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Ways to find and get an Internship

What is an internship?

The internship is the period of time when one student while perusing the graduation gets work experience in any organization without getting paid money. In other words at the end semester of the graduation, after that students are getting prepared off the job, the institute allows the students to have an internship while perusing college. An internship is a place where the students getting the environment or the job and they get the practical work of which theory they have studied in the institute. It is a good way to explore, express and experience new things. Here you can get through your new ideas and you can express your idea with the experienced person of the place where you have gone for an internship.

Here u learn the new ways and techniques to do things.

  • U can also have or introduce your own method to do it.
  • Benefits of doing an internship
  • You will have practical experience
  • You can express yourself
  • You will get job environment
  • You will get the expert advice
  • You can be in your profession before completion of the graduation.
  • Talk to a career counselor

Career Counselor

He is a guide who tells u about the career which is very important and very beneficial for our career point of view. A career counselor is one of the most and experience people who give you advice about it. They know about the different types of subjects and different types of career options related to the subject. The knowledge about the advantages of the internship as well as a job. He had done the deep study about it and had guide lots of the person so we can’t say that he is wrong. So it’s a suggestion to everyone before going to do anything related to the career you should itself do all the investigation of the career of an option of the and see all the consequences about it. After that, u should reach the career counselor he will tell u about the best and the perfect option on the based of your area of interest.

How to get help from the career counselor?

At the time of graduation when you reach the time of the internship. First, of you have to see your area of interest and search according to you. Here you can the help of the following persons.

Get the help of your friends

After deciding your area of interest you should first consult your friends (it can be your classmate or it can be your senior) because at the time of graduation our friend is the one who is very much close to us. You can discuss with them about your area of interest without any hesitation. You can talk about him for your vision and ambition too frankly. He will share some information about it like how to get an internship on how to select the topic in his way so it will give you more clarification about the topic and the internship.

Get the help of your parents

Now the second person with whom you have to consult about your internship you want to do. Our parents are the ones who are always thinking of our good career and the best option for us. You have to simply discuss your views and your ambitions, they are the only ones who can support you at any stage. Either you fail or successes at any situation in your life.

Get the help of your professor

If I talk about these points, then their professor plays a very important and major factor under an internship or the many candidate's people just skip this step they don’t think about this. And it is the mistake of the student. Many students skip this person because he or she just getting hesitation in discussing their ideas. They think that what sir will respond to us or what others will react. But my dear friends you should know that.

Our professor is our second parent who has is always thinking about in student. None of the professors think bad about the student. If you will discuss your plans you will get a good suggestion to tell you more about the advantages and disadvantages of it.   

Get the help of your professionals

Talking to the professional person is the last and the best option because they are continuously connected with the field. If u consult the professional then you will get the best option from the job point of view. They will tell u about the current scenario of the job, business, startup, etc according to your area of interest. They will tell you about the future scope the how to get and what more extra skills you need to work on your area of interest.

Discuss with senior students

Our seniors are the ones with whom we can discuss our all problems very frankly and our seniors get very happy if you want to do something and before going through that you will consult him/her. They will suggest you the best and if you will the best because they have done it previously and their experiences will help you a lot. If you and your seniors are having the same area of interest then he will help u lot.

With the help of your seniors, you can get the suggestion from which industry, company, etc you should do the internship and what are the ways you can do it better. Your senior can teach you at the time of internship he can recommend the good books or software or the skill-based knowledge which will help u a lot.

How to get an internship??

We can get the internship in the two way:-

  1. By the reference: In this, you can get the reference of anyone it can be your friend's family member relative you can go to your relative's firms also where you can get the internship easily.
  1. By online: Nowadays the internet is the fastest way to get information about anything internet is the medium with the help of which you can easily get any information in few seconds with details. So the second method is the digital method. With the help of the internet, you will get the list of the internship in a very quick manner around you or around you or in other cities also.

It the very fast and the cheapest way to get the information on the internship. So let us see in brief about it.

Search internship online

You should go to the internet search about the internship u will get lots of results. Here is the list of some internship website where u can search the internship according to our convenience

How to get an internship at Google?

Google is the big search engine used by most of the people worldwide it gives the possible number of result in the seconds here you will get lots of websites where you will get the information of internships.

In these types of websites all the information regarding the internship about the ongoing project, starting off the project and about the upcoming project. Here you can see the nearby project or you can see the project in your city as well as the country.  

Let us see some advantage of Internships

All this information is great, but why should I worry about an internship? The experts understand that there is a variation of profits of the student to do an internship:
Finding a job can be a tough challenge, especially if you don’t have work experience. Unfortunately, you need to get a job before you can gain experience. Internships are a great way for college students, recent graduates or anyone considering a career change to get valued work experience. Continue reading to learn the benefits of an internship and find out how an internship can prepare you for the demands of today’s employees.

  1. Gain valuable work experience
  2.  Explore a career path
  3. Give yourself an edge in the job market
  4. Develop and refine skills
  5. Receive financial compensation
  6. Network with professionals in the field
  7. Gain confidence
  8. Transition into a job

So as we have seen above are the advantages of the internship

Now let's see the disadvantages or the drawbacks we have to face

Internships are not always the best superior after college or the institute. Here are some things you have consider before you take an internship that can intern chance.

  • It won’t give a salary
  • Most of the companies employ interns on the cheap salary. Sometimes they don’t pay a salary at all. If you’re used to earning a paycheck or if you have taken student loan bills, an internship could get any type of paying salary and it would create a financial burden.
  • You may get lots of work.
    Some employers or managers take the big advantage of interns and give them lots of work that doesn’t build new skills in the interns and sometimes the give the same work in the entire duration. Interns can be treated as temporary labor, which isn’t a very good experience and if you have a bad experience then you would suggest saying no to the internship.
  • You could get branded.
    it is Sure that you have a college degree after the internship but with the title of “intern,” you will not happy when you go for the people will think you’re still a student and you have to learn more. This can be condescending, and you may not get much respect you want in your new job. It can happen only if you will have very much focus on your work and you will put the high effort, they can be overcome it and have respect as you want.
  • The working hours can differ sometimes
    Internships are not an employee of the company and they may not be designed for the normal business hours. This can create problems for the interns if you like a constant schedule. And interns are asked to do the work and to go home after completing the task sometimes the ask you late-night work and sometimes they told you to help the team for the more experienced.

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