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List of long term career goals examples and more

List of Long Term Career Goals Examples - and More

Let’s have discussion examples of long term career goals. Career goals are very important for every person. It is the one who drives you forward and motivates you to improve yourself and grow. Interviewers often ask a question about your long term career goals where they want to know how your career goals will fit in their company culture or how they can perceive your role in their organization.  Questions related to long term career goals may seem simple but they often have a deeper meaning. Here it is important for you to understand why interviewers ask this question.

Interviewers always focus to ask questions such as what are your long term and short term career goals. Where do you see yourself after five years? are asked for certain reasons. Here, the interviewer wants to know about your answer which you give for this and with the help of your answer, they want to identify your mindset and look whether you really looking to maintain the position in the long term hence you are just seeking a job.

If somewhere employer finds your goal is not much of matching with the organization then the chance of your job low or Interviewer may not consider further process about you. So let’s discuss examples of long term career goals and how to answer the questions regarding career goals.

What are your long term career objectives - how to answer?

We will discuss how to give answers on long term career objectives questions. We need to keep in mind that our career goal will be related to the company’s vision and mission. If the employer does not feel that your career goal can be satisfied by the company interviewer may not consider you as a strong candidate.

You can avoid this try to truly think about your long term career goals and practices it so that the job you are looking for fits in your career plan.  Means first we need to go through the job description of the desired company where it helps to understand that what they are looking for, and then accordingly you can do preparation for that answer. You ought to highlight skills during the interview especially when you are talking about your future plans.

It's a very simple way, whenever you give the answer to this question first, then you ought to think at least 2-3 seconds and where you actually want to reach in your career and accordingly you have to prepare your answer.

Sample answer for What are your long term career objectives?

Career goals always not limited. Candidate can have multiple long term career goals, but their goals always differ from each other as per their education, experiences, and thoughts.

Let’s have a look at different sample answers for individuals with different types of education and experiences. Here, we have mentioned some common sample answers which you can refer to long term career objective questions.

  • My current goal is to become a counselor so that I can give excellent service to my clients. I understand the importance factor of training and experience so I am looking forward to improving my analytical skills and experience in customer service at an entry-level position and talking about my long term career goal I look forward to becoming head of the department.
  • My short term goal is to be in the same position in an organization where I can continue to improve myself and further I would like to work in management where there is a focus on strategy and development where I can build my career.
  • My short term goal is to gain experience and trust in my managers and if I can be reliable in a short period further I would like to take bigger responsibilities. This can take some time but I am ready to give my complete efforts for performing my role in this job.
  • My short term goal will help me to set up my long term goals after getting some experience in the industry. I picture myself dealing with various clients of the company and further I see myself dealing with bigger clients of the company. These goals will help me to achieve new heights.

Things to avoid while answering questions regarding your long term career goals.

  Here are a few things which you need to avoid while answering questions on career goals,

  • You should avoid telling examples of career goals that are not realistic. Also, try to maintain the level of the real story while answering career goal questions. Be very confident while giving the answer and that is a good thing.
  • Avoid overconfidence might have it will give the negative shine towards the interview or somewhere you arrogant think in your answer.
  • Avoid giving examples of goals which are not professional or not related to your role in the company you are giving an interview for. We should keep in mind that while answering such type of questions always keep your focus on the topic and give answers accordingly. Make sure the focus of your answer will be on professional goals.

Long term goals examples for MBA students.

In this, we have given some examples of long term career goals for students who are pursuing an MBA. To develop an attractive career vision for MBA, you need to prepare examples that will link to your past experiences and your reasons for pursuing an MBA with your Here are some examples of long term career goals for MBA students which we can use during the interview for answering questions on career goals.    

  • I always aspire to get a leadership position at a reputed company.
  • My aim is to become a manager of the year.
  • I want to become a management professional in the coming of 2-3 years.

 Sample list of long term career goals

 In this, we have given a sample list of some long term career goals. Here we have discussed some common long term career goals with the help of which you will get the idea to set up your own goals to develop your career.

  • Learn or develop new skills
  • Attain a promotion
  • Obtain a new job
  • Gain experience
  • Improving networking skills
  • To win an award
  • Goals regarding productivity
  • Goals focus on improving the ability to achieve expected results
  • The goal of continuing professional education
  • Goals focused on improving yourself


In this article, we have discussed what are long term career goals and examples of long term career goals. We also discussed some sample answers which will help you to prepare your answers to the questions regarding long term career objectives. What are your career goals? Questions every interviewer can ask to know more about you, your thoughts, about your motivation level.   You can prepare yourself for such questions with the help of examples and sample answers given in this article. What are your long term career goals or related questions can prove to be tricky for some people? I hope we have mentioned the article; take time to prepare you for the interview. It will help you before going for an interview.

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