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Why employability skills are must

Why Employability Skills Are Must

What is employability is –We can say it is a bunch of achievements your skills, understandings the things and our personal attributes that make graduates more likely to gain employment and be successful in their chosen professions, that which gives benefits themselves, the economy, and the community. People, today expect more than just a degree. They are looking for unique skills and qualities that can contribute to an organization for an efficient working environment.
Employability skills have become a conclusive factor through which the hiring manager judge the candidates and subsequently hires employees. Employability is not just about getting a job; it is all about your attributes and your skills that will enable to be successful throughout their life

Employability skills are arranged for skills that will allow a person to perform different jobs. These are necessary to be able to work effectively in the modern workplace. You can separate employability skills. You are thinking like you don’t have any skills, you must have these employability skills if you are

  • Ready to learning new things
  • Dependable
  • Easy to capture things

Might be these skills are not listed in the description, but these are very common skills needed to do jobs. When you are preparing for a job interview it is good to think about these skills.

You can define these skills in different ways like:

  • Good communication                                                                                                  
  • Ready to learn new technology
  • Learning capability
  • Teamwork
  • Problem-solving
  • Planning
  • Organizing
  • Self-management
  • Confidence

Good Communication

Good communication means being a clear idea about what you want to achieve in your career and a clear idea about what you mean when you talk with someone or write something. Employers look for a candidate who can speak and write clearly and exactly, so you should need to prove that you have good oral and written skills.
You should always ready to communicate with your colleagues, your managers, your clients in your industry. Your communication skill set includes active listening skills, soft skills. Good communication skills also include non-verbal communication, such as you use body language. How to improve your communication and develop your skills here are some examples include:

  • You can use social media or you can write blogs
  • Giving oral presentations as a part of your work
  • You can write assignments as a part of your daily studies


Teamwork is working together to achieve a goal with those people you are working with. Teamwork skills are those skills you should need to work with others accordingly on your work and achieve the best results. You should involve yourself in the group discussion, making good decisions with other employees.
Here are some examples to improve or develop your teamwork skills:

  • We can do group discussions as part of your assignment.
  • volunteering for an association organization
  • Think about how you can work better at your workplace with other people.
  • We can join a sporting team this will helps to develop your skills.
  • You should work with employees of different ages, gender 
  • You should know how to define a role in your team
  • You should know the strengths of your team members


When you are faced with some problems or any difficulties you should find a solution that means problem-solving. Some problems are easy to solve than others and generally, they relate to the achievement of goals. Problem-solving skills are also applicable to employability skills. It is the ability of considerate a problem by splitting it down to smaller parts. You should apply problem-solving strategies, develop practical solutions or solving problems in teams, you should apply strategies to solving the problem.
Here are some examples of ways where you can improve or develop your problem-solving skills which include:

  • You should research assignments as part of your work
  • You should talk to other people about how they can solve the problems which they faced
  • You can use Google or youtube to finding solutions
  • You should solve the problems in teams
  • You should apply many strategies to solve the problems
  • You should find an effective solution

Initiative and enterprise

Initiative and enterprise mean things that doing them without being asked anyone and things that need to be completed. In initiative and enterprise also involved thinking different creativity which makes improvements to the way things are completed.
Here are some examples of ways where you can develop your skills or improve your initiative and enterprise skills:

  • You should do things around the environment without being asked 
  • You can take initiative about work placement

Planning and organizing

Planning and organizing mean you have a plan and organize things like developing projects within a timeline and you have to complete meeting deadlines. You have to understand what you need and how you will work on it.
Here are some examples of ways that you can improve or develop your organizing and planning skills which include:

  • You should manage time around work, your studies and family
  • You can organize a family get-together
  • Organizing events
  • You should understand the short term and long term planning
  • You should set deadlines, complete your task within the deadline.


What is self-management exactly?
You have to complete your work without having someone to check up on you all the time. Complete your work before the deadline. Make sure your team doing work on time.
Here are some examples of ways that help to develop or improve your self -management skills that include:

  • You should ask for new responsibilities at work 
  • Develop your work schedule and you have to stick on it


Learning is all about the capture and understands new things and picking them up quickly. It also involves taking new tasks and ready to take challenges. 
Here are some examples of ways to improve or develop your learning skills that include:

  • You should do an online course or a short course
  • You should research new skills and new courses you would like to do
  • You can join a sporting group
  • You can start a new hobby

Being Reliable and Dependable

Being reliable and dependable means, you should know what you say that you will do. You should look around and see what exactly needs and then do it. This looks simple, but it requires a wide range of different skills. First of all, we start with what you say that you will do means you should organize things and manage within time effectively. You should able to identify what to do first you should know how long things will take.
Being reliable does not mean that you have to do everything yourself. Sometimes you ask for help when you know that you are not able to complete the deadline.


In this day and age every organization focus updated candidate which have the capability to walk with the new technology. It covers all aspects of our lives and will continue to do so. Technology is fully computerized that’s why basic knowledge regarding that is very common but every employer wants additional in that.
It does not matter if you are a banker, doctor or stockbroker. When an employee wants to stay employable they must keep the technologies relevant to your profession and employment. Due to electrical machines come in the market there are various organization take decision to don’t continue the employment of that employee which don’t have sufficient knowledge about the technology. Technology skills mean you should able to use a computer for word processing, using sending emails. You should also involve using social media, video or audio editing software or programming languages.
Here are some examples of ways to improve your technology skills:

  • You should complete a short course or online course
  • You should ask for extra training at your workplace
  • You should try to find which technology is used in job work and how it is used.
  • You should make a list of all the technology that you are using in your daily life

Written Communication

Communication is a very effective skill which attracts people. No one wants to waste time to understanding the mismatching and badly written emails, complicated messages. That's why effective skills are a must in every organization. Your written communications compete with many other messages, so you need to capture your readers (Manager, client, and colleague) attention and ensure that they get important information as quickly as possible. Many employees will be asked to prepare reports and explain some information about services, projects, products. Written communication is created to encourage the reader to take some action.

Time management

Time management in which you organize and plan your time to carry out some specific activities in good time management you should plan your day, you can carry out regular reviews to make sure that you are making in progress. Ineffective management, you can complete work in less time, even when you are working under any pressure.
Time management is part of a skill set, which referred to as resource management, where those resources are accepted as efforts, time management. 
You should identify as time management, you must know how to:

  • You should plan on how to use available resources like time, money, effort, etc.
  • You should set schedules
  • You should establish tasks

A Willingness to Learn

A willingness to learn means always looking to improve or develop your skills and knowledge, and being open to new technologies and experiences, ideas. Sometimes this is assigned to as personal development, but this term is also used for a formal process, action, and reflection. Whether you can accept to make your learning strategies formal or informal.


Organization skills are suitable for all industries all are considered employability skills. Organization skills are suitable for all industries as such, are all usually considered employability skills. Your organizational skill set may include your abilities to stay focused on various tasks, for example, you can use your time, strength, energy, etc.
Organizational skills which include:

  • You should manage tasks and employee
  • You should self-motivated and focused your work

If you want to learn more about organizational skills which include employability skills: 
Employability skills allow you:

  • You should communicate with your co-workers
  • You should understand your role in the project within the team
  • You should more responsible for your work
  • Confidence

It is one of the best things which can help in every situation. The ability to apply previous knowledge to new challenges is a skill that is most valued by employers, but the confidence to achieve this does not come naturally to all candidates. A basic step which requires a transition between simply following a set of instructions to being able to a known approach to solve a new problem. Being willing to take risks and go the extra mile to achieve greater things in life. When you learn new things at that time you accept your mistakes and learning from them. Obviously, self-confidence comes along with massive advantages. Especially in your career, it is one of the skills that is needed every step of the way.

Career Development

  • You should always ready to learn new skills and take on different projects.
  • You should ready to take initiative and work with supervision.
  • You should understand your industry
  • You should set the targets towards your employee
  • Always ready for learning new skills
  • You should understand the different roles of co-workers.


Leadership skills are very important, and mostly in job role managers look for candidates who carry strong leadership skills, even if they are not hiring for a leadership position in their organization. Because forward-thinking leaders make good team leaders. Your leadership skills include your abilities which inspire motivate others.
Some leadership skills which include:

  • Innovative
  • Ready to make decisions
  • You should ready to take risks.
  • You should able to negotiate.
  • You should motivate employee
  • You have to take group discussion with people as they work.
  • You should demonstrate efficiency.
  • You should build partnerships and teams with co-workers.
  • Delegate

Employment Skills

Employment skills are those skills that required completing a specific type of job. These are the abilities and knowledge a job employee comes to the table with proving they will be able to do the job. For example, a candidate applying for an HR executive job will be required to use Microsoft word at an advanced level and able to type a number of words per second, and have average writing skills. Without all these skills, there is no way the employee would be considered for this role in a job. Whether you are looking for a job for starting your career or you are looking for an entry-level position to start your career, you will need to show you have employment skills.

How can you highlight your employability skills?

Highlighting your employability skills is not necessary; you should set a goal for yourself apart from other employees who may have the same employability skills. You should do this not telling everyone you can do this by showing.

You can say in other words, just remind all of your skills, and you have to utilize those skills by describing how you have used in your previous work experiences.

The first step is to read all the job descriptions for the openings to which you want to apply. First, you have to understand what exactly the employer wants you to want to be positive that you understand the requirement. And once you know all kinds of skills for what they want. it is easy to prepare all employability skills which you have or you are ready to learn new skills.

You know that you are employable maybe because you have an experience or you have a good education. But just because your developments skills make you employable to a company are doesn't mean that all company is going to consider you are employable for them. Now you should understand what employability skills are exactly, how they are useful, and you should understand how to highlight your employability skills.


Now, we talk on the conclusion, and then we should know that its motive is to introduce you and shortly review your professional background. Always keep in mind that employability is not just about getting a job; it is all about your attributes and your skills that will enable to be successful throughout their life. If you think there can be something more to it, let us know in the comments section below! If you like the above-Mentioned Blogs Please comment and let us know if any improvements in our blogs are required.

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