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Promotions are dependent upon hard work, not the personal reference.

The personal job of your boss depends on how much personal work is there, if you do not mind doing his personal work then it is ok. But this personal work does not matter for a promotion. Promotion depends
upon your capabilities and your hard work. If you gain something good in the personal work of your boss then why not, just do it. If something is wrong or that it's much more than you think, then you can report it senior management.
Also, note- the boss asks you to do personal work if any work seems wrong in any way then it is time to leave. As well as time to leave if boss personal work interferes too much in your office work.
Keep in mind your job promotion it does not depend upon, you do personal work your boss or does not.

To get promotion these things must be true-

  • The organization has a position that needs to be filled.
  • The employee must be capable of this position.
  • The employee is the perfect person for that position.
  • The employee must express interest in that position.

So, employees who get promoted when opportunities open up, there is no connection with who do boss personal work. keep in mind those employees capable of this position, and management also know this employee more capable.

You can not get a promotion if a position that does not exist

If an organization does not need any new manager then do not ask for a promotion. If there are any vacancies for promotion management let you know. And most important is there is no secret promotion policy so don't
be afraid.

Promotion is not a punishment or reward

Promotion is an official thing there is no game. The organization needs productivity who work hard those employees get promoted. The company needs those employees who help to increase company productivity.

The promotion is not longevity Promotions are not about recompense 

They are about an employee taking a role with different responsibilities than the last role. It is a way for the Organization to fill a vacancy if it needs, Promotion is not a way to get a raise.

Do not become a leader by being promoted, you promoted because you are already a leader.

Find the company's needs and priorities and work to make them successful. You work hard definitely you give a success. To handle problems the same way your seniors do. Lead from your present position.

Work hard and do a good job

* If you are loyal with your work it very helpful to your promotion. The company never promote anyone who is doing a bad job.

The personal job

Most of the boss ask you that you never think you should be doing will be something personal.
For example- you are a software developer, the manager of the company will announce that he is to arrange a party for office guests, but he asks you go to the grocery store to take some food and some fruit to provide his guests. This is so annoying.  This personal requirement is not in your job description, these things are totally a waste of time as well as your own personal time.

What do you do?

Over it. At least you tell your boss that it is not in your job

Taken advantage in the workplace

As an employee, you are expected to perform, complete your tasks in your job description.
In many workplaces some bosses taken advantage to your hard work, they ask for you do their personal work. Some bosses know your hard work they support you and help to grow.

  1.  Ask for overtime-
  2. Treat like a personal assistant.
  3. Handle two jobs- personal or professional
  4. Waiting for promotion and raise.
  5. More responsibilities but No promotion.

Do hard work but no promotion?

Your performance is good but not all the time-  When the time to promotion manager calculates your overall performance your previous job duties and responsibilities and evaluate all think and get promoted. If
your performance is good at one level they think about your promotion. So in management continue performance is important. 
Your management does not want to change your current responsibilities- keep in mind all organizations are not the same, some companies are supporting you to growth. But some organizations think about company productivity if your excellent work in your department when managers do not change your role and responsibilities. And not help to get promoted. 


1. Remind your boss of your other Responsibilities

Telling your boss you have other duties, ask your boss your previous work is on hold it is more important than personal work and shows your boss is just as concerned about the work that you need to be done.

2. Stop when a line is crossed

In some cases, employees feel concerned to do personal work for a manager, in other cases, this request is immoral or lawless. Then the most important is to draw the line. when it is not in your ethics it may be time to say stop,  if Respectfully expressing concern not work then it's time to say NO. when that fails, then consulting with management.

3. Just doing it

Keep in mind some boss gives you personal work, they think you are capable of it. So when you say NO think about it if there are no issues then you do it, otherwise, you say No. if boss treated you like personal assistant then you complain to management.


1. SIMPLY SAY DO NOT HAVE TIME- if your boss asks for personal work simply say to you have already pending work and you do not have time for personal work. Preparing a list of your all pending work it is a good

2. SAY TO YOU DO NOT HAVE ENOUGH SKILLS- if your boss gives you some personal work like technical than says you don't know about technology. You don't have the right skills to complete work. If some work is useful
for you then you just do it.

3. OFFICIAL WORK WILL SUFFER- you also say your other work is pending and it's also important to complete.

4. TAKEN ADVANTAGES- not all boss is good. If you work with a bad one it is a chance to they try to take advantage of your skills or your hard work. When you realize they try to take advantage of your skills then
say No without fear.

5.COMPROMISED- in the workplace, your values are compromised in many ways. If you feel it is not good for you than strictly said you do not feel comfortable.

6. IT IS NOT YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION- when you join the job you have known about job responsibilities and duties. So, when your boss asks to do personal work than simply say it is not part of your job.

7. DO NOT RUDE- when your boss asks for personal work do not rude simply say No.

8. STRAIGHTFORWARD- it is important to say no. but it is also important to explain your reasons why you said no, so you always be straightforward. Simple and clear to say no to your boss.

9. DO NOT LIE- it is not in your ethics simply say no, but do not lie. Be honest and say to boss your reasons.


Promotion is a movement of an employee from one job to another higher job, there is an increased responsibility, salary, and status. Promotion is permanent or impermanent it depends on the requirement of the
company. The employee put the effort into the job because they know that the job gives promotion.

Promotion means to raise to a higher level, it is an ascendant raise of an employee is a company, there are better opportunities, best working environment, and better status as well as higher responsibilities. The promotion gives us confidence, provides motivation and job satisfaction.

Promotion in the simple word has enhanced the status, increase responsibilities and better work environment. Upward movement of employees from one job to another higher job with increased status. Maybe it's temporary or permanent, to build motivational value. Promotion removes feelings of frustration and stagnation. Promotion is not rewarding that employee is given for continued good performance but is proof that employee thinks that it is time for more responsibilities. Every company has its own promotion policy according to employee advances in that company and gets promoted. There are types of promotion- some company's employees get promoted an increase in salary status but some time promotion changes the only duties and responsibilities. Promoting employees for their good performance, hard work, and their efforts.


A promotion is a raise in salary, responsibilities, and benefits. In many company employees hardly work towards promotion. Employees ask for promotion this employee has long term employment within the origination.
A promotion includes new responsibilities and opportunities, and this responsibility should not be taken lightly. Promotion is not only important to add more responsibilities but is also important for increasing employee motivation and morale. Also important to raise company productivity.

Increase employee performance, motivation, and hard work

Most important benefits of promotion is that helps you to acknowledge the performance and efforts of your employee. When employee efforts are valued than to improve performance which turns into the business. A
promotion increase employee ambition boosts their passion and as well as reaching the goals of an organization.

Increase motivation and loyalty of employees-

Employees who get promoted feel motivated and inspired and they continue doing good work. And this work benefits the organization. The promotion also increases loyalty and employee loyalty with the organization.

When to promote employees?

Promotion is an important decision because it not only changes rank but it also changes duties and responsibilities. In company employee not ready for promotion can be a challenge. All employees not ready for
promotion due to lack of need skills, lack of length of service and need experience at the given position.

1. PERFORMANCE- it is the most important point is a performance when is the right time to promote employee is to evaluate employee performance.

2. TIME OF SERVICE- length of service is an important thing to take into consideration when companies give a promotion. How many years you served
is determines your promotion.

3. ABILITY AND MERIT- the ability and merit of personal, is also a tool to measure employee promotion.

4.QUALIFICATION- The technical qualification, as well as educational qualification also measures.

5.TRAINING- the aggregate of training an employee given or also groomed acts as a decision factor for promotion.

When making the decision to get promoting employees?

Low-level employee

When employees work hard and continue to perform well this time to get a promotion. When an employee's performance is good compared to what the company required of them, it means that employees are self-motivated and they put effort to achieve company goals. When they are ready for a higher position.
When employees complete their tasks and duties it means those employees ready to give more responsibilities, as well as he is capable of the higher post. That kind of employee is naturally self-motivated and capable of achieving company goals.


When employees start helping other employees they show their leadership and them able to support others. They share their knowledge with others because they think about the company's productivity.  And it means this
employee ready for promotion.


When employees able to managing themselves when it comes to administration level employees.when employees self-motivated they work without supervision, the hard work without any need when it is time to promote them.
Employees' goals become the success of the company- when employees work hard for a company not only for own success, this sign that employees are ready to get promoted.

How to get a promotion at work?

Result oriented

 Believe in yourself and have an agenda or a plan to take your team and company to the next stage. And work with everyone to take them to the next level. It is possible when you believe in yourself.
Always be positive and excretion confidence, go to your office with a smile and energy.  People can draw inspiration from you, Be humble with everyone and try to help

Be self proactive and

Engage with your leadership Also benchmark yourselves with them on what you are doing right now, you should have the courage to go and ask for a promotion, you need to understand one thing Power is not given, power is taken. When your boss understands that you are looking to grow and you want a promotion they will give you more opportunities.
        * Showcase things proactively
        * Request Feedback from your Manager
        * Be team leader Always try to how can help others around you, when you
help your team succeed, automatically you will succeed.



Horizontal promotion is defined as an employee shifted in the same group. Example sales officer promoted to senior sales officer. It's important such a promotion is in the same department or from one plant to another plant. Its call Horizontal promotion.

Vertical promotion is defined as an employee is promoted from lower department to lower department but an increase in responsibilities, status, and salary. It's called vertical promotion.

Dry promotion is defined as an employee promotion that is made without an increased salary. Example-  Lower relationship manager is promoted to senior relationship manager without increase pay or salary. And some
employees accept this kind of opportunity because of status or authority. It's called Dry promotion.

The objectives of promotion

1. To find employees' knowledge and skill and utilize it to increase company productivity.
2. To motivate employees to high productivity.
3. To increase competitive skill or spirit and the elaboration in the employees to achieve knowledge and skill etc.
4. To Raise employee satisfaction and increase their morale.
5. To prepare loyalty among the worker towards the company.
6. To build good human relations.
7. To Raise employee to employee belongingness.
8.To keeping talented and skilled people.
9. To captivate hard-working, trained or competent people.
10. To fill up higher vacancies.
11. To showing another employee these opportunities are also available to them if they perform well.

The promotion provides initiative, venture, and aspiration, minimizes discomfiture and dissatisfaction, attracts active people, forms an effective reward for cooperation, etc.
Promotion benefits apply to employees or companies. Promotion is the most important policy because it directly affects the organization. So every company needs to create a suitable promotion policy for employees.
Work at a good organization finds new opportunities to build your skill, build your relation with across the organization, make sure your management knows you are seeking more responsibilities.

Promotion depends upon your capabilities and your hard work. Keep in mind your job promotion does not depend upon, you do the personal job of your boss or do not. If you think there can be something more to
it, let us know in the comments section below! If you like the above-Mentioned Blogs Please comment and let us know if any improvements in our blogs are required.

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