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How would you React at the Time you Missed a Deadline Interview Question

Doing preparation for the Interview seems easy, but most candidates feel the difficult task to go for an interview and attend it.

Generally, why employers ask dozens of questions from us? What do they want to know with the help of questions?

Here's why? They check your presence of mind that how do you react when you face the many questions during the interview process. How you would be fit for the desired profile role responsibilities for their organization.

We all know we can never succeed without practicing any work. So, more practice makes perfect everyone. We need to do a daily preparation for such a question before going for an interview.

We should remember! Our best methodology is to talk about a particular circumstance, whenever if we have missed a deadline due to any of the conditions. But it is not a difficult task to requiring significant action to control the situation and to ensure our decision to rework on it.

Why interviewer asks this question??

Every employer asks this question during the interview process - because they want to know how you differentiate yourself among your entire competitor for any kind of stressful situation - because most of the candidates fail to face such a question, and they feel nervousness while answering it.

Almost all aspects, the employer wants to know how you are liable, and how you will represent your work at appropriate with a given deadline.

In the process of work if you are unable to deliver your work within TAT (Turn around Time) - then how you would think? And what would be your thought process on it?

Similar interview question

The interviewer asks so many questions about the time you missed a deadline interview questions they are -

  • Tell your opinion - at what time you submitted the project late in your previous organization.
  • Please tell me, the time you don’t submit the project at the given timeline?
  • Please describe a situation where you had to deal with multiple tasks/projects within a tight deadline.
  • In your previous work at what time you played a critical role.
  • Describe a situation when you had to meet a deadline.
  • At what time you communicate with the people in a difficult.
  • Please describe a time when you failed and how you overcome it examples.
  • Please tell - at what time you did not do your work in a given timeline.
  • Please tell me about - when you did the mistake on your project.
  • Please tell me about a time when you had to leave a task unfinished.
  • Please explain with the help of an example when you failed to meet a deadline for work - what you did at that time?
  • Please tell me about a time when you set a goal and weren’t a table to meet or achieve it.
  • How would you handle the most difficult situation you faced in your life, what it was?

Tell me about a time when you missed a deadline for a project - How to answer?

The first and most important thing to do before doing any answer is to choose a situation when it has occurred with your project. Likewise, if you have no situation, then you will have no perfect answer to it.

In other simple words, we need to remember our project work when the situation happened.

When you failed to deliver your work within the time-line, here actually the employer is not much interested in this statement, however, he only wants to know - how you have handled the situation work after getting fail into it.

For example, in our interview, we should be related to a significant story that permits the introduction in a positive manner. You should very honest during the answer to it.

There are some more strategic areas following - when I missed a deadline for a working answer?

Your explanation should be relevant –

It should be a relevant story, when you get this type of question then you have to make an effect brief overview. This should be relevant work, and it should look realistic. It should be much effective, and the employer should feel a better answer in your wordings.

Show it in a very positive way

It gives you a clear path and also insights into what you want to speak with your employer. Having a positive way you can easy to deliver your answer, and it grants a chance for you to prove yourself positively work style.

Answer on - how you missed the deadline -

This is especially important for everyone who had missed the deadline during their project work - You should explain to the employer that how did you miss the deadline and how the situation you have handled, and how you did work on it to get complete the task at that time.

Kindly note, your specific reasons and the decision you took at the time of control situation work are genuine, then it will definitely give the chance to prove yourself during the interview.

Give your answer honestly -

It is a significant factor; honesty is the best way to answer without any hesitation. It is very important to keep your answer in mind because your honesty prevents you from losing focus and direction. It will create a positive environment in front of the employer and in the interview place because every organization wants to work with honest people and every organization wants honest employees in their company. Who all are not honest in their work, they are deviating their minds from an answer on it.

However, if you want to grab the attention of the employer during the answer of such a question then keep yourself honest, and answer it positively.

Tell me about a time when you missed a deadline for a project - Sample Answer

Sample answer

  • Last time the reason for my completion of the task is a technical issue with my application hence I was unable to deliver it on within the deadline, but later I come up with a recovery application of the situation and completed my work too late within deadlines.
  • At my previous organization - I was asked to complete a project assignment one of my teammate colleagues, my colleague had left his work incomplete due to emergency leave and he didn’t tell me about the incomplete work even he has not informed me about his work status. However, I and my other teammate thought he had done with his work - but here the situation was vast and we were unable to send a complete report with our manager due to the incompletion of the task, actually, here our deadline was near to work but it was in pending status.
  • Due to an emergency issue at my home. I went to my hometown and stay there for seven days due to which my work becomes pending. I ensure you that this will not happen next time and we'll complete my all task within a deadline.
  • I am new at this field it projects assigned takes and it will take some to understand the whole work activity flow due to which I am unable to complete the project work within in a deadline but I will do my level best to complete it and will take the help from my project teammate.


From this article, we conclude that how to give answers you missed at a deadline you have to describe the situation when you had failed to complete work within a deadline.

We have also covered the more details on meeting deadlines interview answers and discussed the detail of the questions - tell me about a time you failed sample answer.

 This article will help you to give an answer- tell me about a time you missed a deadline interview question?



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