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What to Write in Interview Acceptance Email Sample Tips

What to Write in Interview Acceptance Email (Sample & Tips)

We are living in the 21st century and the world of today has become quite digitized. If we talk about the digital thing, there are many things in digital that many people use, at least in many resources and email It is a very paperless application where you can communicate with each other in a few seconds.

If we compare the past few years with nowadays, now most employers do not make even single call for the interview purpose only they send emails. Or we can say that calling ratio has been reduced in this field.

The email application is one of the features those which save paperwork, nowadays those who are on the interviewer mostly communicate with their candidates on email even if any is interview call letter, Joining and documentation process.

In this article, we will see what things we should keep in emails and which things we should avoid. An email can tell the employer about us how you are eligible for that particular position or not, the basis of email which you will write to the interviewer.

How to reply to the interview acceptance email?

First of all, we need to take care that, if you will receive any interview call letter email from the employer side then you should respond. But nowadays we see anywhere, most people ignore that mail even they not accept and they directly reach to interview venue. But it could be your bad first impression towards the employer. It's a very simple first you should to go through entire email content and read it carefully. If you reply to the acceptance interview email, then it very positive and polite wording should be over there. So, when the email reaches the interviewer they will feel some positive towards you.

It is very important to respond to the interview professionally and also follow the instruction given in the mail which you receive that’s why it is very important that how will you respond to that mail if they are interested to hire you. You should not write very much or any additional summary things you should always try to keep it short and simple. It is a very important point that you should keep the environment at the time of giving a reply to an acceptance email.

When to respond to an interview confirmation email from an employer?

When the employer shortlist you for that company this is a very good idea to confirm and accept the mail or if we try to call interviewer then might have they are busy in some work or in between we could not make calls frequently due to bad impression, So, that time we have an email which is a very good response in which they can reply on email as soon as they receive your email. Whenever you are writing an email firstly think that it is in a correct with then check the grammar after that you should send it in a good manner because you are sending it to the employer of the company and you have to be very professional.

If you are interested in this position then you can tell about your description in this and then and just share your name and number in your professional signature. Your email response ought to be a very polite way.

Tips for writing this mail

Email Subject line should be very appropriate - In short if talk the subject line is a short overview of your email, In short, the subject tells about what is the reason and the opposite side of people read your email on the basis of the subject line only. If your subject line is not much powerful then you have might less chance on the same.

Need to focus on message - You need to take care at the time of writing the acceptance email, you should try to focus on the reply. You should not write anything inappropriate thing in the mail. You should write in a simple way no need to use the high vocabulary the email very short.

Do not send any thank attachment - Need to take care of writing the acceptance letter just avoid thank you or any other kind of attachment, somewhere it is not a good habit on email.

  • Before sending Email read carefully – It is very simple whenever you will be sending email to anyone to ensure you should read it twice. At the time of carefully reading, you can avoid the mistakes.
  • Be ready to reply - Acknowledgment should be at every email if you busy somewhere or not able to revert to that email. But somewhere you need to try to respond at that time only it shown your professional behavior.
  • Need to check grammatical and spelling Mistakes - while writing the acceptance email of your invitation you should not write the wrong spelling or you should avoid all the grammatical mistakes because if there are the steps of silly mistakes got on Email then and might be recruiter could not give the chance of interview.
  • Need to check Email Font – Always to ought to use standard and size of the font and using the delivery because it gives a proper description then it is a proper and the formal way of writing the email.

How to reply to a job offer confirmation email? – samples

Forgiving me this opportunity thank you, I want to work with your company because here I can get new skills to learn a lot which will be beneficial for me as well as for your company.

Thank you for this invitation from your side to confirm that I am shortlisted for this position in your company. I will be available on that mentioned date.

Sample Template for interview confirmation mail,

Subject Line - Interview_Confirmation _Software_Engineer_ (Employee Name)

Dear xxx,

Thank you for inviting me to the interview it is honors for me to attend the interview because I want to work with your company. I really want to grab this opportunity so I will attend the interview at the time.

I really want to attend the interview so thank you for screening my CV and giving me this opportunity.

I will be on time on Monday on 15th of July at your given location.

I will also bring me all the documents which new listed in your mail.

Thanks & Regards,

Your Name

Phone Number,

I have another type of email you are received for the employer who schedules your interview and you get the call for the employer and also give the description in the mail.

Dear xxx,

Thank you for giving me this opportunity as a Manager role in the company e as per your request I will attend the interview tomorrow please arrange my interview.


Your Name

Phone Number,


From this article, we have concluded that after the interview appointment over the email by the recruiter if the interview mail is accepted by a candidate then he gives us the confirmation mail to the recruiter. After this, we have tried to mention all the important points that how you should respond to an interview call over the email and how to respond to a confirmation mail Also we have mentioned the interview confirmation then what to write at that situation we have also covered here. So, we hope this article will be very much helpful to you and help with the interview acceptance email.


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