. Self analyze is key to your career growth, a career plan is important but

as well as SMART Goal is also important. A smart goal is a really good work in your plan, your plan to write down and share with your co-workers, friends their suggestions helping you find barriers.

Turn your Dream job into Goals and Achieve Them-

Most of us get depressed, compare ourselves with others, and complain about how unfair these words. They always find fault with anything happen to them- Demotivated

But some people are in another category - The Achievers They never give up, realized the truth, motivated and responsible they are Creators.

These two categories are there; you can change your mind at any time and go through

1. Always open your eyes-

You have to open-minded and face any challenges, you should never hide any new opportunities, meet new people, new places, communicate with them and learn. Share your ideas with others could be very helpful.

2. Make plan-

Plan your Dream job into goals into Achievement. They let you be purposeful and have a clear mission and vision and help to

make your dream come true. If you want to achiever never leave your dream. Make plans and they give you a way to achieve your goal.

3. To search for opportunities-

If you want to become a successful person you have to work hard if you don't try you don't succeed. Life is unpredictable and there are lots of barriers that can hold you back, but you have to fight and ignore this and find new opportunities.

4. To Become Inspired -

There are many successful people around you they any time inspired you, their advice always helps you. No matter how big your dream how successful you are but you always need to motivate.

5. Follow yourself-

Stay loyal with yourself, follow your dreams they give you the right way. Always listen to yourself and don't give up by yourself.

6. Failure-

Every successful story start with failure, you get experience, learn new things and become stronger.

Now It's Your Turn To Achieve your Dream Goal.


This information will definitely help you in developing a successful career plan and goals. If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below!

If you like the above-Mentioned Blogs Please comment and let us know if any improvements in our blogs are required.

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