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Why every Manager should ensure the 6 qualities for a successful team

Why Every Manager Should Ensure the 6 Qualities for a Successful Team

A strong team is the foundation of any business or organization since any company success or failure depends on how productive and efficient the team is since the way the people work in a company reflect the culture and the work environment of the company which in turn gives the result of the productivity for the company. In a recent study, it has been shown that most organizations and the companies who are productive do treat their employees well who accordingly well treat their customers.

One of the quotes from Richard Branson the founder of  Virgin Group says " If you take care of your employees they will take care of your company ".

Nowadays companies have started realizing the same since almost all the case companies do fail because of certain wrong decisions taken by management but the efficiency and productivity for the failures also constitute a small portion in the same.

Management of the employees is very essential in the right way since if they are managed well it would actually result out in a very productive team. In order to result for a very successful team in any department sales, marketing, it, operations, hr or any other domain it is very important for a manager to lead things so that the rest of the team could look up to him or her as an idol whereas, on the other hand, some managers do follow a ruling rule wherein whatever they have said is right irrespective of the idea whether it is truly right for the team or not.

Nowadays the company has started training its managers as to how to keep their team so that the attrition rate is reduced with a happy and chilling work environment as life has been green on the professional side since some time it might be shady too.
In the Below Mentioned points, we are going to share the 6 most important qualities which every manager must have with him the professional skills which would make him a competitive managers

1) Communication

Communication can lead to making down or breakdown of a team so it is very important for the managers to have a good communication since any communication with the team should be a two-way process for which the communication skills of the managers should be very effective since a managers should be a great communicator show his vision, goals, objectives clearly to his team since any loopholes in vision might lead to serious blunder by the entire team . [Communication in Interview]

All the organization have predefined goals, Objectives to achieve either, Monthly, quarterly, or yearly as same should be communicated on a very clear level to its employee and front line staff since any idea or objective missing in the mind of the individual will lead to the working in the wrong direction and ultimately will fetch wrong results for the company.
Managers need to be very particular about the expectations and deliverables since the team follows the managers, his principles and ethics as on the basis of which the expectations are achieved and deliverables are delivered. Communications and coordination between the team and the managers have to be very strong so that the goals a, aim and objectives of the organization are achieved in a stipulated period of time.

Communication for a manager is important in every aspect of the business since an effective communication can lead to the boosting of morale of any team and further if too many communication is done by the managers it would lead to the ultimate downfall of the morale and drag down the productivity of the team.

Good communication should be done through every means either vial mail, chat or face to face interactions or through any other means since time to time regular interaction does help the team to increase productivity.

Transparency, clarity, empathy, and respect are all important for every team member. An effective team leader must have good communication skills for encouraging his team members and people to keep their team motivated.


2) Result Oriented 

The efficiency and productivity of any organization are depended on their managers since they are considered to be the epitome and pillars of the organization for taking a decision.

Managers are the front end person who leads the race in the corporates and competes with the competitors for the business so it is very vital and important for them to handle their team efficiently so that maximum productivity for the organization is done and at the end of the day able to achieve the result required by the company.

Team should be result driven and that can only happen when everyone is aware of their individual roles and responsibilities towards their work here comes the role of manager which is very critical and crucial since at the end of the day managers are being burdened by the organization to get the desired result which would help the company to achieve the desired goals and objectives.

To get the desired result a manager is required to be flexible since to get the result in business direction to the team is very important hence a manager should be able to provide its team the right direction so as to ensure and achieve the desired output by the organization.

In order to explain the Given points would like to refer you all with a classic examples: Since we all know That During a marathon a athlete is suppose to run in his boundary which is being outset by the field staff before the Match so that the athlete has a clear vision where he needs to head and reach his end destination so just as in the corporate world the managers are expected to put a boundary for their Team Members so that their goals and vision are clear before and after which will help them fetch good result as per the expectations of the organization

3) Responsibility

Responsibility comes with the word responsible since everyone in the team must be responsible and reliable. A manager should ensure that the team is full of energy and vision since if the vision and goals are the same that would help and ease the team to reach its vision and aim smoothly whereas if the vision is not clear it would lead to unscattered goals.

The manager must ensure that every member of the team is responsible enough to understand the primary goals and secondary goals of the company so that they are able to walk their job journey in the right path.

A Managers role is not only to show the team the right path rather than showing the right path improving the people is often considered as the most important since many time the intent of the team members is clear but even after working pretty hard the candidates are often unable to achieve the desired result expected by the managers as in this case it is quite important for the managers to improve and conduct regular training session and other activities so as to improve the knowledge and skills of its people thereby ensuring all its people are able to contribute their share of skills and results to the organization.

Success towards Goals and Objectives of the organization is dependent how the roles are being designed for each and every members of the team Managers needs to ensure that every individual members in the team is able to contribute his/her best in terms of giving output to the organization at the predefined level so that discrepancy doesn't occur and helps in smooth running of the business in no time so keen observation regarding every individual team Members roles and responsibilities is very important for the Managers to achieve success at a great height.

4) Coordination

Internal cooperation and coordination are very important since without proper coordination between the team members no work across any vertical can work in a smoother note since am work is essential for success. Most of the time it often happens because of personal issues or professional issues there might be a tiff among the team members due to small or larger issues so its the responsibility of the managers to ensure that the team is coordinating properly with each other on a clean note so as to avoid any conflict and ensure work goes on a very smoother note.

Strong coordination reflects bonding among team members which at the end of the day is also responsible for the work culture and the environment of the organization.

Since it is often observed that the employees spend nearly half of their day at the office excluding sleeping hours so if the coordination between the team members is strong enough it would ultimately lead to happy mood among the employees too which would lead to a team spirit environment and help the company to build a happy workplace for the people.

Managers need to ensure and have a regular check regarding the coordination among the team Members since if any conflict arises among them it would eventually impact the work so proper coordination among the team is required and necessary for the workforce.

In a team, it is often the responsibility of managers to ensure that the right things are done at the right time since the managers should have very strong communication with the entire team and should include standardized procedures along the major preplanning regarding the strategies towards the desired goals and objectives.

1] Master Your Planning.

The world's best skills and talent don't fetch the best result for any business until and unless it has proper planning in order to improvise the same since any effective leader must have proper plans and goals to achieve the target of any business or organization.

2]Don't Overdo It.

Having too much communication with coworkers or the team members can hamper the work which might result in the decrease of the productivity since having too long communication, pointless meeting or unnecessary heft communication over calls and emails might dampen the relationship with the respective team members which might lead to the loss of productivity and ultimately leading the failures of the primary goals and objectives of the business. [ Job Search Skills and Strategies ]

Since Team coordination isn't always smooth as it seems as there might be a times when comes the professional or technical difference between the managers and its team members so  It can be a challenge to keep team members working together in a smoother note, as there are bound to be obstacles and mistakes along the way and  One of the most important skills which can cultivate is learning from the experiences and challenges and redefining the approach towards them.

3] Team members are diverse

Everyone is unique and have different mindset for work so it is very important for the manager to understand the mindset of their team so that they can work drive them accordingly since understanding the mind gives the manager the power to understand the needs and the requirements of the individual so it would be easy for the manager to drive him accordingly for the work and motivates him to fulfill the needs and the requirements of the individual.

4) Good leadership

Strong leadership is very important since success and failure of the team is entirely dependent on him since almost every organization ensure that its leaders are able to drive, motivate and encourage their people so that people are able to give their heart and soul for achieving the goals and objectives of the company. It is often being said success comes with a cost and nothing comes at free of cost either its success or its failure.

A great leadership is able to drive people in a lot many ways since it can help them personally, professionally and socially because in the modern days due to work stress or their personal issues people are often stressed which may impact them in their professional life so it is often the roles and responsibilities of a manager to understand his people problem and try to sort out them in his band with.
All the great leaders in the professional world follow the road map which becomes an idol path for the rest of others since it is often expected winners are the people who have learned to never quit. During the times of difficulty also leaders ensure to follow the path of honesty, sincerity, and dedication towards work since if pillars are strong it doesn't matter the no of floor suppose to be built.

5) Organized structure

The organization is meant to work in an organized manner so that the ethics, principle, and workflow are continued on a smoother note. The manager is supposed to ensure that people do follow the organized structure from time to time so that the principles of the organization is maintained on a smoother note without any loopholes

6) Fun at work

Mangers should some times be fun at work so that the environment is not toxic and chilled as the toxic environment can make the best people quit a job so it is very essential for the manager to ensure a chilling and good work environment in the office.
Here we are listing down 25 ways through which the managers can ensure to fun at the workplace for their team Members :

25 Ways to Have Fun at Work

1.Distribute Page-a-Day Calendar
2. Institute Pub Thursday
3.  Decorate the Workplace.
4. Have Sports Tournaments
5. Goofing Around
6. Try Laughter Yoga.
7.  Build a Wall of Fame.
8. Create a Humor Bulletin Board.
9. Create a Bucket List Bulletin Board.
10. Have a "Success Bell.
11. Set Up a Humor Room
12. Get Some Toys
13. Create Art Together.
14. Have Pizza and Ice Cream Socials.
15. Start an Employee Picture Wall
16. Have Regular Meetings That Are Not Business Related
17. Have Sword Fights
18. Solve a Riddle
19. Send Employees Hand-Written Notes
20. Start a "Fun Committee
21. Celebrate Employees' Birthdays.
22. Celebrate Employees Work Anniversaries.
23. Allow Employees To be Spontaneous
24. Blast Music.
25. Celebrate the Holidays as An Office.

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