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Why 8 photos should not be there in your linked in profile

Why 8 Photos Should Not Be There in Your Linked in Profile

Nowadays it has been a trend wherein most of the higher level recruitment happens through social website since internet has been considered as a highly engaging mode since most of the candidates do end up putting their resume on job portals, engaging in social media professional websites for the professional engagement as Linkedin has been considered the most professional engaging website wherein all the professionals do socialize to exchange their ideas and through and built a well-engaged connection with the rest of the world since alone in India the LinkedIn has got around 55 million subscribers which itself is a very huge database for searching great professional talent for the hr of the corporate companies.

Since being on a professional network website like LinkedIn enables you for a wider reach for job hunt or making business based contacts so putting your profile picture in the professional circle is very important since it is said your first impression lands you to last impression since you never know when your competitors or the prospective employer hunt your profile in LinkedIn which might be suitable for them in their companies as any wrong picture in the LinkedIn profile might attract negative impression of the employer which may land you in missing or grabbing the best opportunities which or else could have been with you. Life is unpredictable as one never knows what tomorrow might bring them as any wrong steps might lead to a downfall in their career and one right step or opportunity might help them in achieving their desired goals and career objectives. [ How To Successfully Plan Your Dream Career and Goals ]

Why and which 8 photos should not be there in your linked in profile?

Companies have started using social media especially LinkedIn for their hiring purpose when searching the talent for mid or senior level as almost all the companies do headhunt the right talent for the desired or the respective position since industry is always hunting the potential and the productive talent which would help them and their prospective employer to achieve the desired success or goals. Linkedin today is considered the most globally renowned job portals which includes employer posting their job requirement and wherein candidates putting their CVs as the website is an American based job portal started in the year 2002 and successfully launched in the year 2003 since as if now in June LinkedIn has more than 630 million job professionals connecting in more than 200 countries so any mismatch of uploading of profiles in LinkedIn might highly impact the job opportunities for the individual looking or trying to grab the opportunities for a globe level.

The profile of the candidates needs to be very clean in linked in and photo in the profile might be considered as the epitome of the entire resume since just by looking the pics, images or photo the employer might judge whether he is getting positive vibes professionally format the candidates or not in case if the prospective employer feels that he is not getting professional and reliable vibes from the profile immediately he might switch to some other profiles in search of better prospect as any loopholes in terms of judging the candidates during the employment process might harm the company in the long terms which any hr or prospective employer or managers would be very keen to avoid.
We are going to tell you why any candidates should avoid certain types of pics or images in the LinkedIn profile
So here we are going to list why the certain king of pictures or images should be avoided in the linked profile which might impact the career or job opportunities in the life of an individual:

1) The retro shot:

In the modern era company or the prospective employer wants to know what your profile today is or what kind of mindset does an individual carry with himself while looking for the desired career or the relevant job opportunities since any individual or the candidates should avoid any previous photo in their linked profile since LinkedIn profile is considered very important nowadays as your updated photo should be put in the linked profile to avoid clashes or confusion in the mind of prospective employer so kindly ensure to update your latest and updated photo in the LinkedIn profile for a wider reach of your LinkedIn profile across the prospective hiring managers.

2) The party pictures or images:

People do have their private life with their friends, family and their social buddy but it is always recommended in the professional arena to keep your personal life out of your professional life so in the aspect of the same would recommend all the candidates and professional people not to put any kind of personal or party pictures images in their professional profile since professional profiles in LinkedIn can be considered as a resume and while going through the resume of any individual people should any sort of party or personal pics as people can use the same in another website like facebook, Instagram or other social media profile but should be avoided in their LinkedIn profile to keep their image at the level best in the eyes of prospective hiring managers.

3) Shadow Pics:

Profile in Linkedin refers to showcasing your profile in the professional arena to create your professional contact as any pictures with shadow not reflecting the entire face might harm since no one likes any partial photo or photo with blur occurrence so pics without shadow would be recommended for any candidates who are creating his linked in profile as more and more hiring managers want to see a clear pictures to get the professional vibes from the candidates as it creates a positive impact on them while looking at the linked in profile. Most candidates in India often do not understand the value of creating the profile in LinkedIn as same is considered the most important in the era of advancement and technology where people want to get the maximum output with the least effort same is the case during the job hunt as hiring managers are also intended to hire the best talent in the most effective and economical way which would help them in benefitting their organization.

4) The dating profile pictures:

Since most of are more oriented towards the technology and social media profile for connecting with the rest of the world as in a survey it is checked that in India people often spend around 20% of their day
approximately 3-4 hours in mobile so youngsters or any adult are always recommended not to upload their dating profile pictures or images in the Linked profile since any wrong uploading of pictures or images creates an undoubtedly wrong impression in the mindset of the potential employers so it is always recommended that youngsters or the adult should avoid using any kind of dating profile pictures in their respective professional linked profile and avoid showcasing their spouse / Girlfriend / Boyfriend in the professional social media profile.

5) Serious Pics:

Sometimes it does happen usually that while creating profile in LinkedIn some candidates do post some serious pictures which often is not recommended since any company looks out for friend employee to create a proper work culture as no one wants to work with a serious people who always carry anger due to any personal or professional reasons so it is usually recommended that people put their happy professional face photo in the images of the linked profile. Today most of the organization are
focussing on the work culture since the more number of happy people they have while working the more great culture they would be able to provide across the board so any organization would typically like to avoid serious and angry people at their place so would be better if people do not put their serious pics in their LinkedIn profile so better to avoid the same.

6) Pet Owner Pics and Images:

Certain people do have tendency to have a pics with their pets at their home since having a pictures with a pet in the linked profile is not recommendable as the professionalism vibes get out of the door since the first impression while going through a LinkedIn profile an hr notices an image or the profile pictures of the individual and while reviewing the profile if the same is found with pet then no company would like to focus on the hiring of an individual who doesn't have the courtesy to upload the professional pics in the professional social media website. So it is very important for the professionals to keep in mind that while going through their profile for hiring purpose it is very important for them to have a glitch regarding their profile since any wrong step towards the same might get them in deep trouble in terms of the job opportunities out of their hand. Life is full of opportunities since one never knows when one might get a call from their dream and desired company so one should be thoroughly prepared in terms of ensuring no opportunities slip out of their hands at any given point of time.

7) Selfie Pictures:

Due to the Advancement in Internet and Mobiles, there has been sudden growth of craze among people for taking selfies among them since most of them includes youngsters and even adult too as there has been frequent launch of new mobiles, software and other technologies due to which people across the globe have developed a habit of taking selfies randomly every then and now irrespective of any major or particular event as it is always recommendable to the professionals to avoid posting their selfies or personal pics in any professional social media website for socializing with people and especially Linkedin as it always has to be avoided since while the job hunt when the prospective employer seeks out a reliable talent through liked in selfies in their profiles creates a very very wrong first-time impression since managers judge a boof first by its cover so it is very important for the job seeker to keep their respective profiles up to date in LinkedIn as one
never knows when their fortune changes with a better interview call since life is all about the unexpected occurrence. Selfies picture in the linked profile creates a very wrong impact in the mind of the prospective employer and it impacts the other professional social buddy too so it is always recommendable to use the selfies pictures for your other social media accounts which include twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.

8) Family Pics:

It has been said in the corporate world that your personal life is very different and your professional life is different as any professional who is able to maintain the balance of the same is considered that it
would be easy for him to achieve his career goals and objectives. Family pics have to be avoided in the profile pics while creating a LinkedIn  profile as in your LinkedIn profile sometimes in a celebration occasion
one might put their family pics for the best wishes to the rest of the social contact in LinkedIn profile since in order to be in touch with your professional contacts there have to be regular updates in your
LinkedIn profile so that people should know that you are an active user of the mentioned profile.
Thanking you all, Jobs Cruze has given the details in the above-mentioned blogs on the basis of the suggestions from some of the reputed hr in the industry but since LinkedIn considered as the most important professional social contact website would recommend you all to avoid the above-mentioned

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